Uninformed opinion
Brendan doesn’t know anything about vaping a spews complete garbage like he has actually talked to “big “ companies. Stick to being an idiot !
The 200lb elephant fighter in the room has become unlistenable. Was grinding my way through cause Callens kinda funny and has an interesting take on things. Can’t do it anymore cause of that dingus Schaub
Brenda is killing this show :-(
JROD 53X11
Brendan’s EGO has grown to biblical proportions...Bryan is the saving grace but for how much longer...YMH is on the rise and much funnier!!!
Does Shaub get ANY of his facts right!? Bryan thinks he knows everything Chin doesn’t understand how google works Kat starts every goddamn sentence with: “So....”
Blue balls
Just listening to this show consistently increases my gains, my T-levels, and the size of my elephantized balls. It is literally harder to walk but way easier to do squats.
Schaub’s Ego is Unbearable
Used to be a huge fan of the show, but Schaub is so far from humble now it’s cringe. Callen is awesome love when he visits JRE. Brenden, you owe it to the fans to not be such a douche. We’re the only reason you are still somewhat relevant.
Should be called “Brendan talks about his money - The Podcast”
Changing my 5 star, high praise, review since Brenda has become obnoxious (Bryan still great even after that “infant” episode). Brendan, I love ya buddy but there are a lot of rich people out there that don’t talk about how much money they have every 5 minutes. I’m an infant. Keep up the good work guys! Me
Nick, named.
I unsubscribed because of Schaub. Gave this podcast a shot a couple times as well as his Below the Belt show but the dude just annoys me. I wish I had a dollar for every time the guy says “racist” during some half-baked rant about whatever. Shut up already, dude. Love Brian, he cracks me up, but Schaub? Meh. Later.
What are we doing?!
niobrara prince
The previous episode without Shwab was legit the best one in a HOT second.
Get rid of Schaub
Can’t stand Schaub, he’s terrible. Callen is the man!
Callen with anyone else.
Getting sick of Brian dumbing it down for Brendan. Brian is in his element on Mixed Mental Arts or with someone on his level like Rogan. This podcast would be great if Brendan could stop interrupting Brian and instead listen & learn. Pull up any Rogan podcast with Brian and you will see why Brendan is a child. The adults are speaking Schaub.
It’s good
I like to listen to it while I’m at work; and although I normally listen to JRE, I feel like Brendan mimicks a lot how Joe talks and acts in some way. It’s probably cause they’re all good friends but it feels non original. I think Brendan has the opportunity to find his way of being his own personality vs being like Rogan. Not meant to be negative in the slightest, but I do enjoy the show!
Bryan you are arguing with a victim of cte and is futile
Erick fleck
Brandon is dreadful. His argument and opinions is disturbing. It’s sad and scary there are people in this world with his perspective and personality
First time listener
Ziablo 350
Wow, this was an intense show. Should rename the show to Infant and the Brain! Will continue listening.
Are these guys for real?
Both of them are really r-worded. How is Joe Rogan friends with them? Does he have to go into ‘bro mode’ to talk to them? I really can’t stand to listen to anything they say. Horrible podcast.
Bryan blew it again.
Huge fan for years. Always supported this podcast but Bryan and his “I know everything” attitude just killed it for me. He’s such a “know it all”. It’s gross.
My life is over..
tart tartn
Episode 471 I agreed with Brendan and couldn’t stand Brian’s opinion in an argument about aliens. I realized Brian is an alien and is trying to keep the secret hidden. Eddie Bravo is looking into it.
Advertising in middle of podcast
Turn off immediately........Do it like Joe Rogan.....advertisers at the very beginning so we can fast forward and get to the good stuff......You and Theo Von are losing our attention with the middle of the mall advertising......ITS A NOGO
Brian Callum is kind of funny and so is Brandon Schwann. The podcast is mostly about Brian’s struggle as a 62 year old gay man still pursuing an acting career in “Holly-weird” Brandon plays the role of Brians house-boy/assistant or secretary/manchild or something, it’s not clear. But one thing is clear, Brian will perv out, with a capital P, on every male guest who comes through the studio for any reason. While “interviewing” guests, Brian will often stop just short of asking them to stand on his balls and urinate on his face. Sometimes they talk about fights or current events, but they mostly just talk about dicks and men’s physiques. It’s all right I guess, if you don’t have anything better to listen to, like a screaming infant or fingernails being dragged over a chalkboard. Chin, Kat and the occasional Sasso/Delia appearance makes this poisonous tripe go down easier. TMP 4EVER!!!
This used to be a fun podcast. Schaub’s huge ego, lying, interrupting, condescending attitude, and refusal to talk mma anymore make the show very frustrating to listen to. In addition to his poor attitude, Schaub regularly mispronounces words and names, tried to bribe people to leave positive reviews on his terrible comedy special by having a podcast sponsor offer coupon codes for positive feedback, looks down on actors/comedians who want to be fighters while he’s a fighter trying to be an actor/comedian, can’t take criticism yet puts a lot of effort into criticizing others, and doesn’t really care about his fans. Save yourself the frustration and listen to one of the many other good podcasts out there.
It’s unbelievable
jee es pee
How out of touch Brendan is with reality any time he speaks about current events, science or philosophy..
The endeding of this episode!!!!
Bryan you frustrated me so much at the end of this come on man seriously I would love to see you go against Rogan on a topic like this that would be a great back n fourth, Joy and Brendan where so frustrated at the end. God dam dude. Still loved the episode though.
Bryan, chin and cat are great
Used to love this podcast. Been a fan of Bryan’s for years. Brendan isn’t funny on this and ruins it for me every time.
Remove the jock
SS eCritic
Brandon is the type of dude America wants to hide... not shed light on. Replace him with anyone else... even a toaster... and this podcast is good again....until then no thanks
The best podcast ever
I love Bryan, Brendan, Chin and Cat they are all awesome and add to the enjoyment of the show.
Used to be great...
Brendan got wayyy too LA and now doesn’t let Bryan get a word in. Brendan doesn’t even let Bryan explore is comedy bits anymore either, since he knows s‘ little about comedy. It’s funny now how fast Bryan has to talk before Brendan gets bored since he only knows like 3 subjects. It’s amazing how Bryan with any other guest (especially Sasso), understand the playful nature of setting up a bit and let Callen do his magic. But since Brendan is NOT A REAL COMEDIAN, he just rolls his eyes and would rather talk about current events (he still reads teen people)
Schwab has made this podcast unwatchable. He has zero comedic talent which bogs down Bryan Callen. Looking forward to the Callen Sasso pod.
Thumbs up
One hundred percent
Long time fan who had to unsubscribe
Loen the Wise
In the early days of the podcast when Brendon Skaub still had some humility to him, he and Callen bounced off each other in their own distinctly goofy manner. But over the years Brondon became more and more unbearable; he started cutting off callen more and more and took fight talk out of their content (not a good move For a podcast with the word “fighter” in its title) so he could cover those topics in B’low the Bell. Plus, Callen is simply way way smarter than Brogdon and listening to Callen correct him over and over again on common knowledge just got to be too much. The old silly chemistry is long gone and Bragdoni’s douchiness is just too much. BE FREE, BRYAN CALLEN!!
Don’t interrupt
Devil Dog 62
Not trying to b negative here because I really enjoy the podcast. But Brendan please stop interrupting Brian so much!!
One of the best podcasts EVER!
Mcgregor's pubic hair
Ignore all the idiots claiming Brendan is dumb or takes over the show. The two hosts play extremely well off of each other, and let me tell you, I’ve never laughed harder in my life. The content can switch from serious to hilarity with the drop of a hat and it’s refreshing. They are not concerned with offending any snowflakes or pussies and that’s why it’s one of the few podcasts I’ll still listen to! Top notch guests, top notch hosts, and a whole lot of laughs. I love you guys!! Keep it up!! Onward!
Sup Babies.
going downhill
I find myslf skipping to the current events more and more often.
illwell orim
I had to unsubscribe. Brandon has become unbearable and condescending in a not funny way. Dude may be one of the dumbest people, how can he be wrong on almost everything? The Kid May be loyal to a fault at this point.
Callen should fire Brendan.
Callen is smart and hilarious. His cohost is the opposite.
Chill out Brendan please
Callen is the only one worth listening to now unfortunately. Incredibly hilarious and knowledgeable on so many topics. Schaub is such a douche now and treats Bryan like a guest. Future doesn’t look too bright for this pod. Thanks a lot Schaub.
Pretty rough
Sometimes this podcast is good/ok and other times it’s practically unlistenable. Bryan is great but Brendan... ugh..... Most of the time he has no idea what he’s talking about. 97% of what comes out of his mouth is FACTUALLY INCORRECT. He claims to love GOT yet can’t seem to get a single character’s name right, among other things. He interrupts Bryan/ dominates conversations and dictates the current event section often saying “what else ya got” like he’s so bored to be there while people are still attempting to have a conversation about the previous topic. Not into his “too cool for school” attitude. Seriously man, check yourself.
Brendan Shaub is a 🐐 boi
If y’all talm bout Brendan not being funny. Let me be the one to tell you u lame asl. Get yo life together man. This podcast is amazing.
Less Shaub More Callen
Shaub is a douche. The minute he said "balls deep in Jesus", I realized this podcast wasn’t for me, unfortunately. Callen is hilarious and I am always impressed by his knowledge of different topics. Usually, their back and forth is entertaining, but the more Schaub speaks, the more I want to turn them off. If it was Callen and a guest, I'd subscribe.
Seanluke picard
One host is Brian the other a narcissist ehh
The best
Been listening to this podcast for years and it’s still hilarious. Chin and Kat make the show complete and it’s never been better!
Bryan, not Schaub
Cash In Hand
Bryan is a hysterical, professional entertainer. Schaub - I wish him well - but he should be working at Best Buy. He’s not funny and he’s not entertaining. Just because he reads fashion magazines, doesn’t mean he’s fashionable. Fashionable people are trend-setters, not trend followers. If it weren’t for Bryan and Rogan, he wouldn’t be anywhere near a podcast.
A lot of pussies listen to your show.
Average everyday gamer
Callen and Branden are hysterical and branden is purposely a douche. If any of you listeners cant get that then you're an idiot and should stick with safe spaces lol good podcast keep it up brohs!
Way too much hypocrisy lately.
Brendan is bringing the podcast down
Bryan Callen makes the podcast, he alone is worth listening to but it’s to bad he chose Brendan “the interrupter” Schaub to be his co host.. Brendan is just annoying at this point and talks over everyone.. Bryan needs to start the ten minute podcast again only make it the 30 min podcast now lol
The Roden
Constance Wu just places hard working Asian actors/actresses back another 15 years.
Woman tried to out run train in Florida.
B Rye Cohen
Woman hit by train in Florida...as much grief as this may get, I tried to tell her. STOP!....Trains can’t. Must have fallen on deaf ears.
ray ray mc'bigears
Great podcast covering all kinds of topics, current events, with a comedic take on the subjects. Great energy and banter between the hosts, and chin and cat have become essentially regulars and play very well into the show, overall it’s a hilarious podcast. Brendon and Bryan play so well of each other, it’s a true art making people laugh and these guys are top notch for sure, keep up the good work everyone!
Just not a drawl
Episodes with Bryan and a guest host are great! Others can kick rawlks, nerd. What else ya got Chen
Would be better without Brendan
He’s not funny and he’s a jerk most of the time. On top of that, he may be the dumbest person alive.
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