DE93: Paul PJ Taylor | The One-Man Band from the UK!
Published May 29, 2016
42 min
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    It’s all about the personal touch.


    Paul PJ Taylor knows how to take care of his audience, and isn’t that just something? As a musician, he believes in interacting with his fans because, after all, they show you all the love. Why not give them some love back?

    He’s been making music for quite a time now and believes that he needs to step up his game. True enough, Paul has so much more to offer! His music is full of emotion and his songs are mostly written out of personal experiences. Wow, what a guy!


    Listen in and be inspired by Paul PJ Taylor’s story today!


    My favorite parts:

    • Paul and I talk about his songwriting process and it is one all musicians totally resonate with!
    • He brings nothing but prerecorded music on his iPhone - a one-man band indeed!
    • Paul also tells us about how he handles his social media to keep in touch with his fans! That’s 93 thousand followers on Twitter, by the way!
    • You gotta listen to how he transitioned from doing covers to actually writing and performing his own songs!
    • His influences! You gotta check out how diverse the music he listens to is!

    Paul PJ Taylor songs featured:

    • Easy Escape
    • More Than a Love Song
    • Twisted Love Song
    • Fantasy Fulfilled


    Reach out to Paul PJ Taylor

    Twitter: @pjtayloruk





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