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072 Dinosaur - Well, Here It Is...

August 1, 2014
69 min

In this episode, the Rotoscopers have a riveting discussing about one of Disney's most forgotten about animated films Dinosaur.


  • Main Discussion: Dinosaur

  • Only the hardest of hard core fans remember this film.

  • It is not recognized as a Disney classic in the UK? Wait what?

  • Lots of hype, but a lot of disappointment after seeing it.

  • Lack of character development. Unappealing characters make you not care about them.

  • Theme of abundance vs. scarcity.

  • Why does it seem that almost every dinosaur animated film has to be about a migration? This is one reason why we're looking forward to Pixar's The Good Dinosaur.

  • We rate it!

  • Voicemails: Jess, Thomas.

  • Emails: Joshua, Mary Kate, Chris C., Patrick, Jess.

Runtime: 1:08:59, 36.3 MB


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