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Thank you so much for this podcast. Much love. This has opened my eyes and my spirit.
Prayer Podcast
This podcast(s) was recommended to me, I truly enjoy Rob Bell, and Richard Rohr. The comments about Franklin Graham (serial murder/killer) completely uncalled for, disrespectful. Great podcast until that uncalled for comment, and I’m JV Catholic (Methodist). Best wishes, un-subscribing.
Incredibly intimate and moving.
Thank you for this show. I feel like every episode I listen to brings me to tears at some point when I hear the love in your voices as you speak to one another. It draws out a deep longing in me for that same well of empathy and for friends who understand my faith (or lack thereof) and the journey my understanding of God is taking me on. You are beautiful lights in this world. Thank you.
Clark jensen
Science mike missed the point of the abortion debate by claiming science leaves him undecided about the personhood of a fetus. And the others join and muddy the water. It’s pretty simple... the reason that killing an adult is considered wrong is because you are denying all future experiences that person would have had. It is the same for the unborn, even if future experience includes “personhood” and “consciousness”. The podcast retreats from providing clarity on important issues.
Many thanks ♥️
Thank you for everything y’all speak on. You have helped me understand my atheist son better, educated me on things I had no clue about and stretched my heart to love the marginalized even more. Appreciate your podcast and works so much. Jennifer Whitford Houston “hot as hell”, Texas
This is my favorite podcast. I’ll admit- if you believe conservative Christian ideology, I could see how you wouldn’t vibe with this at all. As someone who dually believes in God and science, and enjoys to think about things from multiple perspectives- this podcast is fantastic.
Authentic and True
Jonathan Trigg
My favorite thing about this podcast is everyone’s authenticity. I feel I can trust the authenticity because of all the voices you give your platform too. I believe you speak your truth’s and allow all participants to speak theirs and a byproduct of this combination is belonging for me. I then got to experience this authenticity and truth at a Kin|Men retreat. Grateful for this belonging
Engaging dialogue for the searching
b hem
I found this podcast via a Science Mike interview with Jen Hatmaker and have been binge listening ever since. It helps me think through my belief systems, challenges me to go deeper, and just adds discussion on things I didn’t know I needed to talk about.
Opened my heart to spirituality again
The episode on spiritual trauma is one that I have returned to numerous times. After waking up to the fact that I was in a spiritually abusive situation, I decided to leave the church community I had once considered my home, but for a long while I closed my heart to God and everything religious/spiritual/mystical because I was in so much pain. Having that time away was necessary, but after two years of that I landed upon this podcast. The spiritual trauma episode made me feel seen and understood in an area I felt a lot of shame for. I even bought Theresa Pasquale’s book “sacred wounds.” I am also grateful for the ongoing conversation around deconstruction, inclusivity, diversity, and dismantling patriarchy. This podcast certain lot played a role in helping me embrace all of me. Thank you to everyone who brings this show to fruition.
Zero Stars
A lot of the content of this podcast is deceptive and not filled with faith. I have friends who enjoy this podcast, but I just can’t vibe with it. It is a lot of carnal head knowledge and seems to not have a whole lot of relevant wisdom, revelation, and true knowledge of YHVH.
Great Discussion
Faith is the leap that God is Good, and we are all part of the Universal Christ. As Merton said we are joining the General Dance and these poscast enable the and invite us to the General Dance
Can’t put into words - which is okay 😂
I can’t put into words how much this group of people means to me. I’ve discovered that the more I learn about “God”, the less I understand. Based on how he spoke, I think Yeshua was totally okay with people not understanding. He himself questioned God in the garden of Gethsemane. What you guys have goin on here - this is embodying what Yeshua did. 👏✊
Much Love!
Roger Messner
I see that some people are taking the time to spread hate about the Liturgists and I felt it was only worth it to bring some balance. The Liturgists are not for everyone. And it’s ok. For those of us that it does work for it is a much needed life line and “community” after the loss of community and life we once believed to have in the American Fundamentalist Evangelical Nationalistic church. For the haters...you have no idea where us Liturgists are or what we have gone through. If your certain works for you I don’t begrudge you. And trust in your sovereignty of God that our perspectives are of no threat to your faith or to your understanding of God. It’s gonna be ok. Breathe. There are still plenty of places for you to pursue your faith.
It’s one thing to question your own faith. It’s an entirely different thing to spread this garbage content to thousands of listeners and portray it as fact. These guys need to speak with counselors and mentors, and get out of the pulpit in the meantime.
I found my people!
Thank you for giving me a voice. This is God’s work.
such podcast very wow
Nuff said
Thanks for the reminder of how beautiful Jesus is
Climate Change Religion
So great all the content related to deconstructing a worldview and navigating a post-evangelical world. Then I heard the alien robot teaser episode. Scary! Why would I trade one evangelistic coercive religion for another one? I’m hearing “how do we convince all our listeners to adopt a new government, pay 20 percent MORE of our income to said government, and your children will all die if you don’t do this. Oh and by the way you are also all ignorant AND excluded (read shunned) if you don’t read the science like we do. It’s so obviously black and white.” Sounds so familiar to my evangelical church upbringing- swap government for church and bible for science. Deconstructing one restrictive world view to reconstruct another of the same is not ideal.
Just so grateful
Started listening to podcasts in 2014 or 2015. The Liturgists was one I happened upon. I’ve been a patron for a few months? A year? (I’m an enneagram 7w8, I do a lot lol - it’s all off and on). But I HAD to write a review today. Just finished the “God Question” episode. All the feels!! Science Mike & Mike G & Hillary & William make themselves so vulnerable - it just makes me love them so much. I read a couple reviews (enneagram 7 - just a couple - don’t have much time here) & that said something about “mockery” and “sarcasm” hmmm. Maybe? But I’ve never heard them use mockery or sarcasm maliciously. Maybe the people who heard it that way were new listeners - cuz when any of them laugh about evangelicals and former ways of believing, they usually are laughing at themselves. I was TOLD what to believe growing up evangelical. And I believed as hard as I could. Till I couldn’t. I feel love when I listen to the podcasts & the patron episodes. They lay themselves bare. And I appreciate it so much.
Slightly prideful Ted radio hour copy
I heard Michael Gungor talk about his deconstruction of faith on another podcast which made me interested to hear this podcast. I was immediately turned off by the tone both he and Mike take which at many points feels cocky and condemning of anyone who has any sort of firmness to their beliefs. Also the format particularly of the mysticism episode is a blatant rip off of an NPR Ted radio hour. Soft spoken contemplative narration laid over soft emotional pianoscapes :/ be alittle more original guys.
I came to the podcast because I too have been confused and disappointed at what was taught in the church. However, it is clear that the speakers have found some sort of empty comfort in pride. The speakers do not come across as humble seekers but as prideful “teachers” with a subtle tone of mockery to anything “traditional”. It’s okay to be lost but I don’t want to settle with lost and full of myself.
A community of thinkers
Wow am I lucky to have stumbled across this podcast. I am currently attending a Christian college where lines are being drawn in the sand about my faith in one theology class while those same lines are being tested in another (adding to this I am a psychology major) so I feel I am being stretched this way and that on a daily basis. I have been struggling to maintain my Christian faith while learning more about human nature, orthodox doctrine and scientific contradictions to the literal reading of scripture... this podcast has been a place for me to come when I know the rest of my world does not understand. I am allowed to be a Christian here while also exploring new ways of thinking and challenging the rigid theological structures I grew up in. This podcast is beautiful and I would feel alone without it.
Vulnerable goodness
señorita Daniela #Memphis
Tough to listen to; yet beautiful and healing. Like laying in a river and letting the waters flow over you. Leaving you with a sensation of safety and quiet, calm hope.
Great show
Aha moments - Rohr episodes
Kat Lysk
Rohr just explained what didn't seem right about the original sin story I heard in jr high at my Presbyterian church. “God in his perfection couldn’t be around sin so he had to send his son Jesus.” God’s hand was forced by Adam? No. God is inclusive. The Bible is an original creation story, not an original sin story. A restoration story. Not a heaven or hell story. A love story.
Top two resource for moving forward in my faith during/after deconstruction
I am a recovering white evangelical if you will. Mike, Mike, Will, and Hillary are amazing story tellers/philosophers/friends. I have listened to all their episodes at least twice and some of them half a dozen times because they offer me new ways to think about a faith tradition by which I feel betrayed and it gives me hope as I seek to move through deconstructed Christianity to reconstructed Christianity. I have so much gratitude. I’m quite frugal but I do support these guys on Patreon. I feel like they deserve my tithe money as much as my church does. Also, you should also support them on patreon because the meditations on their bonus podcast, Liturgist Conversations/Alien and the Robot, are also top notch. Thank you especially to Hillary for the healing that your meditations have brought to me.
Life giving
Ex-Mormon Doc
I really needed the lift after losing the religion of my childhood. Thank you for creating a community of loving, inclusive people
Beautiful Beings
Great podcast with varying subjects that are important for anyone. I love the inclusivity and their insight. I especially enjoyed the podcasts on Buddhism the approach taken was a great one for those who have come from a different religious or non religious background. Interviewing leaders of different faiths/Life philosophies is a great thing for this podcast to do because of the open and researched approach the liturgists take.
I see Christ
When reading the more negative reviews I can't help but be reminded of the criticisms Christ received from the religous when he reached out to the poor and oppressed around him. So it only makes sense that the hosts of this show who, to me, are Christ reaching out to those who have been oppressed by the church, are being criticized by the religious. Some of the discussions being had here are likely to cause discomfort because the discussions are full of people being vulnerable with their emotions and beliefs/perspectives. Maybe that's Michael being real with how his faith journey has caused cynicism. But I'm grateful for him being honest with that because there's many of us who are experiencing cynicism towards the church and he is showing us a way out of that and offering us a voice when we have no other that says 'yeah, I see why you feel this way, I understand.' and for many of us there's no where else for us to get that. Had he hid that cynicism when producing these podcasts than I would still be feeling alone and I would have no one in my life to show me the way of Christ offering grace and mercy and forgiveness to those who'm I needed to offer that to. If you're someone who feels like the Church has left you as an outsider who doesn't belong whether that be for your sexuality, your questions, doubts, or whatever. The hosts and Us, The Liturgists, will be holding a door open for you because we see that you are enough and perfect just as you are.
Safe Deconstruction
As a “millennial pastor” who’s trying to figure out if this call to love God/people really is with the church instead of without, this podcast is a great way to find new voices and practices of deconstruction and reconstruction. I’m thankful for this example of radical love, of being able to identify where I’ve not been fully loving to the world around me, and the ability to utilize new language in life-giving ways. Much thanks friends ❤️ PS I’ve really loved the Buddhist podcasts, I’m sorry they’re not being received as well as hoped!!!
Good ‘n noisy
The content is rad, the hosts are thoughtful, and reviews from friends are glowing. Personally, I have not yet made it five minutes into an episode. My one track mind that insists on no talking during a movie cannot seem to absorb anything while the overlaying music insists upon my ears. Now, I love a good soundtrack and I would happily listen to it separate from the podcast and the podcast separate from it if only that were an option.
The Truth Rises to the Top
Thank you for your honest approach to discussing the biggest questions we have all had regarding our Christian beliefs. I have been listening over the last year and have probably listened to all of your podcasts at least twice. I listen to many others and always can’t wait to get back to yours. You have given all believers a forum for having doubts about what we were taught and finding out that all of us have doubts at times. My God is mighty but I don’t pretend to know what that really means or what lies after this life. Please keep this going! It’s a lifesaver.
It's good
I'm the Lead Pastor of an Evangelical church and there is one word that describes this podcast. Frustrating. 99.9% of the podcast is post-modernist mumbo-jumbo. And for that reason alone it is a podcast that I recommend to ever pastor that gets into the discussion of "what podcasts do you listen to?" It is very good in that it brings up a perspective that needs to be understood in the church. They do tend to fall in hyperbole in discussing opposing or different worldviews as theirs. This is the greatest criticism of the podcast. non-progressive views are almost always laughed at. It tends to classify the term "Christian" and being identified as such in the camp of conservative evangelical Christianity. Which leads them to fall into saying things like "I don't identify as a Christian." Which is the greatest downfall of post-modern thinking. What needs to happen, and would be great, is if they moved towards the re-definition of terms to truly capture the true essence of what it means to be a Chrsitian.
This podcast has been one of my best friends for years now. The unique warmth of the hosts, their own willingness to grow and promote change, and their honesty in sharing their own journeys - all to practice love in the world and improve/promote connection with others gives me joy and hope and motivation to do the same.
No respect for my ears
If this podcast would be a five out of five if they would tone done the interjections. There is no volume regulation and I found my self jerking the headphones from my ears and changing my volume through out the episode.
Take off your blinders
I hear your dislike for Trump and many of the things he is doings. I feel your dislike for him borders on hate, prejudice, and bigotry. You are becoming what you are decrying. Trump’s misuse of the privilege of power is not new. Did you keep your eyes closed during the eight years Obama misused his privilege and his abuse of the American people. Then there is Bush and the Clintons. You demonize Trump and throw gasoline on the fires of fear we listeners have. We’re tired of hearing this crap. Lead us in a positive direction. Be the change. Lead the change. You are better than this!
growing and learning
It has been great to see the ways that this podcast is growing continuously and opening up about all kinds of issues. I would love to hear more queer voices on the podcast beyond just for the LGBT podcast.
Science Mike
c.s lawson
He says that he just wants to understand other people which I respect, but it seems like a phrase he’s just using to improve his image. I believe science is an important aspect of the world God created, but I firmly believe that the creator has the answers for what He created. It wasn’t science that created God and has the answers for Him and what He created. That being said, I think that understanding God on a spiritual level takes presidency over a scientific understanding of what God created and why. When it comes to sex, we should look to God for the answer, not scientific history.
I LOVE this podcast
I’ve been a fan for years. Be sure to listen to the ones in the beginning of the feed if you’re just starting out. The one on race and LGBTQ issues were amazing. I share them all the time! Love how the crew openly discusses how spirituality intersects with all areas of life. Keep up the amazing work! When I finally have a steady job post-grad, I will definitely join the ranks of your patrons on patreon.
Fantastic podcast! You will learn so much about yourself and the world. This podcast will break you out of the echo chamber and comfort zone of sameness. Now I’m warning you. You’ll have to think when you listen to The Liturgist but I believe you will enjoy the challenge. You guys are my hero’s! (Especially Science Mike) Can wait for you to make it to Birmingham Alabama.
Mr. Andrew James Weber
Sound is up and down. YOUR A MUSICIAN! love this thing. Thank you
Closed minded and arrogant
These folks are “woke” and know it. Their disdain for traditional Christian doctrine is cringeworthy. I have no clue why they consider this a Christian podcast? The hosts are mostly interested in listening to their own echo chamber of progressive liberal ideologies and knocking the Bible. If you are interested in new age material, this is for you. If you want to learn more the Bible and Jesus then this is emphatically not for you.
A little disappointed
As someone hungry for more honest talk from spiritual people about spiritual matters, I was disappointed by the cynicism present in most of the discussions. When many are looking for an empathetic and thoughtful outlet, it seems that some of the contributors here are too flippant and are suspicious of everything supernatural. For me, it was more of a biased discussion and less of a introspective experience. There seemed to be some shame projected through humor on those who found certain charismatic experiences relevant. It kinda bummed me out.
Prince of Oeace
Listening to Richard Rohr’s wonderful wisdom, I regret the lack of knowledge of the Episcopal Church (what my daughter calls “Catholic lite!”). One gets all the beautiful music, traditions, and liturgy, without what is being referred to here as all the “childish” stuff one has to go through to join Roman Catholicism. There is an openness and freedom in the Christianity I find here as I try to be a Christian which I have scarcely even heard as ever available in anyone’s lives on this Podcast. That has made me sad. For me growing up an American Baptist and now an Episcopalian, the answer to the question “Are you a Christian?” was never yes or no, but “I try to be.” I’m glad to hear Richard Rogers give this Podcast a different take beyond the Evangelical “Christianity” of American culture today. But Christianity means at base, following the One who had a heart for the poor, told us to love each other, and was somehow God come down.
Articulate and poetic, but substantially pretty flakey. I’m not even sure why these two talking heads would even want to host a show about “christianity” when they have so much obvious contempt for the faith it’s self... if you hate Christianity but still want to call yourself Christian... or if you need validation for your anger, this is definitely the show for you! This is 2 Timothy 4:3 in the flesh. Postmodern psychobabble.
Just starting to love the liturgists! (Especially Christian)
Claire O Moore
This is probably my favorite podcast. I am eager to share this with so many people in my life. So relatable and redemptive in its humility! Also, hilarious! In part three of Christian, I was struck by what was being described (I believe by Lisa), that feeling of desiring a rhythm that exists in the Christian walk. This was so interesting to me because it was as if she was describing longing for a more apparent, innate cultural rhythm which to me has always been something I felt I lacked growing up in a white, middle class, American family. Perhaps this struggle to let go of religiosity all together is also because we desire default traditions which are less present in our American culture?
I'd Love to Be Interviewed on This Show!
I check into this podcast from time to time because I think the conversations being had are super interesting for those asking questions about the Christian faith. I disagree with much of the perspective of the hosts, however I resonate with the experiences they have been through in the church and so I enjoy listening and hearing views different than mine. If ever there was an interest in interviewing a listener from a different viewpoint on what to do with faith and doubt, I would love to jump in!
Excellent, but please stop calling us “queer people”
This podcast has helped me so much these past few years as I continue to struggle with my faith. It’s humorous, non-judgmental, and deeply moving. My only trouble with the podcast is your usage of the word “queer” to describe LGBT people. I am a lesbian and the word holds much anguish and discomfort. It is still used against us and many of us are uncomfortable with it. You are straight and the slur is not yours to reclaim. We are LGBT people, please call us that instead of a homophobic/transphobic slur. On another note, thank you so much for your work. I continue to enjoy this podcast.
Enjoying so far...
Dan Valcich
In the past month, I’ve listened to all the episodes up to mid-January 2017, so far. I’ve really enjoyed this unique and thought-provoking podcast. I’m hoping as I continue listening that Science Mike will recognize that manipulation is not a virtuous skill, but a prideful ignorance. God is love. There is no such thing as loving manipulation. Unconditionally loving another person requires that you listen with no agenda, not that you assume you are more evolved and need to change them. That aspect of this podcast makes me cringe, and may eventually drive me away. However, I think that Michael and Science Mike are sincere in their spiritual journey, and they will continue to mature and grow. I just don’t know how many episodes showcasing their pride and righteousness that I’ll have the patience to listen to. I still have a year and a half of episodes to catch up, hopefully I’ll hear the maturity I’m hoping for as I catch up.
The Liturgists is a place of belonging for those of us skeptical, burnt out on evangelical Christianity, and longing for a place of open and honest discussion. There’s so much more to this podcast, it is healing and hopeful.
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