This podcast changed my life!
I am so thankful for this podcast. I started listening about 3 years ago and have since bought 34 rental properties because of the mindset and strategies I learned on here. My business partner and I have probably bought 10 books from BP too. I am a raving fan and share this podcast with all the members of my team and newbie investors I meet that ask for help. David Green is one of the best things to happen to the podcast in the last few years. His energy, analogies, and ability to keep everybody on track has really helped.
Clear, specific, useful information!
The pilot/real estate investor discussion was a gift! Thank you!
Podcast is great. The consistency I’m seeing in these guest stories of success that I have been able to listen to so far, start with available cash and cash cushion. Very little risk to day to day life finances. Pretty easy or not as risky to start something when you have available a good chunk of change to start. What episodes do you have that someone started without there own personal piggy bank? Thanks, Love the podcast.
The Best in the land
BP podcast is the best in the land. Love all the knowledge that is talked about in details to help all investors. Keep up the great work.
Huge Fan! So helpful and hilarious
I can’t believe how helpful this podcast and website has been. C’mon, free education!? Not only do you guys give such helpful information, but I honestly listen to your podcast for hours on end, in the car or when I can’t be at my desk. Thank you so much for advice and rich content you provide to us! Hey, like they say, leaving a review is the biggest compliment so don’t just be a taker from these guys!! LEAVE A REVIEW
This podcast is honestly one of the best things ever created! I listen every morning to a podcast and replay it at least twice before listening to the next ! Great advice and motivation for new investors as myself ! Keep it it up.
BT and DG
Sports rants
It’s a crime this podcast is free. There’s incredible value in every episode. The Brandon & David combination is much better than Brandon and Josh. David’s a more dynamic personality.
Bigger Podcast!
Bigger Pockets is a great format and gets you excited about REI with good interviews and lots of food for thought!
Good but way too many commercials
blahblah im drunk
Good material, too many commercial on the front end.. fast forward a couple minutes.
Dude why the heck. I’m trying to listen to you and I spent 10 minutes listening to your sponsors. Seriously, why a disappointment. I get that this platform costs money and plugs are necessary. Next.
Absolutely phenomenal podcast
I’ve been applying everything that’s been said and results are coming in!
Great Podcast outplaying all things real estate in an amazingly interesting and exciting show every week. I have learned so much and continue to do so. Keep up the good work guys!
Got my 1st Property!
This show is challenging, encouraging, and very informational. It’s led me to many different reproduces that eventually led me to my first REI deal! Highly recommend! *** I also have two mobile home parks to show to Brandon Turner if anyone knows how to get ahold of him ***
Awesome podcast
Gus Vent
These guys are awesome! About 99% of guest are extremely informative on all things real estate, the other 1% are entertaining at least. Brandon Turner & David Greene, you guys are the best!
Incredibly Valuable
This podcast is incredible for those looking to work in and around real estate. The guests they have are impressive. David and Brandon crush it: super entertaining, happy, and informative with a great outlook on life and business. Must listen.
Always informative!
Always energetic. Great guests that open up and provide so many perspectives. Well done! Thank you!
Game changer
This has been the best podcast for motivation. A lot of good guests and packed full of priceless information and tips. Highly recommend!
Tough to get past Dorkin’s overzealous sarcasm
BR Investor
If it weren’t for the amazing guests and Brandon Turner bringing the energy every episode, I couldn’t bare to suffer through an hour of Dorkin. Dorkin spends more time insulting Brandon than providing useful information. I’m listening to every episode in order to gain as much knowledge as I can. I’ve held off writing a review because, quite frankly, I just never got around to it. I was so annoyed with Dorkin after the Amanda Hahn podcast (2nd appearance) I just listened to, that I had to express how much of a tool this guy comes off as. The frustration and aggravation just reached a boiling point. I understand that Dorkin leaves the podcast at some point, but his final episode cannot come quick enough in my journey. The reviews I’ve read on here describing Dorkin are so accurate. Once again, the knowledge you gain from this podcast is second to none, but the tool behind the mic with the ego makes it tough to really enjoy sometimes. I give Brandon Turner 5 stars. Can’t wait until the episodes where Dorkin is gone.
Bigger Pockets is Great!
I’ve was referred to BP about a week ago and it is loaded with great articles, podcasts, analysis tools! It’s a one stop shop for REI. Keep it up!
Simply the best
My favorite podcast by far. I have to stop myself from bingeing.
Seriously you guys are super!! Keep it up!! Get deep, get into the nitty gritty details and that’s where the good learning is.
Helpful real estate podcast
This podcast is great. There is a wealth of information that is actually usable in real life. Mainly deals in real estate tips/ideas/suggestions but really smart business people helping everyone that’s interested. Great job, Zachary
Still on my “must listen” list 3+ years
LR resident
I found BP while starting to learn about real estate a little over 3 years ago. Our company has had great success & much of the credit goes to lessons learned on these podcasts. Fun, informative, motivational & actionable.
#1 Real Estate Podcast - Must Listen
Unhappy user717
As a professional in the industry, this is my go-to podcast. Although I live and breathe real estate (RE), each episode expands my mind and introduces me to new mindsets, methodologies, and investment opportunities. This is a must listen for any RE professional, whether current or aspiring, and I’d give it 10 stars if I could!
The bomb
Listen to this everyday!!!! U guys have help me out!!!!
Moment of clarity
Listening to Episode 327 about the BRRRR method was the biggest moment of clarity I have probably ever had in my recent memory. I have had great equity stored in my home did to a vast remodel and didn’t know that I could use that for the funding of a property! I knew I had money in that and some raw land, just had no idea! I was saving for a rental property. It thought I would be a year or two away from it. Thanks to Bigher Pockets now I am about to close on my first BRRRR and couldn’t be more excited for the future to come!
Greatest real estate investing education anywhere!
I’ve learned more from bigger pockets podcasts than anywhere else. Not only is the education too notch, it is so inspiring to hear all the different investor stories. Thanks for the amazing content!
These guys are great and have phenomenal guests on the show who give great tips on how to get started and then maintain the business from there. As someone who is interested in this field I’ve learned a ton. Excited to get the ball rolling with this.
Better than College
Nick Pritt
Some people spend thousands and thousands of dollars going to school for years hoping to learn something that will allow them to get a job when they finish so they can pay off the debt they racked up. BiggerPockets has been my college. And the best part? I didn’t have to pay a dime for it. This show and all of the BiggerPockets content has put me on the right path for a successful life. Thank you Josh and Brandon
Good content bad quality
Eric Doroshenko
Please get better mics please please
Very informational
I have been listening consistently for a year and I have learned so much! Definitely a necessary podcast
Educational, entertaining and full of tips for all experience levels
Austyn B.
This podcast is a wealth of free information and it’s enjoyable to listen to! I started listening on my commute 6 months ago and devoured as many episodes as I could. It gave me the confidence to buy my first house 4 months later and am house hacking to save up for the next one! Even though I don’t have the 1.5 hour round trip commute anymore I still listen whenever I can during work or on walks and once I finished the most recent episodes I started working my way down the list. I listen to every episode regardless of if the title sparks my interest or not because there is literally something relatable, useful and/or eye opening in every episode. The guests come from a variety of expertise and backgrounds from business owners to authors to full time employees to athletes to teachers and really showcases how many different methods there are to approach this business regardless of your experience or profession. If this gets you fired up take advantage of all the awesome resources they have on the bigger pockets website too- the forums, events and webinars are all awesome!
I’m 22 and trying to learn about Real Estate
This podcast has been very informative for me. Great takes on a variety of topics on this show. Listen to one of these a day, take notes, and I think you can’t go wrong. Keep up the solid work dudes!
Great information!
Joe Munchel
Lots of great information for a beginner or professional.
Simply the BEST real estate investing podcast ever!
It is literally impossible to give this spectacular podcast less then 5 stars. The amount of value Brandon & David provide are impeccable & ultimately they are giving me the knowledge, guidance & confidence to go out & get my first deal!!! Highly appreciated, I assure you I will be on here in the near future.
Great Podcast, But too much Arrogance Is being Showed Lately
Juan Carlos CS
No one can doubt about the experience and knowledge the hosts of this podcast have. Authors and successful real estate investors who provide enough and valuable content for people who want to start investing in real estate. However, experience and knowledge doesn't make them better human beings compared to all the people who humbly dare to send them a message (just to find out that they will feel insulted for a question or a comment). After listening to episode 335, I came to know the real person David Green is. I will refrain to make any comments about the guest speaker Ryan Dossey (another arrogant, pedantic person who has a lot of content out there - he said). There is a sentence in Gary's Keller book, The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, that says: "Money in and of itself is neither good nor bad. It simply has the power to reflect and reveal. And whether money reveals you to be honest or dishonest, generous or greedy, it is you—not the money—who inherently own those values." For people who feel offended for getting an invitation for a coffee or dinner to talk about a specific topic, saying that his time is worth more than a meal check, is pretty easy to reveal what his values are. Is pity to see how mostly all guests are dragged to comment about this "insulting communication method" by the podcast hosts. We get it, you don't like to receive questions because your time is valuable. I have learned, after listening all of you, that my time is also valuable to waste it listening to 3 people bragging about their success, precious time, and offenses dispensed to begginers REI. Finally, I don't see a fault in asking a question about a topic explained in a book considering that a book is a one way communication mean. I hope universities, colleges and all educational institutions consider just selling books instead of hiring proffesional teachers who explained in more detail the content of the textbooks used in different classes. Apparently, based on David Green's comments, is offensive to ask a question about something written in a book.
Episode 335
My husband recently introduced me to the Bigger Pockets Real Estate podcast. He started investing in real estate a couple years ago and said this podcast would be great for me to check out. I listened to episode 307 about the science of goal setting and I was so inspired and motivated. I’m a very organized person but I never thought about organizing my goals. This has made a huge difference and has put me on the right path. Very much appreciated. The stories from many of the guests are inspiring especially the female guest speakers. The reason I put three stars is because I’m pretty disappointed in what I heard during episode 335. The arrogance did not resonate nor inspire. The comments made by David really opened up my eyes about the kind of person he is...arrogant. David isn’t the only one who’s time is precious...Is the time a person who reads his book or listens to the podcast less precious? These are the people who are reaching out with questions and offering their time and money to take him out for coffee. I’ve decided that my precious time will not be spent reading his book. There are SO many other real estate books out there anyways. David isn’t the only real estate investor out there “making it happen”. I plan on tuning in to the podcast again because I do like Brandon but my husband and I are pretty disappointed. Arrogance is not inspiring...I listen to be inspired and get some good advice and to learn about something I’m very new to. I do not listen to Bigger Pockets to hear millionaires complaining about getting unworthy questions from their followers.
David and Brandon ( and Josh and Scott!) have provided so much value, insight, and knowledge to me personally by providing this wonderful podcast. Not only do they cover the various aspects of Real Estate Investing, but they will intermittently bring in guests that provide a wealth of knowledge relating to personal development and success principles. I couldn’t recommend this podcast any higher, it’s the best if you are looking to take responsibility for building wealth through Real Estate. Keep up the great work boys!
A Critique on being humble
The value of the content you and your guest provide is worth five stars, hence the rating. HOWEVER, lately, I'm actually getting annoyed at how much you two complain and poke fun at the listeners who reach out to you for guidance, and even bring your guest in on the negativity. What's up with that? Today, for the first time, I literally could not finish the episode with Ryan Dassey becuse the arrogance was out of this world. We get it, you guys are intelligent and have books with the answers, websites, YouTube videos...etc. But sometimes you just want reassurance from a successful person who's opinion you value. A REAL Person! Not your book. Maybe they can't afford to buy your book or are not aware that you even wrote a book! Are you telling me a listener needs to google you and search Amazon or Biggerpockets to buy your book first, and only then can they ask you a question that you feel is acceptable enough to answer, before they can get an answer? Be humble. Or better yet, look at it as a business opportunity. Bigger Pockets Q&A episodes, or is that beanth you at this point? Dave Ramsey answers the same questions all day long everyday about the same thing and he never is upset to help someone along on their path to financial freedom. Take notes.
The best real estate podcast!
I have now listened to every single episode out and they have all been incredibly helpful to me. If you are interested in investing, creating a financially free future for yourself and your family, or are looking to grow your investment portfolio, this podcast is for you!!
Life Changing Podcast
G7 property
Thank you Bigger Pockets! This podcast provides you with all of the information needed to change your life through real estate investing and they do it for FREE!!! Also I recommend Signing up for the Pro membership, the calculators and other info you get as a pro member are well worth it. I bought my first long distance property over 2000 miles away using the information I learned from these guys, made connections with contractor and rehabbed the unit. I can’t say enough good things about them. Thank you BP for all that you do!!
Free resource for RE investors
As a newbie, I listen to this podcast to get more knowledgeable about the field. Listening to real-life stories, you get inspired and become open-minded to different perspectives.
D'Andre Byers
I never review anything and I know a lot of people are the same as me. This podcast has been such a huge inspiration to me. Everyone speaks so plainly and they don’t talk down on anyone as if they’re better than them. Brandon and David ask questions that I often find myself thinking that I would have asked too. The amount of knowledge they have in this subject makes me wonder why they don’t charge to listen to them. Even though some of the topics might not pertain directly to you, scroll down because you will find something that catches your eye and just might inspire you as well. Also, their website; biggerpockets.com is a wealth of knowledge. There’s so many tools that Brandon and David hand out here that you’d be a fool to just listen and not take action.
Awesome podcast
wood da good
I learn so much from these guys and the guest they bring on. If you are into real estate than this is a tool you should use to gain more knowledge in real estate.
Too much VLAUE
These guys provide so much value for free through this show. I’m excited to get started so I can use their tools too!
Great great informative real estate investment podcast!
Rango Le
Love these guys, their funny and real!
Life Changing
Mcgathey kid 33
The BP podcast is an absolute must-listen for anyone interested in starting in real estate investing all the way up to seasoned RE veterans, or even anyone interested in financial independence or personal development. The hosts and guests are incredibly knowledgeable, inspiring and entertaining. This podcast has played a major role in development of real estate investing knowledge. The amount of legitimately life changing information on this podcast is astounding. If you’re not listening to this, you’re missing out on thousands of hours of actionable information that can drastically improve your life! Thank you to Brandon, Josh, David and all the guests for providing continuous entertainment and real estate brilliance. You’ve drastically changed my life amongst thousands of others. Keep up the GREAT work! Alex
Amazing Podcast!!!
Chase app fan 123456
If you’re into real estate, this is the best thing you could listen to. If you’re into personal finance or self-improvement, this is also an amazing resource. Where else do you get this many interviews of authors you’d heard of left and right, yet never heard FROM. Now you have. Dive in and enjoy.
I listen to one or two on the way driving to school and I literally can’t wait to finish collage so I can buy my first property!
Love this podcast!
This podcast has helped me learned so much about real estate.
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