May 19, 2019
TW220: Taking a Shatner
Super fun show for you today. We're joined by guest player Paul Mclaughlin who teams up with Ben against Jonathan with Carmela in the host's chair. Today's show is sponsored by: Smarty Pants - http://www.triviahalloffame.com/smarty-pants.php and Hello Fresh - http://www.hellofresh.com/twa80
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84 min
May 5, 2019
TW218: Kicking Jonathan and Taking Names
WARNING - This episode is a lot of fun. Don't listen unless you want to have a good time :-) Chris is BACK! It felt so good to get my brother from another mother back in the studio. He's hosting this weeks game. It's Carmela and Jonathan vs. guests David Kendall and Adam Fried. Make sure you listen all the way to the end this week or you're going to miss one of the funniest moments in a long while! Be sure to subscribe to Trivial Warfare Blitz on your favorite Podcast App!
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64 min
April 21, 2019
TW216: The Kobayashi Maru
It's rare that we do a game with no remote guests, but that's exactly what we were able to do this week with Scott Barber and Michael Turner in house. It's Jonathan and Michael vs. Scott and Chris with Carmela hosting. Enjoy! Be sure to subscribe to the Trivial Warfare Blitz to get this week's new episode! Sponsors: Hello fresh - www.hellofresh.com/twa80 and use the promo code twa80. Blinkist - www.blinkist.com/TWA
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83 min
April 7, 2019
TW214: Hey Chris!
Carmela, Jonathan and Chris are joined this week by Nick Brooks for a fantastically fun game. Enjoy!
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90 min
March 24, 2019
TW212: Did You Say Poop Again?
In celebration of Women's History Month we are proud to bring you our 2019 All Women's Episode! Join Carmela as she hosts a great game featuring the team of Lauren Carey and Lisa Wolfisch going up against the team of Katie Sekelsky and Toni Rask. Enjoy! TW212 is sponsored by: Blinkist - Go to www.blinkist.com/twa to start your 7-day free trial! Hello Fresh - Go to www.hellofresh.com/twa80 to save $80 on your first box!
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92 min
March 11, 2019
TW210: Year In Review - 2018
I'm excited to bring you this week's game. It was originally recorded as a bonus episode but it got promoted to the main feed and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. This week Rob Cotter hosts a 2018 year in review game featuring David Livasy, Stacey McPeek, Lindsey Henry, and Rob Worman! Sponsored by - www.takecareof.com - Use promo code twa50 to get 50% off of your first month!
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87 min
March 7, 2019
Blitz Championship - Season 1
We've reached the conclusion of our 4 week tournament to introduce Trivial Warfare Blitz. Our competitors have each gone through a tough match to get here and this one is for all the marbles. Enjoy!
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11 min
February 28, 2019
Blitz - S1G3 - Asbury, Brown, Dimitri
It's game 3 of our 4 episode tournament introducing Trivial Warfare Blitz! We have one more spot in the week 4 championship. See who will be victorious between Beth Asbury, Andrew Brown, and Robert Dimitri. Enjoy!
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10 min
February 24, 2019
TW208: More Decorative Than Functional
We're joined this week by the team of Madeleine Garvey, Trey Thomas and Susie Becker who team up against Jonathan are Carmela with Trivia Hall of Famer Paul Paquet in the host's chair. This week's show features the exclusive reveal of this year's finalists for the Trivial Hall of Fame. The inductees will be revealed in August at the Trivia Nationals! This weeks show is sponsored by: www.HelloFresh.com/TWA60 www.Blinkist.com/TWA www.Keeps.com/TWA
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103 min
February 21, 2019
Blitz - S1G2 - Groves, Lewis, Joyce
It's game 2 of our 4 episode tournament introducing the concept of Trivial Warfare Blitz! This week we're joined by Nick Groves, Addy Lewis, and Caitlin Joyce! Enjoy!
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14 min
February 14, 2019
Blitz - S1G1 - Wells, Fletcher, Edwards
This is the first of a 4 show bonus tournament with a completely different format than our standard game. TW Blitz is a variation of TW focused on direct competition, speed, and pressure. This week we are joined by Wesley Wells, Cheyenne Fletcher, and Tim Edwards. Enjoy!
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16 min
February 10, 2019
TW206: D.C. United
General Nick Groves from District Trivia joins us as a guest host for this week's show. The team of Josh Wennrich, Nick Weingartner and Erika Johnson team up against Jonathan and Carmela this week. Enjoy!
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94 min
January 27, 2019
TW204: I'm Hurt Hurt
We're kicking off the Black History Month festivities a little bit early this year with our 3rd annual BHM episode. This week Ben is in the host's chair while returning champions Jennifer Wright and Kantaad Svendsgaard take on newcomers Kenya Hitchens and Greg Johnson. This is one of my favorite episodes each year. Enjoy! Sponsored by: Blinkist - www.blinkist.com/TWA Hello Fresh - www.hellofresh.com/twa80
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118 min
January 13, 2019
TW202: Soft, Hard, or Sausage-like
We have a great game for you today. Jonathan and Chris team up against Matty Kimberlin and Tim Hilliard with Ben asking the questions. Enjoy!
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96 min
December 30, 2018
TW200: Hold Me Jonathan, I'm Scared
It's here!  We have so much fun doing the milestone episodes like this one. Scott Barber is back in the house to reprise his roll as the host from TW100 and we're going to see just exactly what we've actually learned in the 2 years since episode 100. Chris, Ben, Carmela and Jonathan are all in the house and everyone is high energy. I'm going to warn you now about driving while listening to round 6. If you think crying with laughter will make it hard to drive then consider yourself forewarned.
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120 min
December 16, 2018
TW198: Old People!
TW198 features Jonathan teaming up with guest John Finn in studio taking on the team of Kate Hadley and Matt Chesnut. Enjoy! This week's episode is sponsored by Green Chef. Get $50 off of your first box by going to www.greenchef.us/TWA
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89 min
December 2, 2018
TW196: Moist and Red
We are thrilled to be joined this week by the hosts of Miss Information - Lauren Tagliaferro and Julia Novakovic! These awesome ladies will be taking on Jonathan in a show vs. show matchup with Carmela hosting. Good luck trying to keep a straight face this week. TW196 is sponsored by Hello Fresh. Get $60 now by signing up at www.hellofresh.com/twa60 and using the promo code twa60.
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111 min
November 18, 2018
TW194: Leisure Suit Gary
We're joined this week by Gary Middleton and David Livasy! David teams up with Chris against Gary with Jonathan asking the questions. Enjoy! Today's Sponsors! Babbel = www.Babbel.com and use the promo code TWA to get 50% off your first 3 months! Green Chef = www.GreenChef.us/TWA get $50 off of your first box from Green Chef!
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98 min
November 4, 2018
TW192: J! Team Showdown
We are joined this week by Colby Burnett, Pam Mueller, and Alan Lin! These three are joining forces early next year in the upcoming Jeopardy Team Tournament. But before that we had a chance to pit them against each other in a triple threat match! Colby is a former Teachers Tournament and Tournament of Champions winner. Pam is a former College Tournament Winner and Battle of Decades Semifinalist. Alan is the most recent player and was a Tournament of Champions just last year. Enjoy!
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77 min
October 21, 2018
TW190: What's New Pussycat?
We're back on the main feed with a great three on one contest where Chris teams with guests Nicholas Groves and Liz Weeks to take on Jonathan with Ben in the hosts chair. This week's show is sponsored by Babbel - www.Babbel.com and by Green Chef - www.greenchef.us/TWA. Did you miss last week's show? You can find it on our exclusive officers feed along with our whole archive. Just go to www.trivialwarfarearmy.com and sign up as a lieutenant or above!
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118 min
October 7, 2018
TW188: Sesame Street
This week's episode was a night time recording, and you all know there's always something in the air when we record at night. You're going to enjoy this one. It's Chris and Kierah Leach vs. Jonathan with Ben Hosting. Have fun! Today's show is sponsored by: Babble - Try Babble for FREE at www.Babbel.com or download the app! Hello Fresh - Get $60 off your first 3 boxes by going to www.hellofresh.com/TWA60 and using the promo code TWA60.
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113 min
September 30, 2018
TW187: I Mapquested It
Super fun game this week. We're joined by Steve Muehl and Justin Wharff who team up with Carmela against Jonathan in a 3 on 1 with Chris holding down the hosting duties. Enjoy!
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75 min
September 23, 2018
TW186: Say Hello to My Little Friend
This week starts off with a bang as we give away $250 in our Best Trivia Question contest! On top of that we have an awesome game with Jonathan taking on Linda Hellwig and Bryan Brensinger with Carmela hosting. Enjoy! Support the show at www.trivialwarfarearmy.com Time Stamps 5:15 - $250 Trivia Question Contest! 16:43 - Warm it Up Chris 23:21 - The Game
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103 min
September 16, 2018
TW185: Norwegian Wood
Fantastic episode for you this week. It's the return of the OG Host Marc Demeter! He's asking asking the questions to the teams of Colonel Joe Magee teaming up with Carmela against Jonathan and Ben. Enjoy! Today's show is sponsored by Green Chef! Get $50 off your first box at www.greenchef.us/twa
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81 min
September 9, 2018
TW184: God of Thunder
We are excited to be joined this week by newly minted Trivia Hall of Famer Paul Paquet. He teams up with Ben to go up against Chris and Jonathan with Carmela in the host's chair. Enjoy!
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80 min
September 4, 2018
TWx27: Announcement
Jonathan talks about the future of the show and a massive change to the business model coming up in October.
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12 min
September 2, 2018
This week we're joined by the one and only Matthew Stephens. Are we able to convince him to perform a live intro to Warm it up Chris? You'll have to listen to find out! It's Carmela and Matthew vs. Jonathan and Chris with Ben hosting. Enjoy!
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93 min
August 26, 2018
TW182: Orange Cat ft. Dru Hill
This week's recording was done live in Richmond Virginia! I'm joined by Erin Barclay, John Welch, Kat Thompson and Jonathan Robbins for a super fun game. It's Erin & John vs. Kat and Robbins with Oakes hosting! This week's show is sponsored by www.GreenChef.us/TWA.
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91 min
August 12, 2018
TW180: Jersey Boys
We recorded this episode on my recent trip to visit our awesome warheads in New Jersey. We crammed 5 guys in my hotel room and huddled around a single microphone to bring you this episode :-) Today's show features Jeffrey Seguritan, Drew Buxbaum, Stephen Vedder, and Gentleman Jim all representing the great state of New Jersey. Today's show is sponsored by www.watercoolertrivia.com!
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113 min
August 5, 2018
TW179: A Licky Boom Boom Down
This week we are joined in studio by the father and daughter pairing of Tom and Megan Casserlie. They team up and go head to head against Jonathan with Ben in the host's chair. Enjoy! This week's show is brought to you by www.watercoolertrivia.com and also by www.hellofresh.com
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88 min
July 29, 2018
TW178: The Art of Art
It's time to get artsy fartsy in the best sense of the phrase. This week's show is an All Art Bonus that has been promoted to the main feed. It features contestants Dustin Resch, Tara Whittle and Jeffrey Seguritan each of whom puts on an impressive display of knowledge about the world of art. The host and author of today's game is Nolan Werner! Enjoy!
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93 min
July 22, 2018
TW177: Nicely Job
We're joined this week for the first time by the Founder and President of Team Chris, Pate Hogan! He teams up with Chris to take on Jonathan in a 2 on one showdown with Carmela asking the questions. Enjoy! Today's show is sponsored by www.watercoolertrivia.com
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104 min
July 15, 2018
TW176: Wait For It...
This week's episode is was an absolute blast to record. Even though we had technical difficulties it couldn't damper spirit of fun and humor that ran throughout the recording. We are joined this week by guests Kat Thompson, Trey Thomas and Will Dennison. It's the three of them against Chris and Jonathan with Trish back in the hosts chair. Enjoy! This week's show is sponsored by www.WaterCoolerTrivia.com!
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88 min
July 8, 2018
TW175: That's How You Get Zombies
We're joined this week by the trio of Markkus Ellis, Josh Mullen and Brad Doyle who team up to take on Jonathan with Chris hosting. Enjoy! Timestamps: 6:14 - Warm It Up Chris 13:49 - The Game
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84 min
July 1, 2018
TW174: End of an Era
This week's show marks the last show recorded in the apartment where Trivial Warfare started and grew into what it is today. In today's game we have Chris and Carmela teaming up against Rob Cotter and Todd Gianelloni with Jonathan manning the host's chair. Enjoy! This week's show is sponsored by Hello Fresh. Go to www.hellofresh.com/TWA30 and use the code TWA30 to get $30 off your first box!
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103 min
June 24, 2018
TW173: Trivia Stank
Chris and Jonathan are joined this week by guests Nick John and Allen Brown. Jonathan is going back to his old ways playing a solo player against Chris and Allen with Nick taking over host duties. Today's show is sponsored by GreenChef! You can get $50 off your first box at www.greenchef.us/TWA
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106 min
June 19, 2018
TW172: Rocket Man
This week we have a fun and fast moving game for you. It's a 2 on 1 with Jonathan taking on the team of Tim Beggs and Rich Flegel with Ben in the host's chair. Enjoy!
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86 min
June 10, 2018
TW171: Scooby Dooium
Big Episode this week! We've got Carmela and Jonathan going up against David Livasy, Matt Chesnut and Anna Piper with Jeremy Cahnmann joining us as a special guest host! We are sponsored this week by HIMS. Check out www.forhims.com/trivial to learn more!
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118 min
June 3, 2018
TW170: Is It Just Me, or...?
We're joined this week by Colonel Chris Hayth who teams up with Carmela to go up against Jonathan with big Ben in the hosts chair. This week's episode is sponsored by Hello Fresh. Get $30 off your first week by going to www.hellofresh.com/twa30 and use the promo code twa30. Timestamps 4:00 - Big Giveaway! 9:56 - Warm it Up Chris! 16:35 -The Game
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88 min
May 27, 2018
TW169: In Da Club
This week Jonathan and Carmela team up again our guests Mary Randazzo and Drew Grant. Lots of laughs this week as Ben puts the teams through their paces. Enjoy! This weeks show is sponsored by www.watercoolertrivia.com
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109 min
May 20, 2018
TW168: Those Damn Halogens!
We have so much awesome for you in today's episode. Ben is in rare form as he joins forces with guests Marcus & Asha against Jonathan with Carmela hosting. Today's show is brought to you by www.watercoolertrivia.com.
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107 min
May 14, 2018
TW167:The Trivialympics
This week's show features Ken, Matt, Neal and Jeff from Triviality, AJ Mass from Beat My Guest, and Andy Saunders from Complete the List. Today's game features 4 different mini-games. Each one is a modified version of one of the podcasts represented. Each show will be competing with the others across the different formats to crown a winner of the first ever Trivialympics. Today's show is sponsored by Hims. Go to www.forhims.com/trivial to get a full month of hair loss prevention for just $5!
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122 min
May 6, 2018
TW166: Bust A Move
We are joined in house this week by special guest Dustin Resch. Chris is the host and Carmela and Dustin team up against Ben and Jonathan. This one is so good that our patrons are going to get a special set of After Dark outtakes on Thursday that were too funny to edit out completely. Dustin also contributed this week's show art. This week's show is sponsored by HelloFresh! Head over to www.hellofresh.com/twa30 and use the promo code twa30 to get $30 off of your first box!
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87 min
April 29, 2018
TW165: The Swedish Chef's
We are joined this week by the team in the great white north. Ashley and Eric Sutherland team up against Jonathan while Carmela hosts. We have a great time together in this episode that seems to fly by. Enjoy! Today's show is sponsored by www.watercoolertrivia.com
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86 min
April 22, 2018
TW164: Sleeper Cell
We have a full house this week. Ben, Carmela, Jonathan, and Chris are all here and we're welcoming our special guest host Mike Sleeper who came to visit us from Augusta, Georgia. The teams are Ben and Jonathan vs. Carmela and Chris as Mike puts us through our paces. Enjoy! This week's show is sponsored by Water Cooler Trivia! Check them out at www.watercoolertrivia.com
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98 min
April 15, 2018
TW163: Cuban Einstein
We have a great show for you this week. Ben and Carmela are in the house and we welcome in our guests April Calvarro and Andrew Thomas! Carmela teams up with April to take on Jonathan and Ben and Andrew got to try his hand at hosting. I think you'll agree that he did a fabulous job. This week's show is sponsored by Hims. Check out www.ForHims.com/trivial for a full month trial for only 5 bucks!
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98 min
April 8, 2018
We have the whole gang in house for the second week in a row. Ben takes another turn in the host's chair while Chris and Carmela team up against Jonathan and special guest teammate Brent Bollmeier. Enjoy! 00:00 - Intro - We make a hash of some sidekicks, Rambo does Rambo things and we introduce our guess Brent Bollmeier! 04:06 - WIUC - From Natalie Anderson asks us to name the city that different TV shows are set in. 13:16 - It's Time to Play The Game
More info...
98 min
April 1, 2018
TW161: Dumb & Dumber
We've got a full house this week with Ben hosting and Chris and Carmela teaming up against Jonathan and guest teammate Erika Johnson. Ton of fun today, hope you all enjoy it. Timetamps! 0:00 Intro - Chris talks about his recent cruise and then gets mad at Jonathan & Ben for teasing him. 10:55 Warm It Up Chris - City or Cheese? 21:14 It's Time to Play The Game This week we are sponsored by www.watercoolertrivia.com and www.hellofresh.com.
More info...
110 min
March 25, 2018
TW160: I'm Too Old For This S#!T
We're joined this week by the inimitable Billy Webb who joins us from Indiana. He teams up with Carmela against Jonathan in a 2 on 1 match. Oh by the way, CHRIS is BACK and he's sitting in the host's chair!
More info...
101 min
March 15, 2018
TWx26: Oversell Wrestling Crossover
Back by popular request, this is our second All-Wrestling bonus episode! Today's game is hosted by Derick Schroeppel from The Oversell Podcast and features a triple threat match between Ben, Chris and Jonathan! Enjoy!
More info...
99 min
February 25, 2018
TW156: Who Run the World?
This week we're thrilled to present our first ever All-Woman episode in celebration of Woman's History Month. Carmela Smith, the first lady of Trivial Warfare, is in the host's chair this week. In house we have the team of Trish Leighton and Caro... I mean Lauren Carey. They are competing against the team of Katie Sekelsky and Caitlin Joyce. Enjoy!
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80 min
April 16, 2017
TW112: Break Stuff!
You guys are in for a treat this week. We're joined this week by Jeopardy alums Sabrina Fritz and Sally Neumann in this weeks episode. I can say without reservation that this episode has already jumped into my top five. I think you're going to love it. It's Chris and Jonathan vs. Sabrina and Sally with Ben hosting. This weeks episode also features our first big quarterly give away to a TWA Captain or above. So exciting! If you want to be eligible for it next quarter be sure to sign up as a Captain or higher at www.patreon.com/TWA Enjoy!
More info...
118 min
January 22, 2017
TW100: Redemption Island
It's Episode 100! I'm so excited with what we've done on this week's episode. It is easily one of our best ever and truthfully I think it's the best. This week we have a fatal 4-way with Chris VS Jonathan VS Carmela VS Ben and there's a twist. All of the questions will be questions from our first 50 episodes that nobody got right. We're about to see just how much we've learned from doing the show. Scott Barber is our guest host and he did a fantastic job pulling together the questions as well as what we guessed the first time we got it wrong. Thanks to all of you guys who have been with us since the beginning and welcome aboard to all of our new listeners. If you enjoy this week's show as much as I do then you're in for a hell of a good time. Enjoy! This week's show is sponsored by LootCrate! Head over to www.lootcrate.com/TWA and use the promo code TWA when you sign up for an awesome box! If you want to earn your rank in the TWA be sure to visit www.patreon.com/TWA and check out your options Thanks everybody. Jonathan
More info...
119 min
July 31, 2016
TW75: Harry Potter Trivia Challenge!
We are thrilled to be joined this week by The Real Weird Sisters for a Harry Potter Trivia Challenge episode! Alice and Martha are legitimate Harry Potter experts and you can find them at http://www.realweirdsisters.com/. This week we pair up Chris and Carmela on team RavenPuff and pit them against team SlytherDor made up of Daniel and Jennifer Richardson and team GriffinClaw made up of Alice and Martha. Can the experts hold their ground or will one of our house teams pull off the upset? Enjoy! Support us by taking advantage of our deal with our sponsor Audible at www.audibletrial.com/TWA! OR support us by signing up for a Lootcrate subscription at www.lootcrate.com/TWA One last way you can support us is by joining the Trivial Warfare Army at www.patreon.com/TWA By the way, if you're not a member of our Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/TrivialWarfareArmy/ then you are really missing out!  
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93 min
May 15, 2016
TW64: We're Going Timber!
Today's contestants have been on a collision course since February. That's right, it's the prize fight you've been waiting for. Our 2016 Listener Tournament Champion Russ Friedewald goes head to head against Chris and Jonathan in a triple threat match. Does he have what it takes to be the king of the mountain or is he wearing a crown of fools gold? Marc hosts as we discover the answer. As if that weren't enough this week features what might be the funniest moment in show history. No joke! Last note - we've opened a patreon page for listeners who are interested in supporting the show financially. You can check it out at www.patreon.com/TWA.
More info...
76 min
March 6, 2016
TW54: Black Don't Crack
We take a break from our listener tournament this week to enjoy a great episode featuring Bryan and Nathan Orr. We're also glad to welcome Ben Young back into the hosts chair. All in all this is one of our funniest episodes ever. Be sure to tune back in next week to catch up on the Listener Tournament. We have 3 shows to go before the championship!  
More info...
62 min
January 31, 2016
TW49: Always Listening Grudge Match
Josh and Joel from Always Listening stopped by the Trivial Warfare studios this week with one thing on their mind - settling once and for all who knew more useless crap. It's the hopeless optimist vs. a ruthless sandbagger and one of them is gonna get murdelated! This episode could not be more fun. Need More? Today we discover that Delaware is still a state and discuss whether or not Rhode Island is getting too big for its britches. Enjoy!
More info...
65 min
November 15, 2015
TW41: There's No Crying In Trivia
Jonathan's been on an unprecedented winning streak, winning every show he's played for over two months. Is this the week that Chris can break the streak. Also, find out what question made Jonathan so mad that he had to walk away from the microphone to cool off. Enjoy this and more on this week's episode of Trivial Warfare!
More info...
63 min
July 5, 2015
TW23: Everybody Hates Chris!
Thanks for joining us for another episode of Trivial Warfare! This week we welcome our friend Ben to the show. He steps in to host and does a great job while managing to sound like Barry White. This week we learn Ponce de Leon's first name, get a blast from the past with a question about WKRP and get a double dose of Shakespeare. Be sure to step by www.trivialwarfare.com for this week's show notes. You'll find classic clips from Ally McBeal and Friday along with fun scenes from the Simpsons and Major league. While you're there you can get our new Android App and sign up to be a Warhead! Thanks as always, JO
More info...
46 min
May 25, 2015
EP17: There and Back Again
This week we introduce our friend Carmela on the show. She's stepping in to do some guest hosting for us and at the same time to "bring a little class to the joint," as Chris would say. Speaking of Chris, be sure to listen for his epic meltdown near the end of the show. It's a thing of beauty. Don't forget to head over to www.trivialwarfare.com and sign up for the Trivial Warfare Army to get in on the show news for insiders. This week's show notes will be a little late but they should be up by mid-week. Don't fret, I'm working on them. I just didn't get a chance to get them done early this week with my Canadian excursion. Thanks for listening! JO
More info...
51 min
April 28, 2015
Episode 12: Show Me That Smile
Thanks for checking out our show! If you love trivia you’ll love the show. If you love laughing you’ll love the show. If you love people making fools of themselves you’ll love the show. If you’re breathing you’ll love the show. I think that just about covers it. We jump right into it in Episode 12 with a question about Family Ties that is one of the funniest things we’ve ever done. At least, it’s funny to me. During the editing process I kept going back to listen to it because it was guaranteed to bring a smile to my face. Hope you guys love it as much as we do. Reach out to us at trivialwarfare@gmail.com and let us know what you think.
More info...
36 min
April 28, 2015
Episode 1: In The Beginning
Episode 1 was a ton of fun to make. Of course, it wasn't our first try. It was actually our third try to start this thing. I still have the old files. Maybe some day I'll brush them off and share them. Anyway, I think that we were both on top of our game here, not necessarily in terms of knowing all of the answers, but definitely in terms of having fun. We were both in a good mood and it showed. I think my favorite moment was when I realized that I received a question about James Cook directly after answering a question about James Kirk. That was a complete accident which is why it was brilliant.
More info...
28 min
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