What happened?
Dar Nell
This was a great show and somehow it because a one on one interview show. I’m confused about the sudden change of direction on this show. Not a fan of this latest season.
Stop the republishing
Dear @gimlet and @spotify: do you plan to ever release original content here again that isn’t a cross-publish from Without Fail? Used to love this. And I miss it. But I’m frustrated having to delete all the duplicate content that I already heard on Without Fail. If you don’t have anything new to add for Startup, then just put it on pause or let people know you are no longer producing content under this banner.
What happened to Startup?
The feed has been hijacked for "Without Fail". If I wanted to listen to "Without Fail", I would subscribe to that feed. Unsubscribed.
Gone to trash
Mick Fishbaum
What was one of my favorite podcasts has become a lazy, uninspired interview show. But go back and listen to the first few seasons. They were fantastic.
What happened to startup
Startup started as a 5 star podcast, down to 4 when Alex handed over, 3 stars for church planting season, 2 stars for the school thing, and now it’s just reruns of episodes I’ve already listened to on other shows. In the mean time gimlet grew and was sold for $400m, really big missed opportunity to document that process
Annoying without fail
One episode (or two) to promote a new show, I can understand. Hijacking a podcast feed to push it out there? Terrible form. Am joining the list of unsubscribers for now.
Talk About Spotify Transition
A fan until recently
What I want to hear about is the decision to sell to Spotify and how it’s going. How did that decision get made? How do your partners and employees and hosts feel? Have Naz weigh in. How do you feel about it, Alex? Is it changing the process of making Gimlet podcasts? You know what I miss? I STARTUP! Seems like a real missed opportunity.
Used to be good, now Alex talks to rich people
Listener 2013
Since getting bought by Spotify, the Gimlet team is now ultra wealthy. That’s good news for them and they deserve it. But now they just talk to rich people on this podcast, like Guy Raz does on his podcasts. Rich people are boring as a rule. They should talk to interesting people going through real struggles, like they did originally.
Unsubscribing for now
Please listen to what the reviewers are saying and stop playing the Without Fail podcast where the Startup podcast should be. It’s bad form. I’m unsubscribing for now but will check back and will resubscribe if I see Startup is back with a new season. I love that show.
Unsubscribing from Without Fail
Been listening to StartUp from the get go. Normally, I love when podcasts drop a trailer or pilot of a new different show into their feed as a chance to try something new, but this is just getting out of hand with respect to Without Fail. I didn’t subscribe to Without Fail for a reason when you dropped the pilot. So, unsubscribing and deleting for now. Maybe I’ll come back in a year and see if this insanity has stopped.
Where’s my StartUp podcast?
This show is turning into “How I built this”. I want the emotional rollercoaster of building a company while diving headfirst into heartache and misery.
Start Up and Without Fail are both great shows...
Be Mo
...but it’s annoying to have WF episodes in the Start Up feed too.
Continues to cross post Without Fail
I love both The Pitch and Without Fail, but it’s a terrible user experience to keep reposting Without Fail episodes in this feed (and with different episode titles). Seems the only way to fix the problem is to unsubscribe from Without Fail.
What happened?
This used to be a great podcast about business startups. It has veered way off path and I rarely listen to it anymore.
Without fail 2.0
Bob the bob untaken name
I like and subscribe to without fail but I don’t want to twice
Is it Without Fail now?
StartUp is great. Without Fail is not so great (not into interview shows). Please stop turning this into a Without Fail feed. One preview episode I can deal with. I don’t want to listen to Without Fail.
Used to be great.
Fausto Morales
It used to be a great podcast with long-form stories of the origins companies, organizations, etc. Now it's a repost of episodes from "Without Fail."
This has just become a “Without Fail” feed
Matthew 9:38
I was a huge fan until it became a feed to repost episodes of a lackluster interview show. Come on, Gimlet!
Tomas Reg
Used to be great. In the beginning the show chronicled the rise of gimlet media. Over the years they seems to have forgot what the podcast was actually about. At this point they interview random people. Not a fan anymore.
Used to be good, but no longer
I used to enjoy this podcast when it was frequently updated, but now it just seems to host reposted content from Without Fail and other Gimlet shows. They also seem to be avoiding discussion of their recent purchase of Gimlet by Spotify. It seems that the era of "radical transparency" at Gimlet are over.
Startup podcast
I’m really disappointed ( and bored) by the latest startup episodes. I feel angry at Alex for suddenly deciding celebrity types are more interesting than the rest of us. It’s happening with “Death, Sex, and Money” too. Do you need to interview celebs to keep investors happy? But it is SO BORING. Celebrity crap is EVERYWHERE. All those wonderful seasons about people who are not in People Magazine. Stop it. How about a podcast about people interested in earning a living ( not becoming a multi - millionaire) creating something meaningful. Do those people exist anymore?
Stop porting Without Fail into Start Up
I am subscribed to both and it’s a terrible experience to have to listen to the beginning of an episode to determine I’ve already heard it because it’s in the wrong feed. Why are you doing this?
Without Fail Again?
Carrots grow in the ground
This is the fourth or fifth time “Startup” has just been Without Fail with no explanation or info about the new season. What’s going on?
Not a fan of the new show
Chronicalling a start up business was awesome. New format is interesting but its not a show about startups. And its the exact same as without fail
“Alex talks” format?
I really enjoyed the original format of the Startup in which a startup was followed along during its development. Not only was it informative and interesting but i could get emotionally invested in the founders to some degree Sadly, it now feels like an entirely different podcast and I don’t really feel a need to have another interview show in my feed.
A completely different show (literally)
Doc Pop
A few months ago they started playing episodes of some other Gimlet show in this feed. I thought it was just going to be one or two, but it seems like they've totally replaced the StartUp Podcast with some other show, which is a shame.
Que viva puertorico!!!
3/30/19, Great podcasts content on all levels! Alex should probably do a up to the HBO Doc series on ADNAN Syed and contact the cold case and re-rest the DNA. Today it came out that it’s not his dna after being re-tested. Okay, well who’s dna is it. Maybe go the route the retired forensic detective did? Would make great content on a true story!
I love these podcasts
So informative, honest and just captivating. So happy I stumbled upon them.
Stop Union Busting
Gimlet, you are no longer the company that you were in season 1 of this podcast. Your employees want to unionize but you and your Spotify corporate bosses are union busting. Stop, please! Respect your employees!
Transparent, personal, and humble.
This podcast has been somewhat emotional for me. It’s just crazy tense sometimes! Like when he has a bad go with an investor and then calls his wife. You can hear the disappointment in his voice and you can tell the wife wants to comfort him but doesn’t know what to say. You feel that in the podcast. Or later when he has the awkward conversation about equity with a partner. Then you hear the conversations with their wives that night when the go separate ways. It’s really incredible. We kind of know how the story ends, because clearly we’re listening to the podcast. But the story is still very thrilling and shocking.
I have no idea why I didn’t know about this show when it started, but I’ve been binge listening for the last few weeks now and LOVE it—especially the Gimlet updates/episodes. Every Gimlet episode has hit a note that is so pitch perfect. Thank you for making it. P.s. really, really, really hoping for a final podcast or two about the “exit strategy” realization!
I love that there is another podcast from Gimlet that I can binge! I am enjoying the charter school series now. Researched very well, and excellent reporting. Keep up the great work!!
Losing faith
The format of this podcast WAS great. Learned a lot about the pains and struggles of the entrepreneurial way. I think now it’s just becoming less interesting to tune in to a gimlet podcast because they recycle episodes between shows. Making your content go a long way I suppose. But is this start up or without fail or?
Good Stuff
Start with season 1, it is excellent. The seasons where they follow one company for many episodes are the ones worth listening to.
Love it!
This is such a great show. I've listened to all of the seasons. Such great storytelling. The most recent season about Success Academy was fantastic - almost like a much longer 60 minutes report. This show makes my commute enjoyable rather than a drag.
Groupon PT 2??
Am I missing something, or is the Groupon part 2 episode (part 1 posted Oct 5 2018) missing from apple podcasts? Maybe I am just blind...?? Anyway, love the show!
Loved almost famous
freen eggs and ham
Well edited and produced podcast where the subjects are really stars of the show!
Interesting but ignorant
The Success Academy season is interesting but pretty ignorant about public education. For example, Chao talks about how scrapping the curriculum was typical of a startup; this happens in traditional public schools all over the place. There are other examples too: I don’t know any principals who don’t work 12+ hour days and have high expectations for their teachers and students. In other words, this piece is missing some basic research and is biased because it is viewing this school as a startup and not as a school. I think there is a story to be told about some charter organizations, but please make it less biased and better researched.
Great podcast
Startup is always the first podcast I listen to in the morning. Great job!
Too many ads
Out of all of the major podcast networks, Gimlet has by far the most ads in their podcasts and it keeps getting worse. Most of the episodes in the most recent season of StartUp had several two minute ad breaks during the middle of them, in addition to there being several ads at the beginning and at the end of each episode. There are a lot of great podcasts that only have a minimal amount of ads in them, including Slate's podcasts. Gimlet really needs to do something about this, and I'm sure most listeners skip ahead past the ads anyways when the ad breaks are that long.
Love Love Love Start Up
This is the first podcast I ever listened to compleatly. I heard about podcasts and decided to give them a try, so I started looking for some but never seemed to finish them until I ran into this one. I loved the name and starting my own business I decided to give it a shot and OMG i'm addicted! ive been listening for almost a year now and when I was all cought up I had to listen to more of the Gimlet shows (Without Fail is GREAT too). Ive read the reviews and I would have to disagree with many of the negative ones. Why becasue yes I agree the podcast has changed a lot but hey what can we expect it's part of the whole journey of starting a business! This is why this poscast is so good its given us everything from successes and failures but many other companies too. My point is for like someone like me that is starting my own business there has been a lot to learn. This podcast had opened my eyes in many perspecives and given me so many things to think about that hadn't even crossed my mind when I started my business. it doesn't matter if its Alex's confusions and sleepless nights or having his wife join Gimlet, to Dov Charney, or even now with the Success Academy there isn't something to learn or take into perspective to make you see things in a better or different way for your bussines. So for all you’ve tought me THANK YOU ALEX BLUMBERG! You're doing an amazing job!
Start Up: Success Academy
A. Hernz
The reporting on Success Academy should win an award. Gosh, I was happy, angry, sad, hopeless, and hopeful all through this podcast. You guys handled this story amazingly! Kudos.
The vocal fry is KILLING ME
I've listened to Startup since the Alex Blumberg days. It was, in the past, one of my favorite podcasts. I tend to agree with those who say it has lost its way. But what is bringing me to the brink of not being able to listen anymore is the host, Lisa's, vocal fry. Just listen whenever she says "slash, Startup" on any of the ads. Like nails on a chalkboard. And she doesn't HAVE to do it -- listen to the "extraordinaries on the mike" (such a humble title!) episode where she's asked about advice she would give to her younger self. She makes it through almost her entire answer with NO vocal fry. Somehow she has adopted it as part of her "podcaster" style, and it is grating to the poin that I can hardly listen.
Great Insight Into Success Academy!
My daughter attended Success and she loved it.. so did we. And I appreciate the transparency in speaking on Eva's mission and struggles with getting Success off the ground, as well as the drawbacks of the Charter school's effect on the public school system. An eye opener for me and a great season so far! I didn't give it 3 stars because, well, it's a great season. And it didn't get five because did episode 2 reeeaally need to have explicit language? It's like.. there should be a clean option for that episode so I can play this everywhere ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Ads too long
Emily 🕊💗🌹✨
I love the show but these two minute long ad walls are obnoxious and getting more frequent. Lately it doesn’t feel worth it to sit through a whole episode.
Success academy
As a white parent of children that go to an inner city school in Nashville i found it compelling listening to the strategy that Success uses to help students achieve incredible goals that the government has set for its standards. It is incredibly to hear the dedication and rigor that the academy has to its student population. Obviously, I am incredibly privileged to send my children to a top preforming public elementary school in our city but i still see water down curriculum for the low income students in our school. Just like some can handle the pressure of being top performing doctors and can get into Ivy League schools some can handle Success Academy. That’s the beauty of the world. Some people choose high stress environments in which to work. Other people choose environment that are conducive to their pace. Academics should be the same. I could send my children to a very rigorous academic school but we choose to give them diversity. It’s hard at times to expose my children to the chaos that can ensue in the classrooms. I question every week if we are in the right place. But, i want my kids to experience the diversity. I do not think that there is a one size fits all. Every person has different tolerance levels. Every family has to make their choice. That is the absolute beauty of America. If you work really hard and choose a more stressful environment you will probably achieve more and be rewarded for that sacrifice. But if you choose to go at a slower pace you probably won’t reap the academic rewards as much but you will reap the social emotional rewards. Thee is always a trade off. You cannot have it all. That is ok. Life is not fair and not always equal on every level.
Journalism done right
I am totally hooked on this topic of Success Academy. I stumbled on this podcast when listening to The Habitat and do glad I did. I really enjoy the journalism and dedication to telling the whole story surrounding a complicated issue in education. Anyone that has kids or has been in school at some point will find these episodes fascinating. Well done.
What a disappointment
The Tiff
So far, this series on Success is such a disappointment.
Error prone editorial clouds great story
Actual User in San Diego
They start with such a horrible premise. Because people are poor their schools are horrible. This is totally false. The reason these schools are horrible is because the majority of the families are broken and chaotic and that is reflected in the kids. So the schools rather than teach have to end up being parents or police. The reason a place like success academy works better than public schools is because they don’t have to tolerate kids or parents that are disruptive or lack motivation. This is unfortunate for those minority households that are good if they get stuck in a public school. Plus the stupid unions prevent bad teachers from being fired. I really dislike how Gimlet has become a political ideological podcast platform, particularly when their ideology is totally wrong and is solely opinion based.
StartUp Success Academies season is fascinating
The new Success Academies season is fantastic. When I update my podcast feed StartUp is the one I am always hoping has a new episode out. The reporters are so fair to all sides, and have an ear for insightful quotes. There will be little segments that go without comment -- for example, a standardized exam pep rally at Barclay's Center -- that just leave you with your jaw dropped. Can't recomment this season enough. ---- My 2016 review: Every season of StartUp has been great, but especially this current one on Dov Charney. The investigations into sexual harassment claims go far beyond anything you could imagine. It is amazing that he was able to behave as he did and be head of a huge company for so long. Lisa Chow and her team have done incredible reporting, uncovering new extremely detailed allegations. StartUp is by far my favorite podcast.
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