Love the host!
Great true crime podcast, excellent host. If your looking for the details leading to the crime, this is the podcast for you. I highly recommend it.
Great content, great voice
Fantasy sports lover
True crime is by far my favorite genre of podcast to go to - especially at my desk. The host’s voice is the cherry on top.
I love this podcast, I like the hosts voice and accent! It’s unusual but I must admit…my daughter thinks I’m strange bc I like falling asleep listening to this!!
The only True Crime pod my husband will listen to.
I listen to a mildly concerning number of True Crime podcasts, and not only is this one of the all time bests, it's the only one I can get my husband to listen to with me.
Love it.
J. McMae
Thank you Casefile team for staying true to form and sticking with your formula. Good, detailed, no-drama, true-crime storytelling.
Above and beyond
This podcast is leaps and bounds ahead of others I've listened to. There are so many cases I have never heard of because they're from outside the US (which is a big problem in true crime) but this incredible podcast covers every crime from every place like Sacramento with the Golden State Killer, to Macedonia, which is rare but amazinf
Best true crime storyteller
This is the best true crime podcast out there. I listen to them all.
I love this podcast but can only listen during the day.
A guy reading
So bad. Waaaaayyyyyy too much detail. Get an editor. Get a handle on your accent. Add some audio clips. And why should I listen to any of your personal product endorsements if you’re anonymous? Also, why would you give numbers for help lines for listeners? Don’t suggest true crime fans really losing it in response to your show. How about numbers for Crime Stoppers or for charities for crime victims?
So good
This podcast and the host are the best. As someone with pretty bad anxiety and insomnia nothing helps relax me to sleep like listening to just a few minutes of this podcast! Interesting cases and soothing voice! Thank you!
The absolute best out there
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
Casefile has spoiled me because he truly is the best out there. Everyone else Includes silly banter but casefile is straight to the point all while practicing excellent storytelling.
The Ella Tundra episode is terrifying and amazing and incredibly well-told. I had never heard of this story until I listened to the podcast. Thank you for covering it so well!
Favorite podcast
This is the most diverse and well-researched true crime pod cast. The Jonestown series was excellent. There is a lot of attention given to personalizing the victims which is respectful in a way that other podcasts are not.
The best
The research that has been put into these podcasts is apparent. I love his voice and accent. I drive at least 2-3 hours per day for work and I’m obsessed with these stories and listen to them throughout my work day.
This podcast has honestly ruined all other true crime podcasts for me, none of them match up. I wish the anonymous host’s voice was the one in my head, I could listen to it all day. That accompanied with the both chilling and soothing transition/background music is a recipe for perfection no matter what they were saying. But what they’re saying is even better. Casefile gives me exactly what I wanna know: the facts. All the facts, not discussion or opinion. You feel like you’re an investigator yourself thrown into a case. The research they do is so extensive that by its finish you’re an expert on the case. VERY impressed with the team behind this podcast!!
Voice too monotone not interesting
Love your podcast!
Completely obsessed with your podcast!! I just got into listening to podcast and so glad I came across yours! Please keep doing what you’re doing! And I absolutely love your voice 🥰
Holy dramatic reading Batman
I started on the first few episodes and it was ok. Entertaining. Decided to jump to the top because the player kept wanting to go down the list and not in episode order. The vocal differences are night and day and so annoying to listen to. It’s so much slower and more “dramatic”.
My favorite true crime podcast
I always look forward to the Casefile podcast. The background information and details surrounding the terrible crimes make it very engrossing and submerge the listener in the stark reality of how evil humans can be. Very sobering. And very eye opening for naive people like me who never in a million years will understand the motivation from such people. Situational awareness becomes a very real factor in everyday life. I feel less gullible and vulnerable, although I still am identifying behaviors that have become habits, like leaving the car running while I jump out to check the mail for example, I now look at the surrounding area, take my keys and never at night. Recommended listening for all women over 14.
elifesac emirc eurt
Used to be better
Like the podcast. Lately far too many stories about crimes against children though.
Love the narrator’s voice and his excellent story telling skills that make the stories all the more chilling and disturbing. Has anyone else noticed that a woman called Eileen actually researches and writes the episodes and then the male is the frontman/narrotor, is this true? I am so curious!!! Love the mystery. @icyfingerwaves piss off if you don’t like it- you don’t know what you’re talking about. Lol
Best by far.
wolf student
My favorite podcast!
I appreciate this podcast in so many ways but two things stand out most; It isn’t sensationalist—it’s straightforward and references the sources used and it also humanizes these cases, waking our sympathies to the real people involved, the families especially. I’m often not familiar with the case but even when I am, Casefile takes me deeper and widens my knowledge. Thank you, Anonymous Host and team.
Just the Facts
Every time I see a new episode on my feed it’s like Christmas morning! I love the narrator- he has a great voice. I also enjoy how we’re given just the facts of each case. Each case is solved so we’re not left hanging trying to solve a case. Well done Case File!
Good podcast but..
Damian Ames
The narrator states every episode that they offer links to confidential support if you need it in the show notes, however it’s nowhere to be found on certain episodes.
Always interesting stories!!
hobo lady
Narrator weaves a great tale every week! I’m never disappointed!hobo lady
True crime podcast at it’s best
Best true crime pod
Well researched and written, professional production and serious narration. Minimal speculation,good backstory on victims. A few of the "series" are best of class on a topic. "Silk Road", "East Area Rapist", catholic church abuse coverup series for example were great.
Scentsy Australia
Great podcast! Just the facts, no opinions no silly banter, no pointless ‘not verified but I found one place that said...’ references. Just the actual facts of the case laid out. Highly recommend.
This is my favorite crime podcast. The narrator is respectful and I could listen to his accent and cadence forever. I have zero trouble being engaged and find him anything but monotone. The episodes seem well researched and are reported in a non judgmental way with sympathies clearly for the victims and families. I am all caught up and waiting more more episodes. The music is so well done and appropriate to the mood. Keep up the excellent work
Kasha Sawyer
Love this show!
He brings a light to not only the facts of the case but the victims. Job well done!
The BEST true crime podcast out there right now
I’m surprised this podcast isn’t found on more “best true crime podcasts” lists because this is one that is no frills, no opinionated host, no insensitivity towards the victims and just strictly about the facts of each case. The tempo, the storytelling, the writing, everything is exactly how a true crime podcast should be. My favorite podcast to recommend to friends and family!!!!
My fave
The narration is very easy compared to the harsh nature of the subject. I think it’s wonderful and I wish there was more content! I’ve gone through it already! Keep it up, thanks for the hard work
Narration too dry!!
I can’t even focus on the case.
Best there is!
Best true crime podcast there is! Anonymous host has an incredible ability to tell a story without with detail yet sensitivity. I HATE the needless side chatter most hosts/co-hosts typically incorporate, this is a nice change of pace.
Narration Very Dry
While the stories are interesting and I like that they are wrapped up in an episode or two, the narration is very dull and the acoustics have an echo sound. Not the easiest to listen to, but the story writing is good.
Devoin Shower Handel
Could you drop the sinister tone? I just want to hear the facts of the case
Love the show
Just want to say you’re doing a great job and I appreciate that you pick stories from different countries around the world. Keep up the good work.
This is my favorite podcast of all time. I’ve listened to all the stories that don’t include violence against children (thank you for always having the disclaimer!). He’s amazing. The best story teller of all time. I STILL talk about Silk Road and Balangalo. Can’t get enough, wish he posted more often.
True Crime Fanatic’s Dream Come True
Impeccable. Thank you.
I love this podcast!
This podcast is very well researched with a lot of vivid details that always keep me on the edge of my seat. I’m also obsessed with the podcaster’s voice! It really draws me in.
One of my Favorite True Crime Podcasts
Jesus Rocks!!!
I like the way stories are told and how well researched they seem. I see some reviews about the accent being annoying/too thick. Personally, I don’t mind it and can understand everything said without issue even though I’m not accustomed to Australian accents.
New subscriber
The voice makes it even better. I’m hooked.
Crime narration without the frills
I appreciate the in-depth research and no-nonsense narration. Keep up the excellent sleuthing !
Very well researched podcast
I am impressed by the depth of research to his stories. I do find it a bit monotone at times, I wish for a bit of influx to his voice. I find I can only listen to a couple then need to listen to something else as it’s a bit dry in presentation.
The best
I can’t wait for the new episode every week. Great writing and producing. The best.
Excellent story telling
AK Melody
Don’t stop!
Excellent Podcast
crime pod fan
Well researched. Beautifully narrated. One of the best true crime podcasts out there.
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