Always will learn something new and exciting
Dr. Michael Heiser Devine Council
Eden in view
You will find comfort in the divine nature and coherency of our gospel. It may change your perspective in confidence. With every thread Dr Hieser braids the rope thrown to you by God, pulled into view from the fog of doctrine, dogma, and ignorance of the historical stage on which our Bible was performed and recorded for you. Grasp the line and hang on for the greatest journey that you were meant to make.
You’ll Never Appreciate a Podcast More
I cannot imagine my pre-Heiser days, but it isn’t Heiser, it the Bible “without filters”. Eventually it led me to Orthodoxy and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.
I’ve never been in a Bible school or class, but I feel like I am listening to this podcast. I never knew how much I was missing while reading the Bible before.
Information disseminated should be taught as fundamental knowledge in Christian education
PT in TX
I love the information being presented and the manner in which it is delivered. You should be prepared to have to think “well” about the topics being presented.
Stranger Things meets Hebrew
Jacob B. A.
Changed how I look at the bible.
naked bible
Best bible podcast ever! Thankyou
Awesome biblical resource
Awesome resource for anyone interested in studying the Bible.
Fra Fren Fren Renfroe
Fra Fren Fren Renfroe
New to this podcast and am loving the content, very thorough, very insightful, and has really helped me to put the OT into context.
Feast on truth!
Amen Romans 10:9-10
Just as others have already said, if you are seeking truth then this is a feast of it! Love hearing from a true scholar who breaks it down for us. I’ll be sharing this podcast with all my friends. Thank you for being faithful to God’s word! In Christ.
Bible Study v Reading
If you’re really interested in the deep meaning and where this literature came from, the historical context, Hebrew and Greek original language, and how things get interpreted (and misinterpreted); if you’re truly curious and have an open mind, then prepare yourself for a feast. Thanks to The Naked Bible Podcast (and to The Bible Project) my understanding of the whole works is vastly exploded. Especially the intricate connection of Old and New Testaments. WOW!!
Great For Learning about the Bible
This podcast has been so helpful for someone like me, who doesn’t know Greek or Hebrew, but who loves the Bible and wants to know more in depth details going on that the normal reader usually misses.
Great teacher
Dr. Michael Heiser has so much wisdom and insight about the Bible and if you allow yourself to stop letting your denomination traditions get in the way of learning then you will learn a lot more overall. I’m glad I found out about you on Dr. Turek’s podcast.
Anthony keathley
Dr. Heiser, does a great job of helping the modern day reader recover the world view of the writers of the Bible.
Love this stuff
I absolutely love this podcast. I love digging deep into the scriptures but I don’t always know exactly what I’m looking for or how to get there. Dr. Heiser has those skills and I’m so thankful that God has gifted him so that he gifts me.
Awesome Content
Big fan of glwg
Thank you for all you guys do for the content nuts out here.
Upstanding Teaching
Dr. Heiser provides such well-articulated yet unapologetically challenging teaching. It is accessible thought for a layperson who is eager to learn, while being engaging and stimulating to those formally educated in biblical studies. He is faithfully committed to the Word, taking the time to inform the listener of what she must understand, not simply what is familiar or what she has traditionally heard. What I appreciate most is Dr. Heiser’s chief commitment to the text and its original contexts—not traditions, creeds, or schools of thought. His conclusions are drawn from the Word and not ecclesio-historical thought. Those works are important and helpful but not finally authoritative.
Naked bible
Great podcast. Listen daily. Thanks for all you do. Ive learned so much from listening to the naked bible podcasts. Before naked bible podcasts I just read the Bible without understanding the context it was written in both Old Testament and New Testament. I listen to the pod casts daily and sometimes over and over. Thanks for your efforts on educating people on the Bible.
Turbo charged theology
Mike Becker
I’ve always loved and cherished the word of God. But since I started listening to Michael Heiser (thank you Bible Project!) I feel like I was reading/studying the Bible through glasses with a horribly wrong prescription. Not that I had it all wrong but I didn’t experience the depth, beauty and nuance that Michael has a keen way of making so clear. He is a gifted teacher and communicator that takes the esoteric world of biblical scholarship and serves it up ready to eat to us Joe Six-packs. And oh how tasty it is for the soul and the mind and the glory of our merciful and amazing Savior, Jesus!!!
Great podcast. I have learned a ton.
Perfect Theological Podcast
Alan LaBonte
Dr. Heiser tackles the hard questions that make the whole Bible come together
Awesome for sure!
More Lord!
I would encourage anyone who is looking a an informative study of the Bible to take a listen!! You won't be disappointed!
Good stuff. No it’s not boring...
Jeremiah ben Jonah
I’ve been a subscriber and reader for a few years. Thanks for the podcast, And especially Unseen Realm! The Podcast: Slow study of scripture? Yes. Intentional and thought out. He really wants us, the audience, to Get It. Dr Mike is really masterful at compiling relevant sources, and brings always an interesting one-way discussion style podcast. Naked from denomination? Sure. Naked from biases? Mostly, he’s human after all Dr Mike does constantly refer to Our Creator as “Yahweh” purposely, but mistakenly. (Hint: it ought to have a meaning in Hebrew... In Hebrew YeHóVaH means Who IS/ Who Was/ Who Will BE. A conjunction of three verbs of Existence, first person, existing into a single word, spanning ALL time.) You should fact check that. It has been a pleasure listening every week. And every book. Thanks Dr Mike!! Please share the Naked Bible Podcast amongst your friends! Those who wonder and are keen on leaving ignorance behind.
Excellent podcast
I have found Dr. Heiser to be unique among biblical scholars. I have listened to various biblical scholars and he has the unique ability to explain things in the highly technical scholarly level down to the layman. I have been listening to him for months and he has open my mind to different ways to look at the Bible and consider things that I have not considered before. His ministry is a considerable blessing.
Will help you think.
Fire boo
Dr. Heiser does the best job I have seen bridging the gap between scholarship and those of us who can do little more than shrug when we read confusing or difficult passages in the scriptures. He has challenged my thinking on many topics but also made it clear that regardless of the diverse preferences of the body of Christ, Jesus is Lord of all.
Take the Bible as it is
Tammy Cronan
This is a great podcast to get incredibly deep in to biblical studies. This is not surface level. If you are looking for dense material that takes the Bible as it is within its own context, there is nothing better. You will have to think critically. What a joy! Thank you for producing such great content Naked Bible Podcast!
Rethink how you read the Bible
This podcast really helps open your eyes to language and cultural contexts that isn’t presented in the pews. Each episode gets better and better! Also, it exposes you to a time of people that you may have pictured in your mind another way.
Naked Bible Podcast is amazing
I love the naked bible podcast. Dr. Heiser is thorough in his bible study. He takes the academic and makes it understandable to the layperson.
Naked Bible Podcast
Thorough and rigorously academic!
TJ Marion
If you for context on the Bible but don’t wanna be preached at your in the right place.
NBP is a must listen/re-listen for me.
Be patient and listen to several subsequent episodes. Mike’s teaching is not new thought, it is academically supported look into original thought of scripture.
A must listen for people who want to dive deep
Frank Mistretta
Bridging the gap between the layperson and the academic ivory tower, Dr. Michael Heiser expertly explains current academic thought regarding the ancient near east and Old Testament in a way that will change the way you will live your faith as a Christian. Thoughtful, insightful, extremely helpful, I will forever be thankful for Mike and his team’s work. I found this podcast through The Bible Project. Between these two podcasts/ministries I feel like I am being fast tracked through seminary. My faith is rock solid, and I finally have answers to questions most pastors have no clue about and I feel able to filter my life through scripture in context to change my world from black and white into color. God Bless all of y’all.
Great companion and supplement to my seminary studies!
Gary Gnus
I’m currently in my second year of seminary pursuing an M.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies and greatly enjoy Mike’s in-depth and often provocative teaching style. Having a year of Biblical Hebrew under my belt helps me to keep pace. I listen mostly on my 1 1/2 hr round trip daily commute to work. I may not agree with Mike on all topics (cough eschatology cough), but I’ve been challenged to think deeper about my Bible and for that I owe Mike a debt of gratitude! Well worth listening to!
Best Podcast
J of House M
This podcast is amazing. For a person who is skeptical and not naturally spiritual this podcast lays out the data and provides an evidence based analysis. The scholarly level of information allows me to feel like nothing is being held back or sugar coated. He gets right down to the difficult parts of scripture we as listeners have all either secretly or openly questioned.
Podcast 271 thank you
I like to read and hear what the proper way to interpret the Bible so that we don’t leave the Bible open to attack. Your vid on Noah flood/Leviathan helped me abandon YEC ( what a mess that movement is) This vid add to the defense of the Bible. The Bible written for us not to us! More books plz. Maybe apologetic this time. IDK whatever the lord leads you.
The best bible podcast
The naked bible podcast is the best there is out there. Not only does Dr.Hieser make you think very deep and hard about everything, he also gives you a completely unbiased view of exactly what the Bible says.
Fascinating information and perspective. Very good listen.
Naked Bible Podcast
Momo Molasses
I have not been disappointed in any of the podcasts. I don’t usually listen though, I love to read the transcripts as I am more visual. So I want to say thank you for taking the time to do the transcript!!! Please do not stop. The content and material are excellent and usually something I have never heard before. I am just an average person, not a scholar but I love the content and am so thankful to Dr. Heiser for putting it out there.
Fantastic Podcast!
This podcast is a deep well of solid biblical theology that’s presented in a way that’s easy for the layman to understand. This content is desperately needed in these times of rampant biblical illiteracy and the torrential flood of psuedo-scholarship coming into our homes through the pop-media streams. Regardless of whether you agree with some of Mike’s more challenging content, you will absolutely come away with a better understanding of biblical interpretation, the ANE context of Scripture, and a better way to dialogue with those who see scripture through a different theological lens!
I’ve been listening for a few months. I decided to catch up on earlier podcasts. I never thought Leviticus could be so interesting. I’m having to listen to each episode at least twice just to keep up with all the information. I love this podcast
Thank you!
Thank you for making it clearer. Thank you for connecting dots. I thank the Lord for your ministry Dr Heiser! God bless you and yours always:)
Skip Rocks
Dr. Heiser knows his material and how to present it.
Not your same old, same old sermons....
I am so glad one of my favorite authors, Brain Godawa, recomended this podcast and the ministry of Dr. Michael Heiser to my wife and I. It grieved us to realize that for 40 years we have been hearing the same basic sermons and this was a major reason we were so bored with the whole church scene. All our attempts to remedy such a sorry state of affairs (including dabbling in contemporary worship) left us flatter than ever. But through Dr. Heiser's ministry we have discovered the real source of the problem is that the Bible has been throttled by, mostly, well meaning conservative translators and theologians over the past 2 thousand years. By learning to let the Bible be what it was really meant to be, we find ourselves getting into the width and depths of God's word at last! Rather than yawning and watch the clock, we are like wide eyed kids on their first day of school.
When a tv addict finds its replacement
This podcast rocks
An eye opening resource
Dr. Heiser does a great job of giving people an inside view to relevant Biblical scholarship for lay people that want to know more about Biblical theology. He helps people think about the text in its original context - looking past some of the blinders that can get created when our understanding of tradition is deeper than our understanding of the Biblical text.
Been studying the Bible for 25 or more years and have found that some Christian circles are more devoted to their filters and systems rather than the Bible text, not so with Dr. Heiser. The podcast title expresses his approach perfectly. The text is supreme and good logical thought is the approach to interpreting the text. Dr. Heiser has been such a breath of fresh air to me and others I have directed to this podcast, thanks Dr. Heiser and you to Trey.
Why not look at the foundational origins of “what is” and the overarching perspectives that are built on and understood by those foundations? If the Bible is the truth (I say it surely is!) about what we face, sometimes in great puzzlement or even frustration, then there is, in the Bible, a great source of explanatory power to be found for anyone who repeatedly asks themselves, “why?” or, “is there any hope?”. The Naked Bible Podcast is a faithful source of understanding for anyone who wants to make sense out of an increasingly crazy world. For “unbelievers” the NBP is a way into the Truth without the religious trappings that can’t really help. For believers the NBP is a faithful source for objective, text-based understanding about what might otherwise seem to be confusing, if not contradictory information. Enter Dr M S Heiser... his very knowledgeable and calm presentation of the original source truths found in the Bible are very helpful and edifying for anyone who knows there’s still much to be learned about and understood from GOD’s word. I grew up in a religious home. I believed in God. I never believed the Bible was a legitimate source of truth. When I was almost 26 years of age I found out I could believe what the Bible said was true. That was 41 years ago. I wish I had back then what I found out about at least 6 years ago- The Naked Bible Podcast. Whether you are a believer in the Bible or not, I encourage you to open the “Naked Bible”, and Dr Michael Heiser’s approach to the Bible, GOD’s word. Don’t be “a-scared” any longer. Take the step. Learn about and believe what is waiting for you in God(Jesus Christ) and in His Word. The NBP will help you a lot!, I promise.
The Bible Has Come Even More Alive and Understood
Around January of last year I discovered Dr. Michael Heiser. Since then. I have caught up with all of these podcasts as well as all the videos and other podcasts where he has been interviewed and/or involved. I have been fortunate to purchase his books, with a few on Logos to help go through them as a Bible study. I cannot recommend 'The Naked Bible Podcast' enough. Trey and Michael does an amazing job communicating the truth of God's Word without compromise. If you want to fill in the gaps of many teachings of Scripture most skip over and/or ignore completely... give this podcast a listen and I am sure you come to the same conclusion as many of us Reborn Christians have come to as well. May the Lord bless you and may His Son shine upon you and may the Holy Spirit guide you.
Whether you're 8 or 108, physically or spiritually there is something for you in this podcast. The information provided by Dr Nichael Heiser is a gold mine for anyone searching for Truth. No one person has all the Truth but this podcast is a must for any one searching for GOD.
Understand the people, culture & language, then you can understand the text in its natural setting
→ Implicit information is the foundation of most human communication and it comes largely from shared experiences derived and interpreted through shared language and culture. The best way to really grasp what a text is intended to mean is to understand the culture and language of the author and their audience. If you don't have access to that pool of shared information, much of the implicit information will go completely unnoticed and will remain hidden until it is pointed out. Dr Heiser does a great job of coming up behind you, pointing out the hidden pieces of implicit information, then pushing you into the pool of ancient near eastern culture and language. Voila, the implicit becomes explicit! And you find yourself dripping ANE all over the place!
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