Entertaining and creepy!
#Awe$ome girl 12345679
This is one of the first podcasts that I’ve listened to, and is definitely a high quality podcast, and even a noob like me can see that. I love the ghost stories and lore that is talked about, and you should seriously consider giving it a listen. If you’re into something creepy and fun, this podcast is for you. I’ve listened to all the episodes, and they’re all incredibly interesting, so start listening now, what are you waiting for?!?!
Good luck stopping yourself!
Once you start listening, you won’t want to stop. So elegantly spoken and amazingly peaceful and powerful re-telling of long lost folklore and historical events. So grateful I found this! Thank you!!! Loved the Seattle episodes. Fun leaning about local lore.
Hosts grasp of history is dubious
Not my favorite
1st one I ever liked!!!
Sara'S Meow
I love this podcast. I was never into podcasts at all before, but when I found Lore I became obsessed! I really love the deep dives into stories from all over the world, and I especially love the light darkness you shine on them ;) I listened to all of them as quickly as I could get through them, especially when I get ready in the morning. Thank you so much! Sara S.
Masterful Storytelling
In Otter News
Eerie voice. Amazing stories.
The first 80-90 are amazing!
I heard Aaron Mankhe on NPR, immediately was interested. Lore is an AMAZING podcast... the first 80 or so episodes... super addictive, super entertaining and can be psychologically haunting. Unfortunately, somewhere after 90ish it really falls off. Keep waiting biweekly for it to claim that special something back, but it keeps letting me down. I’ve listed to the first 80 three times though!
This is the best podcast ever
I love this soooooooo much it is scary and fun
Quirky, spooky, and forgotten bits of folklore come alive thanks to Aaron’s meticulous research, incredible writing, and absolute passion for bringing us these stories.
Simply Amazing
The Holy Camel
I love it.
A lot of fun
Aaron presents the stories in managable doses and they are just spooky enough. Can’t wait to give the Amazon series a try.
Good but...
It’s a great podcast until you get to the episodes in the high 80s they follow more scams than lore and it’s more witches or mediums that I lost interest but before then it is very good with great episodes a great narrator that feel so well done
Soooo much spiritualism!
I get excited when there’s an episode about something other than spiritualism, but good show overall.
OMG de puuuuuuuuuns!!!
My first and best podcast
I was introduced to podcasts a few years ago by a friend who loves this show. I was hooked from the first episode! Of all the other podcasts I listen to, it's still my favorite. Funny thing is, this isn't really my genre. But I love good storytelling and Aaron's voice and speaking style captivated me.
My most recommended podcast
I tell everyone to listen to LORE! Aaron is a genius storyteller/host. I couldn't love another show more. 🖤
Interesting and Spooky
Rory Chaze
If you love folklore in general, then I highly suggest Lore! It’s spooky in an unsettling way—not in a nightmarish way!—and will have you pondering over the topics long after you’ve listened to them! If you come across a story that you’re familiar with, those are even more fun because you’ll likely hear something new from the tale~ Aaron’s voice is perfect to set the mood, but doesn’t ever breach into creepy. I’ve always had a hard time with horror and unsettling stories, but these are a great way to get into the genre without really making a full commitment to the story! There’s juuuuust enough information to pique your interest, but leaves enough out to go research the subject on your own, which I love!
Spooky, but won’t give you nightmares. My 11 year old daughter and I always listen together
Spooky without being gross
Great storytelling and spooky topics - it’s creepy without needing to be gory or gross and it is based on actual historical events which adds to the creepy factor. Aaron does his research and knows how to tell a story. I listen to older episodes again while waiting for the new one to come out.
Super Addictive
You’ve been warned! You won’t want to stop listening once you’ve started. It’s like True Crime meets Stuff You Should Know.
Oh it’s good.. JK it’s the BEST!
Quick spider
I love lore sooo much! It’s super gross but still!
My love of lore
I LOVE scary stories and this is PERFECT for me I love it!!♥️♥️♥️
Highly recommend 😊
I Love this podcast. Its fascinating and Aaron’s voice is relaxing. Even though some of the topics are dark he delivers the stories in a way that isn’t derogatory.
1000% the best podcast
1000% the best podcast I have ever listened to! The storytelling, the sensitivity and humanity, and the cultural breadth are all perfectly on point, and the music acts as the ideal complement!
This is literally my favorite podcast ever. I listened to myths and legends to compare and let me tell you it doesn’t. I love everything about this podcast. i’m definitely going to recommend it to my friends!
Never miss an episode
Lore is without a doubt the first podcast I’ll listen to if it’s a Monday & there’s a new episode out. Even if it’s a story I’ve heard before, there is always a reason to listen through to the end. I enjoy Aaron Mahnke’s other podcasts, too, but Lore remains the best by far. I think I’ve been listening for about 3 years? I hope to continue for 3 more!
I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast. The stories are usually quite interesting and well told. To be honest, the writing leaves a bit to be desired so listening to many episodes in a row can get a little tedious. Mahnke tends to use the same few phrases over and over like saying “you see,” “well...” and a few others that get on my nerves. I need to take a break from the podcast when I start noticing stuff like that so if you’re like me then it might bother you a lot. Overall, it’s a great podcast that I always recommend it.
Intelligent and Accessible
Great podcast that's well-researched. Lore strikes the balance between intelligent and accessible to a mainstream audience. Thank you!
i don’t know how horror stories can be relaxing, but aaron manages it. love it!
I love it
I absolutely love this podcast it is filled with so many interesting stories. I love to just listen to Lore while I’m around the campfire.
Go away haters
I have no clue why people think they can do anything they want in the comments. This is a great podcast
Liked older episodes
Not to be a jerk, because I appreciate your hard work, but you talk like Siri now,
Amazing podcast
This is an amazing podcast, his voice is relaxing and his topics are always so interesting, well put together, and always have a good twist. Definitely recommend!
This is freat
Great stories, but don’t love the narration
lady lovo
I love the stories being told - they are fascinating and I like how they unfold during the story. I feel bad saying so, but I really struggle though with Aaron Manhke’s delivery. At first it didn’t bother me much since I was so fixated on the story, but his voice sounds robotic to me and the inflection at the end of each sentence, where every statement sounds like a question - it’s making it really hard to focus on the stories. I’ll keep listening to it for now and hopefully I can learn to get past it again. Update: several episodes later I still can’t get passed his voice. I’ll be back someday if a different host takes over
Do not listen in the dark
This is a wonderful podcast, but please listen with the lights on. The creepy subject matter, the ominous music, and the host’s way of ducking you in will leave you looking over your shoulder for La Llorona and the goat man.
I have been a fan of Lore since 2016. Aaron Manhke is one of my absolute favorite podcast hosts. All of his stories are interesting! When I can’t sleep, his is one of my go tos between the music and his lulling voice. Absolutely relaxing. Keep up the great work, Aaron! You’ve got a fan for life with me! ❤️
Huge Talent
Here is a podcast for all ages, however parents should listen to individual episodes before sharing with young children. Aaron Mahnke is to literature and story telling as Bach, and Beethoven are to classical music or Spielberg and M Knight Shyamalan are to the movie industry. This is a young talent that proves himself in books, on television and especially in this and two other podcast. This one will lead you to the others as I will in the future. “Lore” is a remarkable podcast about the folklore of not only in the United States but world wild, told in the perfect cadence and the mellow voice of Aaron Mahanke. Please give it a listen. I feel sure you’ll agree. And to Mr. Mahanke, if you happen to see this. “HI”
Love this podcast
Wow such a great listen .. I found Aaron’s Unobscured and have been hooked on his story telling since!
This is great!
Nicks knockouts
This was the first podcast I subscribed to
Best podcast ever!!!!!!
Lore was my first ever podcast binge - excellent!
I am fairly new to podcasts. I was actually introduced to Lore via Season 1 of the Amazon Original series. I love historical and literary context for folklore & dark history, so Lore’s approach is perfect. I highly recommend supporting Lore on Patreon to listen to the extras in the archives & the new Behind The Lore series. It is only $5 monthly to support an independent podcast.
I love this podcast
Abraham Ignis
I’ve been listening to this podcast for 2 years now and I listen to every new episode.one of the best podcast ever.
Hi Aaron!!!
Aragon 1432
This podcast is a great place to quench the thirst of needing story’s and legends
Love, love, love!
Lore was the first podcast I ever listened to and I’m still hooked to this day, waiting every other Monday for the new episode to appear! The story telling is amazing and it really keeps you on edge. Just the right amount of creepy and history!
Love the openness of the storytelling
Museum girl9
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I love how they simply tell the stories, leaving room for the listener’s interpretation. This was lost on the Amazon Prime show. The show is well researched despite the inevitable pronunciation wars. The stories vary from local versions of Bigfoot to ships lost at sea. Which keeps it interesting. My one complaint is Aaron’s cadence. I understand he’s trying to create “ambiance” but it just comes off as robotic and broken. Honestly, either you get used to it or this isn’t the podcast for you. At over 100 episodes I don’t think the delivery is going to change. Either way, I highly recommend you give it a whirl, you never know what you might discover.
👌so good
Great Podcast
Great podcast, but please do better local research. It's Johns Hopkins, not John Hopkins. And Bowie, Maryland is not "bow-ee"; it's pronounced "boo-ee". Common mistakes, but both mispronunciations betray lack of proper research and elocution. Take your time. Get it right. Locals are not impressed.
Doesn’t pass the Turing test
Penned in the Madness
The stories are well chosen and the scripts are relatively well-written, but the host’s voice is excruciating to listen to. It’s not just the nasal quality and weird accents on certain words, but he also in certain instances sounds vaguely robotic... like, no real human alive speaks like this. I’d absolutely love this podcast with another host/narrator, someone who just speaks normally if that’s not too much to ask.
Pretty good series
samiam 1972
Despite the cliched writing style, the stories are engaging. Worth a listen.
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