The Dan Bongino Show

Ep. 913 The Democrats’ Really Bad Week

February 11, 2019
59 min

In this episode I address the disastrous rollout of the Green New Deal, and the ridicule that ensued as the details went public. I also address the growing consensus that the real Russian collusion scandal involves the Democrats and key Russian players. Finally, I discuss a devastating new tax in New Jersey and the real reason the Democrats want to shut the government down this week. 

News Picks:
Liberals are lying again, and twisting the numbers, to make it appear that Trump raised your taxes. 


A new report indicates that drug smugglers are using the caravans to smuggle illegal drugs into the country.


Russian collusion between the Democrats, and the Russians, is very real. 


Why is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lying about her “Green New Deal”? 


Here’s the link to cached version of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s website she claims doesn’t exist.


Andy McCarthy’s new piece paints a grim picture of the continued witch-hunt against President Trump.


Be wary, the “Rain Tax” is coming to New Jersey.


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