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108 The Peanuts Movie - Are There Peanuts Brand Peanuts?

November 20, 2015
79 min

The Rotoscopers jump into the world of Charles Schulz for Blue Sky Studios' 2015 animated film The Peanuts Movie.


  • Mini Main Discussion: Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe (2015)

  • Main Discussion: The Peanuts Movie (2015)

  • What we thought about the animation and the translation to CGI.

  • The Peanuts Movie is about a small, bald Odysseus.

  • A very simple, episode story without hard driving plot.

  • Lots of promotion and marketing for this film!

  • Were the Red Baron scenes overkill?

  • Voiced all by real kids! Except Fifi.

  • The IMDB hate filter.

  • Favorite scenes?

  • Voicemail: Sinjon, Vanessa

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Runtime: 01:19:24, 58.5 MB

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