Since Episode 628
I’ve listened to every episode since 628. If you aren’t following this podcast, consider yourself uninformed (if not misinformed) - especially about the greatest scandal in US history. Yes, the scandal the media is working tirelessly to hide because it harms their desired narrative. The economics and cultural stuff is awesome as well. And Joe might be the best producer in the industry.
Blow your nose
Blow your nose dan
A must listen to for conservatives
I have been listening to Dan Bongino’s Podcast for over two years. His ability to, fact by fact, respond to the Liberal talking points is the only reason Conservatives need for listening. He always gives the listener 5 to 6 great articles to read for further support. I often listen to important episodes 2 or 3 times to ensure I have digested the information.
A good team
I enjoy this podcast for its clear insight into having answers for the people who follow the views of the leftist party. Good energy good people working hard for the Republic and our constitution.
Way too short, always left wanting more info
Palm life
Listen while getting ready in mornings and time flies because I learn so much. I would love for Dan to take some time each week and help us sort through ideas of how to combat the chaos and lies.
Great Conservative Podcast
Best conservative podcast available!! Listen every day on the way to work.
Deep investigative news and analysis
Badger 10
If you want to know what’s really going on, listen and learn.
Instead of PTSD it should be profound Trump derangement syndrome! Just a thought PTDS Play on words… Not to take away from the real post traumatic stress disorder sufferers.
Love this show!
This is simply the BEST political podcast available. I listen to it almost every day.
Ep. 628 changed EVERYTHING!
This is hands down the best podcast on iTunes. I listen every morning. Thank you, Dan, you are our voice. Keep up the GREAT WORK!
Hear it here first
Nemo's Hideaway
Dan is always on the cutting edge in his news and analysis.
If you can handle the truth
Listen to this show. I have followed Dan and producer Joe for many years. Dan has his hand on the pulse of the disgusting corruption of the deep state actors in our government. Also buy his book “Spygate” it lays it out what has happened with our President by the deep state scumbags in a format like no other book you have read. Thank you Dan and Joe for breaking down this complicated web. True Patriots
Information with facts! No nonsense! Mr B. Congrats on being no. 1. Much deserved.
Fly mech
Highly educational with common sense. Love this show!
Do yourself a favor and subscribe.
Dan has one of the best podcasts out there. On top of that, it’s the best conservative podcast bar none. Shapiro is ok. Dan slays him though. Subscribe and listen. Keep up the great work Dan.
Great show
This is a great show
Always on point!!
lucky CLD
Dan the man!!!!,
Take that to the Bank
Dan been listening to you since you were the renegade republican! You and joe are the best part of my day! please keep the fight!
Best of the best podcasters!
The guy you want to inform you on all things in that nasty swamp, Russia collusion hoax, Spy Gate, DC corruption and politics here and around the world. You’ll be hooked on his show once you’ve started so... buckle up.
One of the best !!
anthony feliciano
Dan is one of the best next to the great one mark levin and Sean hannity. His execution and willingness to present the facts are in such a way that one episode of the bongino show will have you feeling as if you yourself have the inside scoop to the ins and outs of our government.
One of the best conservative podcasts
Dan is a huge asset to the conservative movement. His coverage of the Russia hoax is by the best and most thoroughly researched out there.
Beacon of Truth
We will never be silenced! Dan sheds light on the issues we face as a nation with real solutions! Jen K. California
The best!
I listen to many podcasts throughout my day and this one is by far the most thought provoking, factual and entertaining one by far.
Superb Show
Dan’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and police/secret service background make this show like Limbaugh’s. The absolute best show tracking spygate and Dan’s economic and international knowledge make this a must and in only an hour! His wife Paula and friend produce this show in a fun and professional manner. I used to listen to music on phone while running, now I use this show and my times are faster! Dan reads the commercials which are also entertaining. Keep up the great work!!!
Dan, I’m addicted!! You have taught me SO much & the way you explain things is awesome! Somethings are intricate & have to be dissected! My father is 92yrs old, WWII vet & I’ve told him about your show!! Hell I tell everyone about you as you’re the real deal! You don’t mince words & that I like! Keep us great work brother!! Thanks for serving!!🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯
Real Facts and Truths by Dan Bongino
I listen to DB’s podcast everyday. The best facts and opinion show. Thank you for exposing this high level of corruption in our Government and Justice Department. Keep up the good work. God bless you Dan!!🇺🇸 All the best,
Clearly driven by an agenda
Dan Bongino is clearly an intelligent person. However, most of what he does is motivated by milking Trump’s popularity. It would be nice if he applied some critical thinking once in a while instead of becoming a mouthpiece for the powerful he pretends to despise.
Share with friends and family. Great debunking, straight talk, amazing insights and love the economic commentary too. I found this show and stayed since the infamous #628. This show is not for snowflakes, intellectually weak or those too emotional to engage the brain. I enjoy the details, background, ‘taking it out to 30,000 feet’ and how ‘he puts it together’. Dan’s team delivers great content... keep up the great work. The entire family enjoys. We will be here listening and supporting.
Love the show
Love Dan’s show he puts so much energy when. Love Joe too, he is a hoot!!!!!
Tommy V
App store app makers
Best podcast ever
Joni Bag O' Donuts
Dan and Joe meld well, are insightful and make you think. I listen religiously and find that my Investigation skills kick back in and not everything is ever what it seems. Don’t stop bringing the evil to light. The American people deserve better and with your help and the good guys, in the wings, we will get JUSTICE!
Authenticity and Truth
The things Dan reports on are so factual that MSM dare not cover. Easily verifiable sources and the untold TRUTH!!!
Outstanding Investigative Research, Weeks Ahead if Anyone Else
Exposing the deep state! It’s REAL and it’s disturbing how the deep and wide the left has spread the corruption of their socialist ideals. It’s clear they have adopted the Soviet ideal of, Party First and Party above all else. This is the only thing that can explain the “ends justify the means” philosophy they democrat party has adopted.
The Brain of a Supercomputer!
Why is this ap so slow
I love to listen to Dan when I do my daily walk, his brain is like a supercomputer and he lays out the very complicated DS/Cabal evil doings brilliantly.
Dan the Man!!
Hey Dan, I guess by now that the Dem Snowflakes found out the hard way that "The Flyover States Rule the Bubble States!! I'd love to go to Washington with you and the Rolling Thunder Armada but I'm on a walker now and can't go, but I know you'll give'em Hell for Me!! GOD BLESS and keep up the great work!! 4 yr. Army Vet here and I have some skin in the game, these Dems are giving away our country because they think they can somehow turn them into Votes, they really don't care about those Illegal Aliens!!
Like a record stuck playing the same song over and over again
Been a longtime listener from the very beginning of his podcast but the past few months he repeats the same parts of the story again and again. Frequent retreats to silliness to occupy time and his endless cheerleading of Trump despite his epic failures have drastically changed what was an informative and often compelling show. He even refuses to see that justice is dead in our country today and none of the traitorous villains that engineered the coup will ever go to jail.
My go to source to understand what is going on!!
I can't wait to listen to Dan's podcast every day to hear the latest revelations. His energy is great and I really appreciate his work.
If you want truth your in the right place
Legendary Wu
Dan Bongino shows more intellect in is hangnail than any of the brain dead leftist shows. With the help of his compadre Joe and his smart and lovely wife, Dan breaks down information you NEED to know using all facts, BRAIN POWER, passion and mild humor. Even the dumbest of the dumb lunatic-lefty could understand it all.
Critical Thinking
Dan just want to thank you for your consistently fantastic news analysis. I knew the news had bias but now I better understand the extent of how bad it is. I will make sure my sons understand how to interpret the news before the libs try their brainwashing in college!
Dan Bongino could father my children and I’m a man
There is a reason this podcast is growing so quickly. His opinions are rarely opinions because they are based on facts. I listen to this more loyally than Rush Limbaugh. It’s a great antidote to the clown world. Honk honk! It’s ok to be wh*te! HNWSR. DNC killed him! 👌🤡
Enough said
There’s far too much good information out there that we need your input on. Waste of time to talk about that Hollywood idiot.
Fantastic stuff!
Dan is on top of his game! But he is so humble and always acknowledges the other investigative journalists he works with who have all done great work to battle the lunatic leftist mainstream media and Democrats that have gone off the deep end.
Awesome Podcast.
Great Show! Dan covers what the MSM is scared to cover because they want to protect their Democratic comrades.
Love Dan’s show!!!
He is so informative and I love getting the real facts on what is really going on.
Can’t miss podcast
Viva el Zorro
I haven’t missed an episode in 9 months. It’s nice to know what’s happening 2-25 weeks before it hits the main stream.
10 steps ahead
This guy is amazing! You can guarantee whatever facts he provides,always ends up being true ,when the “media” catches up
Bongino 2024
Fall City Strangler
Buckle up losers, Dan and ombudsman Joe are about to ram some facts and data down your big dumb faces. Dan is amazing! Hey John Brennan, you’re done!
A must listen
The HippieSlayer
I listen every day, no better place to get analysis on most important news of day.
Love this show!
Scuba Scrogz
This show gives me plenty of ammo....more than I had when the clintons were there(doesn’t deserve a capital). Keep up the great work! This deplorable mailman is spreading the word of truth! Semper Fi!!
Best show
Best show ever!!! Always on point very easy to follow! Dan’s a true American Hero!!!
Banjango Show
Best conservative talk boodeezeles out there. If you are allergic to the truth then stay way.
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