S5E5: When Learning Isn’t Fun | with Anne Trott
Published December 3, 2018
78 min
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    There’s a dilemma that plagues every homeschooling parent’s mind at some point in their journey, filling threads online and conversations in person: How can we make learning fun?


    And then the natural follow up question comes up: Do we have to make learning fun? Because the truth is that education won’t be fun 100 percent of the time.


    This is the dilemma brought to us by our guest Anne Trott, who asked how she can push through these challenging moments and teach perseverance, without hurting her relationship or connection with her kids.


    It’s a fine line some days, but Julie has some advice to guide you through the difficult days!


    You can download show notes for the podcast here: http://blog.bravewriter.com/category/podcasts/



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