Season 3
ironic 4321
I really liked the first 2 seasons but the 3rd season is an absolute atrocity. The whole season is quite ironic because it’s about “inherent basis” but they believe people with criminal records over men and women who risk their life everyday. Try being neutral...you are promoting the police state narrative...you are sowing discord
Very Well Done
Up with Fox
I am not the biggest fan of NPR, but I think Sarah Koenig and crew are doing an excellent job in the Serial series. I don’t buy every single thing I hear, but I’m ok with different ideas. That being said, I do not believe that even after 18 months of intense research, observations and conversations you have found out everything we need to know.
This last season (season3)was a much needed insight into our criminal justice system. It was an extremely emotional listen and I think more of Americans need to hear programs like this! I think there are so many county’s in this country that need this type of investigative reporting (lawrenceburg IN) for a example in my opinion. Once again highly recommended!!
I don’t even listen to podcasts, but the fact that I was drawn into all three seasons is amazing! Job well done!
Not completely unbiased
Liked season 1, lost me at season 2, he committed treason. Season 3, lived near Cleveland for 14 years, the coverage again is a liberal bias. People have to be accountable for their behaviors, along with communities, legal profession and government. There is no accounting for community in season 3, just placing blame strictly on prejudice. Time for the “investigator”, to read more about crime statistics and race. May I suggest Heather MacDonald’s work.
What do I do at work now???
I finished every single episode and don’t know how I’m going to function at work anymore.
I have listened to the first season over and over again. It’s absolutely amazing. The research for these cases is so deep and so well written. I can’t say enough good things about Sarah’s recording. Season 2 wasn’t quite my style, but Season 3 was so interesting and a GREAT way to show the justice system, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!
1 and 2 good!
I enjoyed 2.5 seasons, then you lost me in season 3 episode 6. The guy instigating the cop did me in. Rest seemed biased. Season 3 started as listening to court cases and then turned into a liberal cop bashing session. Turned one sided.
Not biased
I am 13 years old and I can understand why you think she’s biased, but she rly is giving both sides of the story. For Aramis, she said both his story and the cops, and acted surprised because she had never heard of a bulge before.
Interesting but very biased
I found her points interesting but very biased. Her views and reports are very liberal. She seems way too empathetic for the enemy in season 2. Season 1 is excellent. I enjoyed that much more.
Kat S 81
One of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Loved all 3 seasons, which were all very different and gripping stories. I’ve listened to each season multiple times. Thank you to the Serial team!
Season 1 was great
An Inside Joke
Like a ton of listeners, I binged straight through season 1 after it came out and loved it. I'm also excited to learn that this case is back in the popular culture and it looks like Adnan Syed is getting another shot at seeing his case re-tried. I really wanted to like season 2, but the combination of it being a topic I'm really, really not interested in and the storytelling just not grabbing me led me to quit listening halfway through. I haven't had the chance to check out season 3 yet, but if I hear good things maybe I'll give it a listen.
Another reader
Nothing special
I want more
Absolutely fantastic. I love listening while I'm at work. So fascinating.
Very biased.
You almost had me until episode 6 when we heard how Jessie and his friends were talking to the cops. I wonder how biased the rest of the episodes were. I’m starting to feel like we are really only hearing one side....
Sad turn
The office jerk
Season 1 was absolutely outstanding. There were parts where it sounded like you had feelings for Adnan, but it didn’t take away from the journalism. By the end of Season 3, you completely embellish the facts to push your leftist agenda, and in doing so, create racism that further divides us as people.
First and foremost, Sarah is a storyteller. She is not a crime journalist, nor is she an investigator. However, to exclude all of the facts that clear Adnon’s name is atrocious. There are several inconsistencies that this series fails to point out. Although it did a good job setting the scene of the case, it was not a fair review of the case and it caused several to believe he was guilty because of skewed evidence.
Please do more In Cleveland
cleveland please
Please do more in Cleveland I got a lot of people to listen
Fascinating stories & brilliantly reported!
One of the BEST👍🏻
Season 3 Much Needed Light Shine On Criminal Justice System
I enjoyed all seasons of Serial and this season in particular was especially disturbing. Criminal justice needs a drugs overhaul. The system seems set up to keep those in it once they are in it. The youthful offenders in particular seemed to not stand a chance. Piling suspended license upon suspended license so these kids can’t ever pay the fine only perpetuates the problem. This was a much needed light on a problem many of us don’t know about or thin about bc we are not involved. Well done storytelling.
Season 3
Liked it very much!!
SEASON 1 By far the BEST!
I wish to hear more from Adnan Syed story. Great audio, construction and pace. Keep it up! 🙌🏼
These stories are thought provoking but they’re very clearly liberally biased. I like thought provoking questions but every episode seems to spill over the limit of unbiased reporting. I see where the narrator is going to take the story after the first 3 minutes. It’s all anti police, anti justice system, etc..that’s an old boring horse to beat.
A Season 3 was about was the Liberals pushing their views. No one every talked about all the bad choices and decisions these people made.
Seasons 1&3 are amazing.
As an in-depth look at how our criminal justice system works it is so fascinating and it doesn’t hide away from the crimes of the subjects or the injustice of the justice system. Season 1 was addictive and so was season 3. I find myself wishing there were more episodes.
From gold to garbage
Season 1 was superb! Enthralling, entertaining, suspenseful... I hate that I can’t say as much for the other two seasons! Season 2 I would say was a fair shake towards the subject! However towards the end of the season the liberal leaning agenda begins too bleed through! By season 3 the social justice warrior mentality is in full swing! It honestly ruined a great podcast for me... you wanna report on those type stories, I’ll listen, as long as it’s from an unbiased standpoint! Season 3 honestly feels like a 3rd Obama term, more stagnation, more racial division, more forget the law and do what makes you feel good about yourself! It’s a hard pass for me from here on out!
Great podcast
I love the hard work you do an amazing job
The Perfect Starter Podcast
If there was a perfect starter podcast- this is it. While Serial has been described as a true crime podcast, it’s more a series about justice as told through three very unique perspectives. Sarah Koenig is an amazing storyteller and the journalism work here is incredible. I was frequently on the edge of my seat- a must-listen.
Thought Provoking
I read a lot of reviews that this podcast is agenda pushing and geared to liberals, and maybe it is. But overall it is thought provoking, no matter what side you are on. It takes a closer look from many angles to have you the listener come up with your own opinion. I was worried about how CLE would be portrayed, but the stats are the same everywhere. CLE is not better or worse. Listen when you can, think for yourself and try to understand what it would be like in someone else’s life. Great listen.
Glad I’m not the only one feeling this way!
Season 1 was incredible, and for lack of a better work it was impossible to stop listening to it. Season 2-3 .... seemed biased and an agenda trying to be pushed. Please go back to the mystery and decisiveness of the first season.
Informative and entertaining
Sean X A
Incredible case for season 1. So much so that it was never going to be possible to beat it. So she/they didn’t. And I commend them for that. Not unlike a band whose first record was the most popular and it went mainstream. The transcendent bands continue to evolve and don’t care about popularity as much. The one hit wonders try to replicate and fail. This crew resembles the former scenario. Well done and thank you - all of this is free, let’s be grateful.
Season 1 fantastic....however
Season 2 and 3 quickly become a bully pulpit for liberal politics. All of the standard SOP’s of White Privilege, Xenophobia, Class Warfare etc. (Interestingly set in cities that have been completely owned by liberal politicians for the last hundred years). But season one is very entertaining.
Season 1: Interesting with the feeling that there was an attempt at genuine impartiality in order to determine facts of the situation and a look at both sides. Generally I feel this is due to being indecisive about the situation and, therefore, couldn’t proceed from a biased standpoint. Season 2: I couldn’t stomach this right now. As the spouse of a medically retired Veteran, I just couldn’t. Perhaps I will try again in the future. Season 3: Biased. I stopped at the point where she was trying to advocate for one side of a story to be taken seriously while scoffing at another person’s concerns only moments earlier. Disappointing. A genuine look does need to be taken where our justice system is concerned, but proceeding from a confirmation bias standpoint will not get us there.
Engrossing, well-reported, and absolutely enraging
NE Steph in SoCal
At episode six, and it’s just more and more enraging. How can such injustice continue with impunity? (Anyone giving bad ratings likely has an agenda...)
Love the no frills approach to this podcast. The narrator is as good as they get and her voice is mesmerizing.
Just wasted 10 hours of my life
The podcast has no definite end and is a waste of time and brain power.
Unremarkable in every way
Listing to all (3) seasons has been mind blowing, addictive, and very informative. The presenters are very well spoken, in tune with the dialogue, their subjects, and relay the stories in an in-depth manner. You can tell there is a real sense of their commitment to the story and the truth behind those stories. Investigative Journalism at its BEST! Can’t wait for the next season and job very well done to all those who made the program possible. Much thanks!
Sad, scary, complex
Hooked to Season 1
Sarah narrates it brilliantly. Very interesting podcast about Adnan. Why did Adnan leave his new phone which was just bought a few couple of days ago. Why did Adnan leave his car with Jay that day? If Jay was behind the murder, why would Adnan roam with Jay and appear at Cathy’s home that evening? It looks suspicious.
Must listen!
I absolutely love this podcast! I have listened to all of season 1 and 2 and it’s absolutely remarkable to hear the things they uncover and discover as journalists. I feel the need to remark on some negative reviews. It’s not supposed to have an ending, it’s real life and they are giving you all the info for YOU to make a decision for yourself, which is still difficult. That’s the point I think though, to make us THINK, not just make a decision about something going on in our society, it’s deeper than that. I love the narrator, can’t wait to hear more!
Very hard to pay attention
I often heard other true crime podcasts recommend Serial so I put it in my queue. Boy was season 1 torturous. There was to much of the narrating repeating what others said verus recordings of what they said so most of every episode was pretty much exclusively the narrator speaking. It was hard to connect on a personal level to follow the story and find out the truth. It wasn't very engaging. I got 2 episodes into Season 2 and realized I didn't want to waste my time or energy trying to follow the stories. Not even going to give Season 3 a chance.
He’s lying
So as I listen the second time episode 1 he says Jay would come pick him up they would eat then smoke, no way any stoner knows you smoke then eat. It’s facts.
Very interesting look at our justice system.
Thank You For Translating The Criminal Justice System
Sara and the Serial team did a great job of translating the racial injustice of the criminal justice system for a group of people who the flaws of this system does not and will not affect.
Very interesting, learned a lot about the justice system
Going from interesting to biased in 3 seasons
Season 1 was riveting and original. Season 2 was biased and a re run of a story already told. How can you possibly defend Beau Bergdal? Season 3 was bashing Cleveland’s justice system. Really? Go to NY, Chi, LA and you’ll find worse times 10.
Season One is Good
What's Nathan Doing?
I was recommended this podcast from a friend. Season one follows one case and gives an unbiased discussion of the events in the case. It was interesting and informative. The discussion goes from he is innocent to guilty to not sure. Season 2 was okay. I couldn’t connect with it and it was boring at times. It didn’t have the hook that season one had and didn’t follow the style that season one had. It gets point for not trying to copy season one but ultimately not a recommendation. Season three tackles the criminal justice in one city. It jumps around a little with the cases but does not have the personal touch that seasons one did. It was interesting to see the workings of the criminal justice system behind the scenes. It is better than season 2.
Hands down——Best Podcast!!! ❤️. Love it!
Every season is a homerun. I hope Sara never retires!
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