Astonishing Legends

Queen Mary & The Haunted Valentine

October 17, 2014
45 min

Welcome to episode 2 of Astonishing Legends!

This episode is about the floating hotel that the RMS Queen Mary has become and how she treats a couple of guests who've selected her for a romantic Valentine's Day getaway. 

Links for folks who are interested!

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The RMS Queen Mary -

The Wikipedia entry on the Queen Mary..

The award for the fastest Atlantic crossing by a cruise ship, the Blue Riband.

A timeline of her history from the Hotel website. 

Some amazing older photos of her.

The Queen Mary during World War II from the Hotel Website.

A great article on rogue waves, including the one that hit the Queen Mary.

A brief page on hauntings aboard her. There are many hundreds of websites on this.

Here's a page detailing WWII troop crossings, aboard her.

More amazing photos of her history.


John Pedder & Watertight Door 13 -

A brief site discussing the death of John Pedder at watertight door #13.


The Munich -

The Munich and the story as it's understood about her sinking.


The HMS Curacoa -

Here's the wikipedia entry on the HMS Curacoa.


Indrid Cold - 

A good page on Indrid Culd.


The Poseidon Adventure (original 1972) -

One of the best original disaster movies there is, inspired by the Queen Mary and her brush with capsizing.



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