August 16, 2019
It’s Shui Day part III as we revisit the practice of Feng Shui, with our resident consultant, Meghan Wallace James (@megan.wallace.james). Using sourced listener questions we go deep on shared space, Bagua specifics, desk shui, color shui and creating space that leads to thriving optimally on the daily. Roses and Thorns is Elizabeth and Steph’s shui confessions and bed shui developments with some garage conundrums and bedroom wins in the form of Etsy finds (@softframe), comforter recs (@Buffy) and a forward thinking organic sheet subscription discovery (@coyuchi).   This episode is brought to you by   Ritual.com/retrograde   Curednutrition.com code TSR   Produced by Dear Media.
August 8, 2019
It's a rosy bouquet of listener generated questions answered by the show’s hosts, Elizabeth & Stephanie; offering their take on pursuing new careers, Nutritional Muscle Testing and CBD. Then, comedian and friend, Ian Edwards joins the show for an editorial highlight of his new and innovative comedy special, Bill Burr Presents IanTalk: Ideas Not Worth Spreading. Episode brought to you by:    Native  www.nativedeodorant.com promo code: TSR   Wander Beauty www.wanderbeauty.com/retrograde   Daily Harvest www.dailyharvest.com promo code: retrograde    Produced by Dear Media. 
August 1, 2019
We’ve got Claire Byrne, aka The Heartbreak Coach dropping by TSR HQ to answer listener questions re: all things heartbreak: friendship, dating, relationship, post - relationship, it's all here in this candid and wise conversation. Roses and thorns in a full on rose bouquet as Elizabeth and Steph recap their magical visit to Arizona.   Thanks to our partners: Rothys: Rothys.com code: retrograde Cured Nutrition: curednutrition.com/shop?coupon=TSR Sweaty Betty: sweaty betty.com/podcast code: retrograde   Produced by Dear Media. 
July 25, 2019
Erica Chidi Cohen, co-founder + CEO of Los Angeles women's health education center LOOM, and author of the book Nurture;  returns to the show to answer listener-generated questions from periods to pregnancy and everything in between. Roses and Thorns come through with a new meditation suggestion from Steph and we've got an 'Ask Falcon' regarding making new friends in the digital age.    Thanks to our partners:    Sweat Betty: sweatybetty.com/podcast code: RETROGRADE Cured Nutrition: curednutrition.com code: TSR Rothy's: Rothys.com code: Retrograde    Produced by Dear Media. 
July 18, 2019
Informed queen, Sophia Bush, is back for her third visit to TSR HQ. She brings along her post-birthday wisdom, an open heart and chats about being the co-founder of Detroit Blows, in this fun friendship- focused catch-up. Roses and Thorns explores the mindful world of rented clothing and Zac Efron. Q: is he for rent? Let us know.   Follow us @soretrograde  Visit dailyharvest.com and use promo code 'retrograde' for 3 cups free in your first box! Take 10% off your first three months of Ritual Vitamins at ritual.com/retrograde ! Produced by Dear Media.  
July 12, 2019
Licensed Psychotherapist and gifted healer, Rachel Cole, LCSW, SEP - beams into the TSR HQ and educates on the benefits of two therapies we don’t know much about. What is Mercier Massage and why do we need it? Somatic healing? We wanna know more! Shaking and crying and grounding with joy as we learn strengthen our relationship to self through the mind body connection -  as Rachel puts it: "“What we are working on is building your capacity to be with life, both the pleasant and the unpleasant” and we are here for it. Roses and thorns are tech cleanse updates, Hint: Elizabeth is off Instagram and onto Marianne Williamson think pieces. Namastayin' on our phones, y/n?   Thanks to our partners: Wander beauty wanderbeauty.com/retrograde for 20% Off Birchbox Birchbox.com/retrograde - $5 off your order Lola mylola.com 40% off subscription code: retrograde40   p.s July 25 - TSR Live! in Phoenix AZ : https://phxevents-cblive-com.seatengine.com/shows/103832
July 4, 2019
Cosmic mama Ambi Kavanagh, is back to download us all with what to expect when we’re expecting major planetary shifts. She gives insight on how to manage, what to look out for and how to deal - in this cosmically focused episode. Plus! Lots of rosey reccs from some fave former guests: Ambi’s new Soulstolgy Membership Website, No Crumbs Left has a cookbook, Dr. Deepika Chopra’s Optimism Deck and Kelsey Patel’s new podcast! P.S don’t forget to come see SS + EK in Phoenix on July 25!
June 29, 2019
Coach, author and master seer, Lauren Zander of the Handel Group, is back at the So Retrograde HQ speaking on her concept of manifucking vs. manifesting and getting super real with Steph + Elizabeth about where they need to human better. It gets a little emotional, but hey... we’re learning, with homework and all! Things get rosy later in the show with a fun announcement: Steph + Elizabeth are hitting the road! Get tickets now for their live show on 7/25 in Phoenix, AZ.
June 20, 2019
It’s once again time for some podcast crossover magic with the hilarious beaut Jackie Johnson of Natch Beaut! She shares her master list of natural beauty recommendations for the summer months and the girls chime in with some fun discoveries of their own.
June 13, 2019
LA dining institution, Craig’s, is a go-to spot for Steph and Elizabeth - making it a treat to have Craig Susser, head of the restaurant on the show. He pulls back the curtain on his impressive run in the industry, talking smart tactics and an enlightened approach to getting into the plant forward menu game. All in celebration of the launch of his vegan frozen dessert line, Craig’s Vegan. Also discussed: LA Pride wrap up, a NYT opp ed and Roses and Thorns reclaims its place at the end of the show.
June 6, 2019
Veteran comic, friend to the show and long time political commentator, Ben Gleib, is back on TSR to talk politics. This time, he is discussing the call in his heart to no longer just speak about the political landscape but to change it, by running for President in 2020. Later, Steph and Elizabeth put on their democratic hats and shout out some new wellness discoveries currently on their radar. Gabby Bernstein : https://tinyurl.com/gabbyvid It Gets Better Pride Party LA: https://tinyurl.com/prideLApart
May 30, 2019
Steph and Elizabeth continue to go deep and personal on the topic of dating and relationships with guest, Nikki Novo (@nikkinovo), an intuitive dating coach, author of The Final Swipe and extremely talented medium. Nikki drops into the TSR Universe and speaks about connecting with self, calling upon our guides and refining our intuition when it comes to the mindful world of dating and romantic partnership. Also, if you have ever wondered what a spirit guide may look like - we have some intel for you.
May 23, 2019
Human Design Guide and Leadership Coach, Erin Claire Jones, drops into the TSR Universe to go deeper on the main types of Human Design, explaining how we can apply this wisdom to our lives and maximize our workplace potential. Also, TSR bffs, Chelsea Foster  (@chelseannat) and Emily Althaus (@emliyalthaus) join the fun for a post 200th episode party wrap up and some roses and thorns. To look up your Human Design, head over to: erinclairejones.com/lookup
May 16, 2019
In celebration of the 200th episode, icon and radio host, John Arthur Hill (, visits the studio and turns the tables on TSR’s beloved hosts, going deep (and shallow) with Elizabeth and Stephanie on the origin story of their friendship, the podcast and some key moments and lessons gleaned from the past 4.5 years of doing the show. Special guests include - comedian Amy Phillips and famed Roses and Thorns appropriator, Andy Cohen.
May 9, 2019
Are you open to a conversation about sex and intimacy? Then this is the episode for you. Steph and Elizabeth welcome Jared Michael Weiss to the TSR Universe to discuss his town hall, Touchpoint, a forum that fosters a safe place for conversations around love and sex. JMW shares the tools he has learned from hosting these conversations and how to dialogue about what is traditionally considered taboo. Also in this ep: Met Gala moments, Elizabeth meets The Countess and Steph gives us a match making update.
May 2, 2019
If being a plant based influencer is a thing, the founders of Sakara Life certainly have the market cornered. Elizabeth and Stephanie welcome the bad ass bootstrapping duo that is Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBois back to TSR HQ some 3+ years after their first sit down. The ladies open up about their new cookbook "Eat Clean, Play Dirty” and give us a window into their current focus is in the world of health and nutrition.  Listen to our first episode with Whitney and Danielle!
April 25, 2019
When Whitney Port sits down in the TSR HQ you know two things will be discussed: her experience with reality TV (pretty sure we have some exclusives here) and of course, "wellness”; she discusses about how grief forced her to focus on self care. Whitney remains candid, chatting motherhood, her experience with mean moms and as an LA native, she offers up some fun recommendations (p.s TSR LA guide coming soon). AND don’t forget a rosy recap in celebration Elizabeth’s birthday weekend.
April 18, 2019
In celebration of our favorite green holiday we open a discussion on the evolving and vast cannabis landscape by turning to Missgrass.com’s founders, Anna Duckworth and Kate Miller. These ladies inform TSR about the complex plant in all her glory, answer our burning CBD queries, and join us in de-stigmatizing cannabis usage.  Use code RETROGRADE for 15% off at missgrass.com
April 11, 2019
Science meets magic as Dr. Deepika Chopra, Optimism Doctor and visual imagery expert, talks about the science behind manifestation. Offering some practices and tools prescribed to her patients that help shift limiting beliefs and put us into alignment with our truest desires. aka: how to call it in sis...scientifically speaking. Follow our guest: @drdeepikachopra Thanks to our partners: Rothys.com code: retrograde Betterhelp.com/retrograde
April 4, 2019
Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur (founders of Of A Kind, hosts of A few Things Podcast and authors of new book, Work Wife), sit down with Stephanie and Elizabeth to discuss what it takes to start and run a business with your best friend. These two pairings go deep on their interpersonal relationships and how they are reflected in their day to day business success.
March 28, 2019
Lymphatic Drainage is at the top of TSR's list when it comes to buzzy wellness practices and sitting down to educate beyond the trend is Certified Lymphedema Therapist, Lisa Gainsley, expertly answering all of the Ladies' lymph related queries (If you've got lymph questions of your own follow Lisa, @thelymphaticmessage). And later, Elizabeth and Steph dive into another Rosy round listener questions (If you have questions for us to be featured on the show - DM us @soretrograde).
March 21, 2019
Erin Foster (writer, actress, and a fun follow on Instagram) hits guru status at the TSR HQ as she shares some life lessons and doles out some mindful advice in the realms of dating, mental health, fertility and career. Later it's a rosy first week of Spring with another installment of 'Lady Baby Takes Trader Joe’s' and an Ask Falcon pertaining to moving to Los Angeles in your 30s.
March 14, 2019
Michael Domitrovich aka @EdibleSpirit, the Snatch Daddy of TSR, returns to the Mothership to spill the cosmic tea on Mercury Retrograde, Pisces Season, the upcoming Spring Equinox and puts on his impressive channeling hat doing psychic readings for our call in listeners! Thanks to our sponsors: Green Chef: www.greenchef.us/retrograde Rothy’s: www.rothys.com/retrograde Lola: mylola.com code: retrograde40
March 7, 2019
Amina Altai, conscious business advisor, illuminates the episode with some practical insight on aligning mind, body and business while harnessing our inner (boy) boss. Continuing to serialize their present personal experiences, Steph updates us on her quest to consciously couple, while Elizabeth shares how she consciously uncoupled from the apartment where TSR was conceived. Thrive Market: www.thrivemarket.com/retrograde Calm App: www.calm.com/retrograde Shoedazzle: www.shoedazzle.com/retrograde
February 28, 2019
Devon Cajuste, former NFL tight end and current energy healer joins the show to discuss his connections to the football field and the universal energy field. He shares with us how he communes with spirit and offers up some solid crystal recommendations. Okay fine we’ll take him under our tiny wings, since you begged us to! Things get rosey as Elizabeth looks forward to a new chapter and Steph is deep in to the chapters of the greatest dating book of all time as she learns what it’s like to date in the 90’s.   Thanks to our sponsors:   Third Love thirdlove.com/Retrograde   Daily Harvest dailyharvest.com code: retrograde   Quip quip.com/Retrograde
February 21, 2019
Author Ruby Warington leads this weeks episode with a curious mind around alcohol consumption. As founder of celebrated astrological portal, The Numinous, and author of Material Girl, Mystical World, her latest book, Sober Curious unpacks our societal and personal behaviors around drinking and how it aligns (or doesn’t ) with one’s spiritual quest. Elizabeth and Steph answer listener questions and give some fun announcements too.
February 14, 2019
'Girls Gotta Eat' Hosts, Ashley and Rayna stop by TSR HQ for this sexy yet distinctly non-Valentine’s Day centric episode. The ladies chat dating escapades in the modern era and try to glean some lessons along the way. Elizabeth and Steph re-live some tales of their own and in the most mensch-y of moments, Elizabeth’s parents drop by with some rosey advice.   Thanks to our partners:   Rothys: Rothys.com/retrograde Calm: calm.com/retrograde Wander Beauty: wanderbeauty.com-retrograde
February 7, 2019
Nicole Sachs (psychotherapist, author, and founder of TheCureForChronicPain.com), joins Elizabeth and Stephanie for their 4th year birthday show, to discuss the power of the mind body connection as a pathway to healing. Updates: Elizabeth is out of her house and Steph tries to get a boyfriend. A birthday celebration indeed!   Thrive market- thrivemarket.com/retrograde Nativedeodorant.com code: retrograde Third love- thirdlove.com/retrograde  
January 31, 2019
Dave Asprey joins the show to bless the TSR Universe with some bio hacking knowledge on brain optimization. Nicotine, Nootropics and butter coffee, oh my! Later, get rosy with some lady baby tips on food findings, TMJ relief and oral hygiene, lol we said oral.   Check out our amazing sponsors!  www.getquip.com/retrograde www.dailyharvest.com code: retrograde for three cups free! retrograde.robinhood.com  
January 24, 2019
Going deep on two categories of main importance in the That's So Retrograde Universe -Skin and Astrology - Stephanie and Elizabeth sit down with Heyday co-founder Michael Pollak and Astrologer extraordinaire, Ambi Kavanaugh, for this illuminating show recorded live at Heyday Skincare in Los Angeles   Special thanks to our partners:   Thrive Market - thrivwemarket.com/retrograde  Ritual Vitamins ritual.com/retrograde  Calm App CALM.COM/RETROGRADE   The first 100 listeners of the podcast can book a 50 Minute facial for themselves and a friend to go together for the price of one using code RETROGRADE (locations in NYC and LA)
January 17, 2019
In celebration of her new book, Do What Feels Good, entrepreneur, Influencer (and new TSR  BFF), Hannah Bronfman, stops by the TSR HQ.  The result is an episode full of inspirational insight and takeaway tips covering skin care, nutrition, exercise and beyond, all honoring the importance of the concept: do what feels good for YOU. Speaking of you…also discussed in this ep: Netflix shows, water picks and listener feedback.    This episode is brought to you by:    Wander Beauty wanderbeauty.com/retrograde   Quip getquip.com/retrograde
January 10, 2019
It's the first show of 2019 as Steph and Elizabeth welcome back mystical artist and numerologist, Remington Donovan, to enlighten us all on the numerological blessings of this new year and its number 3! Time to boss up baby because this years’ energy supports you stepping up to the plate after all the hard work you put in last year. The show wraps with some rosey discoveries and new years intentions- kicking this year off to an exciting and mindful start. Aho!   This episode is brought to you by:   Thrive market - www.thrivemarket.com/retrograde Rothys - www.rothys.com code: retrograde   Lola - www.lola.com code: retrograde40
December 27, 2018
Beloved Roastmaster General and friend to the show, Jeff Ross, sits down with Steph and Elizabeth to look back on the the top wellness trends of 2018. It’s rosy and roasty as they reflect on the lessons of the past year and bid adieu to 2018 with gratitude and glee.   Special thanks to our partners for this episode:   Living Proof : livingproof.com/retrograde code: retrograde Thrive Market: thrivwemarket.com/retrorade
December 20, 2018
It's a TSR All-Star Holiday Party as Steph and Elizabeth are joined by their friends and guides: Astrologer, Ambi Kavanaugh and Reiki Master, Kelsey Patel. Together they celebrate the end of this expansive and challenging year and muse on tools to manage stress during the holidays. It's a true bash with astro downloads that help bring mindful closure to 2018, and be sure to pull over because we have an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) series to shift your vibe as we de stress our way into the holidays.     Thanks to our partners:   Zola: Zola.com/retrograde   Fabletics: fablestics.com/retrograde   Chosen Foods: chosenfoods.com/TSR code: Retrograde   Please help us inbox supporting Lunch On Me: https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/lunch-on-me1/retrograde
December 13, 2018
Artist and creator of The Wild Unknown, Kim Krans, drops into the studio for a mindful chat on awakening the artist within. As big fans of both her Tarot deck and Animal Spirit deck, Steph & Elizabeth are excited to discover Kim’s newest magical offering, The Wild Unknown Journal; an interactive book encouraging each of us to tap into our labyrinth of creativity. Color us into it! Later, it’s what you’ve all been waiting for: Elizabeth and Stephanie’s So Retrograde Approved Holiday Gift Guide - a rosy bouquet of suggestions for your 2018 gift giving/receiving needs.  Thanks to this week’s partners:   Thrive Market www.thrivemarket.com/retrograde    Rothys www.rothys.com - code: retrograde    Living Proof www.livingproof.com/retrograde - code: retrograde    Please join us in supporting Lunch On Me, providing meals and healing programs to those exoerienceing homelessness in Los Angeles:  https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/lunch-on-me1/retrograde
December 6, 2018
Spirit guide to the show, Dr. Deganit Nuur, visits the TSR Universe, illuminating her unique approach of blending acupuncture with clairvoyant readings and provides practical suggestions for surviving the holidays - with tips on fine tuning in our intuition, manifestation tools and self care routines. Honoring the theme of self care guidance, Stephanie and Elizabeth share their top self care selects of the moment. In this week's Roses and Thorns, the ladies shed light on a Secret HQ success story and top it all off with some current TV and reading recs, because... wellness.     Donate to Lunch On Me: https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/lunch-on-me1/retrograde     Thank you to this week’s partners:   Shoedazzle shoedazzle.com/retrograde   Quip: GetQuip.com/retrograde   Chosen Foods: chosenfoods.com/TSR   Fabletics: Fabletics.com/retrograde
November 29, 2018
Join Elizabeth and Steph as they travel back in time to their 11/11 New York Comedy Festival show, live at Union Hall in Brooklyn. Expect revelations, meditations and a whole lot of laughter as they collectively channel their inner Oprahs and turn the tables to interview one another. Later, Dr. Daganit Nuur joins the stage to lead the crowd in a visualization exercise to illuminate the manifestation properties of 11/11. Meditation in a bar? Check! #soretrograde This Episode is brought to you by: Chosen Foods: chosenfoods.com/tsr code: RETROGRADE Rothys: rotheys.com code: retrograde Talkspace: talkspace.com/retrograde code: retrograde Thanks to the following bag for making our audience giftbag come to life: Kopari: koparibeauty.com code: RETROGRADE15 for 15% off Four Sigmatic foursigmatic.com/tsr code: TSR HeyDay: Heyday.com use code ElizabethxHeyDay $10 off your first facial   Please join us in supporting Lunch On Me this holiday season: https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/lunch-on-me1/retrograde
November 21, 2018
In celebration of Thanksgiving week, Stephanie and Elizabeth sit down with activist, artist and ‘Lunch On Me’ founder, LaRayia Gaston. In this heart-expanding conversation, LaRayia illuminates and inspires discussing her mission to end homelessness one meal at a time.   In honor of giving Tuesday - That’s So Retrograde will be joining Lunch On Me's Crowdrise campaign to build a center in Los Angeles, launching November 26th, join our team!    Donate link: https://www.crowdrise.com/retrograde (launching November 26)   Thanks to this week’s partners:   Thrive Market Thrivemarket.com/retrograde   Fabletics Fabletics.com/retrograde   Lola mylola.com code: retrograde40
November 15, 2018
Foodie, mystic cook, renowned Whole30/Gluten Free food blogger and Elizabeth’s favorite Internet celebrity, Teri Turner, of 'No Crumbs Left', sits down with TSR for a Thanksgiving-centric convo. The gals discuss coming into your calling later in life, listening to the universe, social media hacks, and of course some culinary insight for the upcoming holiday! Later, it's a Rosy recap of Stephanie and Elizabeth’s recent jaunt to New York (shout out to the New York Comedy Festival)!! Please see links below for where to donate to the LA Fire Department and families in need.       This episode was brought to you by:   Rothys Shoes: Rothys.com code: RETROGRADE   Quip: Getquip.com/retrograde   Chosen Foods: chosenfoods.com/TSR code: RETROGRADE   *Follow us on instagram: instagram.com/soretrograde for more promos from brands mentioned in this episode.   Please Donate to help those affected by the CA fires:   LA Fire Department Foundation http://supportlafd.org     United Way of Greater Los Angeles: https://www.unitedwayla.org     Ventura County Community Foundation: https://vccf.org     Humane Society of Ventura County  https://www.hsvc.org  
November 8, 2018
Post election vibes surely call for an Astro forecast! Thus, the ladies welcome back Ambi Kavanaugh, of Alchemy with Ambi, to shine light on the current cosmic climate. Then, it’s a floral crystal grid of roses as Elizabeth and Stephanie recap their eventful week: Steph’s birthday celebrations, some lady baby nights on the town, eye updates and podcast recommendations for your listening pleasure. PLUS, Steph and Elizabeth are headed back to New York this week for two exciting events, see below for the where’s the the when’s! New York appearances: Live Show: 11/11: 5 pm @ Union Hall, 702 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215 https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/mobile/index/1770154 Meet up: 11/12: 5 pm @ Airs Champagne Parlor, 127 Macdougal Street, Greenwhich Village, NY 10012 https://tsrinnyc.splashthat.com/ This Episode was brought to you by: Fabletics: www.fabletics.com/retrograde Thrive market: www.thrivemarket.com/retrograde Shoedazzle: www.shoedazzle.com/retrograde
November 1, 2018
First things first, let’s encourage our democracy to be ‘happy not perfect’ by getting out to VOTE Tuesday, November 6!! Secondly, beam of light, Poppy Jamie enters the TSR Universe this week to discuss and celebrate her mental health initiative, Happy Not Perfect. Later, Roses and Thorns pays tribute to the magic of the Wellspring Festival in Palm Springs.     TSR in NYC: http://www.thatssoretrograde.com/events/   This episode is brought to you by:   Talkspace.com/retrograde code: RETROGRADE Modcloth.com code: Retrograde
October 25, 2018
It’s Halloween time and Mya Spalter, author of ‘Enchantments: A Modern Witch’s Guide to Self-Possession’, is in the studio to provide some wise, witchy and welcoming insight on living a magical existence. Plus! A rosy listener Q + A, Halloween costume tips from your favorite Lady Babies and general tricks and treats - giving everyone a little somethin somethin to put on their alter this pumpkin-centric season. Namaste Enchanted!   Get Mya’s Book: https://amzn.to/2ERQ7lw   Love to this week’s sponsors:   Living Proof: code: RETROGRADE   Wander Beauty: wanderbeauty.com/retrograde   Chosen Foods: chosenfoods.com/tsr code: TSR
October 23, 2018
In honor of Venus in Retrograde, TSR’s Beauty Week is in full swing with episode 2 of 2. Stephanie and Elizabeth are joined by Tiila Abbitt, former head of R+D for sustainable materials at Sephora and current founder of Aether Beauty, for a conversation on sustainability within the beauty space. Aether’s first product, an eyeshadow palette, is one of the most forward thinking new beauty discoveries within the TSR universe. In celebration of this creation, the women have a thought provoking and illuminating conversation regarding packaging, waste, composition and ideologies within the makeup industry and consumer behavior as a whole.   https://aetherbeautyco.com  promo code: #RETROGRADELOVE   This Episode is brought to you by our friends at Thrive Market!  Thrivemarket.com/retrograde  (check out their beauty tab!)
October 18, 2018
It's beauty week! The “shock jock of beauty” herself, Jackie Johnson, of the Natch Beaut Podcast, joins the TSR universe, giving a breakdown of all her product obsessions of the moment from the fanciest of face oils to humidifiers. Steph and Elizabeth jump in for a rose filled bouquet of reccs offering up their personal beauty related favorites of the season. Reminder: TSR will be back in NYC on 11/11 at Union Hall, get your tickets while you still can!   This episode is brought to you by:   Thrive Market: www.thrivemarket.com/retrograde Carbon 38 carbon38.com code: Retrograde Quip www.getquip.com/retrograde    TSR in NYC: http://www.thatssoretrograde.com/events/
October 11, 2018
It's physical fitness day at The So Retrograde HQ! Steph and Elizabeth sit down with personal trainer and P. Volve founder, Stephen Pasterino, to talk about the workout he specifically created to optimize the muscle response of the female body. Coupled with this convo are some rosy workout recs for the LA homie and everyone call in sick because seeing A Star Is Born and crying to the soundtrack is the unanimous rose of the moment.   This episode is brought to you by:   OMAX - omaxboost.com/retrograde Phlur - phlur.com code: retrograde Rothy’s - Rothys.com code: RETROGRADE   More things in this episode:   P. Volve: bit.ly/PvolveRetrograde Code: Retrograde   Bellicon: http://bit.ly/TSRbellicon   11/11 TSR in NYC: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1770154   TSR on Cameo: https://www.cameo.com/soretrograde
October 4, 2018
Fresh off an invigorating trip to NYC, Elizabeth and Stephanie sit down with two of their BFFs who also happen to be incredible healers; Kelsey Patel and Ryan Weiss. The foursome chat Kelsey and Ryan's new limited podcast series and course, Break Up With Your Bullsh*t, and in a wellness podcast *EXCLUSIVE*, we hear first hand Kelsey's perspective on what really went down with her appearance on Vanderpump Rules. It’s a Rosy NYC round up where SS and EK chat *bread tour 2018* and their latest stint on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live!   This episode is brought to you by: http://fabletics.com/retrograde ; http://talkspace.com/retrograde code: retrograde ; http://chosenfoods.com/TSR code: retrograde   Also mentioned in this episode:   https://www.breakupwithyourbullshit.com    Rising Springs Water:  https://risingspringssource.com TSR30    The Big Quiet Tour: http://www.thebigquiet.com/tour
September 27, 2018
Elizabeth and Stephanie take New York for their first ever NYC live show at Union Hall in Brooklyn. Joining them on stage is listener fave and coach, Alexandra Roxo, who chats channeling the Divine feminine in congruence with welcoming in the Fall Equinox. Plus a comedy opening by Jamar Neighbors. Very special thanks to Shape House - the first 100 people to mention TSR in NYC get a free sweat (code: retrosweat2)   This episode is brought to you by: Shoedazzle.com (code: RETROGRADE) ; Skinnydipped.com (code: SORETRO) ; omaxboost.com/retrograde
September 21, 2018
Its Feng Shui Day Part Deux!  In this follow-up hour, dedicated entirely to listener questions regarding Feng Shui, Stephanie and Elizabeth welcome back their personal guide on the subject, Meghan Wallace James, to answer questions and ultimately shed light on how to turn your space into a “living vision board".     p.s. Don’t forget to tune into Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday 9/25 to see the ladies guest bartend for the 2nd time!   This is episode is brought to you by: myLola.com code: retrograde40 ; Carbon38.com. code: Retrograde ;  Thrivemarket.com/retrograde
September 14, 2018
The day is finally here! Jenna Zoe, Human Design zealot and UK based cosmic queen drops in to the studio to chat all things Human Design! It’s like astrology on steroids and a fun deep dive not to be missed. The ladies also address some listeners Q’a and give an update regarding their upcoming live shows on the east coast.   Elizabeth and Steph are manifesting generators!  Find out your design here: https://www.mybodygraph.com/free-bodygraph/   This episode is brought to you by takecareof.com code: Soretrograde and phlur.com code: retrograde    Tickets to That’s So retrograde Live in NYC sept. 23 : https://www.unionhallny.com/event/1763815   Tickets to Thrive Weekend in CT: http://www.aweekendtothrive.com/connecticut/ code: thatssoretrograde for 25% off
September 13, 2018
Celebrity Stylist, red carpet pro and friend to the show, Brad Goreski, graces the TSR Universe in perfect step with NY Fashion Week and the upcoming Emmys. He illuminates the space with Fall fashion recs, while sharing his thoughts on career, mindfulness and self care. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Steph provide their own rosy seasonal recs and wish a Happy Virgo season and Jewish New Year to all (and p.s. a very special birthday shout out to the woman who without none of this could happen, Elizabeth’s mom)!  This episode is brought to you by: Rothys.com code: retrograde ;  http://omaxboost.com/retrograde
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