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086 Once Upon a Forest - How Alvin and the Chipmunks Save the Forest

January 30, 2015
65 min

The fans voted and the Rotoscopers delivered! Chelsea, Morgan, and Mason continue the Rats and Mice series with Once Upon a Forest! 



  • Main Discussion: Once Upon a Forest

  • It's ok. Not bad. But just ok.

  • Classic James Horner. There's alway a wind instrument solo.

  • Mason soapbox moment: Why are there animals that are selectively clothed and selectively naked?

  • It's the 90s! Look at all the orphans and single parent households.

  • Everyone rants about the environmentalist message.

  • Message of the movie: stop driving cars and kill all the owls.

  • The owls in this film remind of the movie.

  • How many people are actually trying to climb up there to get the flower?

  • Humans are evil, but not really!

  • We rate it!

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Runtime: 1:05:46, 32.3MB


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