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96: Using Natural and Traditional Medicine to Fix the Gut Microbiome with Dr. Ken Brown

August 7, 2017
52 min

Using Natural and Traditional Medicine to Fix the Microbiome with Dr. Ken Brown

I may be a “Wellness Mama” but I’m certainly not a doctor, so I’m always happy to have one on the show! Dr. Ken Brown is a practicing gastroenterologist and expert on the issue my readers ask about most often: gut health. (Or more precisely, the lack thereof … )

Enter Dr. Ken Brown. In 2015 he created Atrantíl (pronounced “Ah-tran-TEAL”), a targeted and clinically studied natural supplement that addresses SIBO, IBS, leaky gut, and other digestive problems.

We’ve had a little experience with how tough it can be to rehabilitate gut health from my husband’s bout with SIBO post-surgery (more about that in the podcast). I can’t wait to find out more about this treatment option and hear Dr. Ken’s protocol for healing the gut.

A Prescription for Good Gut Health from Dr. Ken Brown

Dr. Ken shared with me the shocking statistic that 20% of the general population today suffers from IBS. Add to this other gut conditions like Leaky Gut Syndrome, SIBO, Crohn’s, and all the digestive complaints that haven’t been diagnosed and are truly uncomfortable.

But it’s not just comfort that’s at stake. Dr. Ken kicks off our conversation with a statement that couldn’t be more true:

a) All heath begins in the gut, and

b) All disease is the result of inflammation.

With this in mind, there’s really no topic more important to our health than the gut microbiome. Dr. Ken’s research really bridges the gap between natural and traditional medicine, which is so needed.

Let’s find out what he has to say!

In This Episode You’ll Learn