Game of Thrones The Podcast

601 – The Red Woman

April 26, 2016
138 min

The first episode of season six of HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, entitled “The Red Woman”, seems to be a real controversy with the fans.  Disappearing dogs, dead-end Dorne, and shifty Sand Snakes, among other things, caused the flipping of thousands of tables across the globe.  What did we think?  Brace yourself, contrarian opinion is coming; we’re mostly okay with how things went down.  Who has time to worry about dogs when Brienne is pledging half of Ned Starks sword to his daughter Sansa’s service?  Or Ghost is howling at Castle Black?  Or while we’re witnessing the craziest disrobing scene in GoT history?  This is a super-sized episode one extravaganza, loaded with observations about the human condition, life, death, love, and, uh, dragon poop.  And you know our mailbag was full to bursting, so find out what your fellow fans have to say.

Of course, we’re not finished this week, not by a long shot.  Friday will see the release of our SpoiLore podcast, where we put on our tinfoil hats and try to figure out what the future holds for Snow, Melisandre, Dorne, Daenerys, and her dragons based on book lore.

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