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26: Fasting for Women & Music Therapy

March 6, 2015
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Fasting for Women and Music as Therapy

Abel James, creator of the popular blog FatBurningMan, joins me in this episode to talk about female specific fasting for weight loss and mental performance, how to lose weight while eating chocolate, and using music for therapy.

Abel is a modern day Renaissance man and bestselling author, award winning podcaster, world traveler and husband to Alyson. He has advised fortune 500 companies and is an acclaimed speaker. Abel graduated as a Senior Fellow with Honors at Dartmouth College with a concentration in Psychological and Brain Sciences and has traveled the world as a musician. His book The Wild Diet and his new musical album both release this spring.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Abel’s own journey to health that involved following his doctors advice and gaining 30 pounds in the process before finding his own answers and losing 20 pounds effortlessly in 40 days (while still eating chocolate)

  • What the “Wild Diet” is and how it is different from other diets

  • Abel’s take on fasting and the special rules that apply to women

  • Emotional attachments to food and how our modern mindset about food often sets us up for failure

  • How stress impacts living and the lessons Abel learned from going off grid and turning off technology

  • The role of music in health and therapy and how to foster love of music in your children

  • What moms can learn from bodybuilders about health

  • Things that are hiding in health foods

Abel also shares his three tips for getting a jumpstart on creating healthier habits, his favorite online resource and the advice he wishes he’d gotten earlier in life.

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