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198: How to Be Green Enough & Avoid the Worst Offenders in Your Home With Leah Segedie

October 22, 2018
58 min

How to Be Green Enough and Avoid the Worst Offenders In Your Home with Leah Segedie

We’ve talked a lot about how to avoid chemicals at home and basically how to make home a safer place for our kids and families. It’s a worthy goal but it’s easy to get overwhelmed when it starts to sound like everything from air to water to candles to carpet is dangerous.

That’s why I love Leah Segedie, my guest today and author of the book Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier — All Without Driving Your Family Crazy. That title is right on the money and something all of us moms are trying to do.

Leah is a food activist and the founder of the Mamavation Community, which teaches moms like us healthy living practices to combat disease starting in the home. Her ultimate goal is to make healthy living easy to put into practice, without living in a bubble or spending thousands on expensive products. She’s always a blast to talk to and I’m looking forward to comparing notes!

Episode Highlights: Green Enough With Leah Segedie

  • the biggest source of hormone-disrupting BPA and how to avoid it (p.s. it’s not canned goods)

  • three basic things to avoid inside your home, period

  • the no-cost way to reduce chemical exposure inside your home

  • how to find balance in the quest to have a healthy family

  • the ways fire retardants cause damage rather than prevent it

  • which plastics are the least harmful, and which to always avoid

  • why you should throw out every kitchen utensil made with black plastic

  • the places phthalates are hiding in your home

  • problems with tampons (and what to use instead)

  • and more!

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