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118 Zootopia - Vote Mason for President!

March 12, 2016
101 min


  • Nerdy Couch Discussion: 

  • Catch 'N' Fire with AJ Howell & Animation Duel

  • Can we talk about the “furry” in the room?

  • Main Discussion:

  • This film is actually about the evils of walking around naked.

  • Blatant pop culture references & Loads of big-name Hollywood stars

  • Was Clawhauser the breakout character?

  • Flash the sloth, Mr. Big, and Disney got us with ANOTHER surprise villain!

  • THE DISSENT: only two out of 142 critics’ reviews gave Zootopia a “rotten” rating on RottenTomatoes

  • We rate it!

  • Voicemail: Jesse, Rachel, Dylan, and... Eric?

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Runtime: 01:41:06, 48.5 MB

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