S4E20: Partnership Home Education: Finding Friends for You
July 2, 2018
43 min
We often see families join Brave Writer or The Homeschool Alliance who get excited about this style of living, but then we struggle to find other like-minded individuals out there in the world.   Even in the homeschooling community, there can be a big disconnect between your theory of education and a friend’s. This may be someone you like personally, but they have a different vision of homeschool and it causes a little bit of conflict.   There are a few types of friends that you’ll want to cultivate in your homeschooling life, and today we want to share principles and stories that will help you do that.   You can download show notes for the podcast here: http://blog.bravewriter.com/category/podcasts/   Resources: Join The Homeschool Alliance Join the Brave Writer Lifestyle Facebook Group Check out this brand new, free product designed to kickstart your writing program this school year: 7-Day Writing Blitz (and tag your creative young writers using #BWBlitz on Twitter & Instagram!) You can download Free Writing Lessons here: go.bravewriter.com/free-writing-lessons Need support in sustaining your homeschool commitment? We invite you to read Julie’s three-part A Gracious Space series. You can find print copies on Amazon or digital copies in the Brave Writer store   -- Brave Writer is produced by Podcast Masters
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