Intro episode
I love YMH it’s a lot of hardcore fun and I love that they lengthened the intro music. Just wish they’d release the hour long intro music episode.. impatiently waiting. ✈️
Way too many commercials
not a mommy
Tom and Christina are hilarious but this podcast has a 10 minute intro of commercials, and then mid podcast commercial reads (yes plural) as well. They joke about the intro music being too long but that’s not what’s long. It’s almost unbearable and the only time I listen to this podcast is when I have listened to all my other podcasts. It’s borderline disrespectful the amount of commercials they have.
T.Branch's Rhyme Review - Try it Out
Sit back, relax, Your Mom's House is packin', a pomcast with FGTRTD magic. Whose blastin' out that massive fart? It's Tom's mom, making Insta-art. Jeans, keep 'em high and tight, you know that's right or get your life. Your doing good! Come over for moose soup! Keep the door closed when your taking a poop. From just glassin' to always laughin'... Your Mom's House Podcast is a double-pipe classic. T.Branch
Good but there is one thing
Great podcast but the theme song isn’t long enough!!
Gotta thicken up that hot intro
Show is usually pretty high and tight, but that intro is gonna have double in length ATLEAST if I’m gonna make it through the day.
Finally fixed the intro!
Maxwell O
Long time fan, but was always annoyed by the short intro so I’m super delighted Still about half as long as I want tho P!$$ on me Be@t me
Longer intro please
The mommies don’t play the intro long enough.
Josh owes you his life
The saga of Josh’s ultimate release has made this podcast appointment listening.
Best podcast
I love YMH, keep it high and tight.
Love the pomcast
Love the pomcast so much but....WHY IS THE INTRO SO SHORT!?
5 star intro
drip daddy g
With and intro that long I wish I could give it 10 stars.
used be hilarious and fresh. but for the last few years i guess they have just be berating their listeners with the same content over and over. also it amazes me how they can constantly upgrade studios but have worse audio. turn your output volume up. 40inutes of ads upfront with a few jokes mixed in isnt good content. if the intro music gets any longer im out. just came back from a year off because of the piss on me beat me guy being the focus of every single episode for over a year.
ॐ shishya ॐ
Whats with the short intro...
The intro is an all time great !!!
This hilarious time will be had by all! Christina and Toms banter back and forth will keep you rolling through out the day! The only issue is the intro needs to be a minimum of 7-10 min long because it’s a banger
I guess it’s an OK podcast I just wish the intro music went on a bit longer. Feels a little lacking...
Thank you sooo much.
I’m so glad the intro is finally longer. Great show.
Great Podcast
Austeoporosis wilkbone
Such a great show!
Stop hating Tom! Bring on the rat king!
Done fell off
They just fell off , used to be good but now they are just phoning it in , Tom is too full of himself due to his increased success as a stand-up, which will subside unless he changes, getting less funnies each Tour..They think they are being funnier than they actually are, so brittle they have to have everyone laugh in the background like they just told the Greatest Joke ever n CHRISTINA is supposed to be a professional comedian yet she does the same things kindergarteners would do & that is Fart into a mic & become obsessed with her “Fart Mic”, sure Farts are Funny but any1 can do it better than her cuz farts are funny except hers cuz they just sound deflated, & like she is trying too hard, at best she got Cat Farts which are so weak ..poof(in a whisper low voice)
Fart Microphone
So much hardcore fun! Keep it up Mt. Psycopath, and the WATER CHAMP(Kristy Patshitskeys)!!!!! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
3 min of BS...
After 4 min of advertising and no show in sight, I turned this crap off.
Sold out
The shows quality has dropped immensely in once they started bringing guests. The format of the show is thrown out and it goes to being like every other interviewing podcast. I miss the old days when they weren’t scared of the PC culture.
Simply Glassin’!
Tim and Crystal, aka the Double Pipe Classic, are fantastic. A must listen.
Here’s the deal man...
Always funny, always enjoyable. Try it out
Hey hitler! 🤪
I have come to the conclusion that if you don’t like this so you take yourself way too seriously. And if I just described you are you never listen to it before try it out!! Keep em high and tight mommies
Need longer into for my tic tok
This podcast is amazing I just feel that mommy’s need a longer intro so we can use it in our tic tok videos I always start to jam to it but four strokes in its over love you guys
Try it out!!!!
My jeans used to be low and loose...that was before I married my mom. Any cool guys out there just glassing for a solid pod...try it out!!
10-12 Benadryl
When are they going to Dark Brookes on the palm cast? Is he too busy hiding all the bodies under the stadiums? I feel a conspiracy with him and Robert Paul Shampeg...
They have ruined me like a prostitute for all other podcasts. Nothing else is funny. 5stars!!!!!
Can I ask you a funny question?
Here’s the deal man, this pomcast keeps the jeans high and tight. I just wish the intro was 10-12 minutes longer than it already is.
Ride. Or. Die.
If you don’t like this podcast, you’re definitely the problem. The mommies keep their jeans high and tight, and you don’t. Try it out.
I like that.
Christina is the water champ.
Hi Julia
Episode 500 is by far the best I have ever heard. And Robert Paul Champagne will forever be memorialized by Brendon Urie. Keep it high and TIGHT!
5 star content 2 star COMERCIAL FILLED podcast
The amount of adds the mommies have added in the past 8 months makes me sad and feel like they’re selling out. I’m a mommy for life but man it’s disappointing
Try it out
The girl’s a snitch though.
Mommy time
ray ray mc'bigears
Mommy up mommy down mommy all da way da fawk around!
Great show
Lerp Longwood
Imagine being so entitled that you complain about the ads on a free podcast. People who do that are low and loose. Definitely not real mommies.
Laugh out loud funny
I look forward to listening to these two every week. This is one of the most entertaining podcasts out there, never a dull moment. Love it!
Show is getting stale. Reminds me over what happened to the Stern show
Too many ads. Christina uses the same jokes every episode. Hey did you know she’s in therapy, everyone foreign is her “tribe”, and she gets gross out at everything? You prob do because she mentions it every episode
Stop the ads in the middle of the show
Nothing is more annoying than ads in the middle of the show and quip. I ain’t buying anything advertised in the middle of a show.
Too many commercials. Bye
3 hours?
I am looking for a new podcast, three hours?
Sad decline
I used to love this show but now it is most commercials with two boring interviews at the end. Hey Tim and Chrystal? No one listening to your show wants to hear about Hollywood or its inner workings. Bring back more videos, 86 the idiot industry guests.
Missing my moms for reals.
Adam Alexander
This show has really gone downhill in the last few months. They seem like they’re getting way too into the whole Hollywood thing and they just don’t relate anymore. The guests are mostly good but the show just isn’t what it used to be.
and the lions den
Love you two, let’s go easy on the female guests. Yikes.
Great Pod!
This podcast and the 'Filter Free Amerika' podcast are my two favorites!
So many different aspects of funny.
Greatest podcast there will ever be
The title says enough. Try it out.
Love it
Good comedy, fun to listen to.
The show is getting worse. The jokes feel forced- the guys in the background laughing constantly make it feel like a tacky sitcom.
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