Group Therapy where you don't have to talk
Paul Gilmartin is a gentle, easy-to-listen-to host that brings the darkest parts of our hearts and mind to light, not to shame, but give them some fresh air. His interviews are insightful and informative; from psychologists to everyday human beings. Paul just doesn't poke and prod for the sake of morbid curiosity but helps alleviate the heavy pain of isolation by not only discussing these issues but the coping and healing tools used to manage them as well.
Amazing and real
I love Paul. He does an amazing job at interviewing and making sure that people feel heard. He has experts on different areas of mental health is very informative. This show has enriched my life and helped me beyond measure. It’s educational, supportive, honest, raw, and somehow funny. There really is nothing like it.
By far the best
Cynical, caring, real, honest, always there for you ... Love you Paul! 💜
Talks too long.
Thank God I could fast forward the episode with Chris Smither so I could finally hear the man speak.
Unique and real
I’ve been listening to Mental Illness Happy Hour for years, every week. I’m continually impressed at the way Paul shows up in interviews and while reading surveys and feedback from listeners. He models exactly the kind of strength in vulnerability that is the basis of real self expression, exploration and healing. I deeply appreciate that he refuses to turn away from the darkness in our minds and histories. Every time he says “the hardest things to say aloud are the things that suffering listeners most need to hear, “ I cheer his and the contributors’ bravery. We need a safe place to practice witnessing and saying difficult things so that we can create that space in our in-person relationships. I’m so grateful this podcast exists!
Healthy conversations
Coco Chanel Coco 143
Resonates with feelings I don’t want to talk about
Aging and Happiness episode - can the guest remember the story?
Guest Andrea Brandt could not remember the story the host was trying desperately to engage her in. She couldn’t remember. Aging and happiness??
He giggled
Emily Griffin
I’ve been listening about a year and I shared it with my partner today, he giggled at the title but we both think this is the best podcast ever!
Love Paul More
~Jen 🦋
I have been trying to gather my own personal army of support and have found a great home, (“waiting room” where I’m not alone and am able to be myself, good days and bad days, and it’s always alright to feel my feelings and not just hide them behind my mask, because it’s what finally caused me to break and forced me to face my feelings who won’t even try to help me.), to hangout in and feel like I’m finally understood, accepted and loved. Paul has great taste in guests and I am actually sure some managers and publicist hate him and that’s why he gets the real answers and real stories of the people who have been around for a long time and just did something bigger that might have gotten them noticed by the industry or even by the public or they just wanted to come on Paul’s show, because he helps people and maybe through his own life experiences and humor, (which he freely shares, wanted or not! lol I’m just kidding! Just an example only I'm not as funny!), and laughter is very important it’s therapeutic. So he’s great 👍🏻 His guests are great 👍🏻 The listener surveys are great 👍🏻 (Listen to hear those. I’m going to fill one out soon....) Remember, You are love 💕 ~Jen 🦋
Love Paul
This podcast has helped me through some dark times. I laugh, I cry, I connect with Paul and his guests. He's the realest out there.
This podcast is a light of my day
Hi Paul the host is the best, very real connect with it 100% for anyone looking to feel normal this is the place.
Helped me with depression
I was looking for help and knew I wasn’t ok but didn’t know what to do. This podcast comforted me in knowing I wasn’t alone, made it feel normal, provided resources, and gave me a place to feel hope that I could over come the struggles. I’m on the mend and still refer to these podcasts on bad days. I feel much better. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your podcast feels like a hug telling me it will be ok. Thank you!
Obsessed with this podcast
Interesting, comforting, entertaining. I love hearing Paul & guests thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This podcast has really helped validate a lot of my feelings and think through them. It’s helpful to know you’re not alone.
Really great
I’m an insecure narcissist Glad this is out there i can really relate Paul thank you for existing you save my life time and time again:)
Paul is amazing
Thank you so much Paul, for the generous work you do. This is an amazing podcast you’ve created with your big and honest heart. There is so much to learn and grow from in this lifetime and feel so grateful to have found you in this “journey”. :-)
Found the Friend
I recently started listening to podcasts while also really addressing my major depression, anxiety, PTSD and just general mental health issues. Finding this podcast has been a blessing. There’s something about the relaxed conversation vibe of the podcasts that makes it feel like you’re just hanging out with friends - very understanding and open and honest friends that somehow understand you deeply and make you feel much less alone. I’ve always been someone who listens to music on all my drives and throughout my day, I don’t think I’ve opened Spotify once since finding this podcast, I absolutely love it and how there is a massive library of content that anyone can find something for them. Thank you Paul and guests!
Thank you Paul for doing what you do. Today I listened to Depression, drinking & fear! It is super uncomfortable to talk about depression and it is very unfortunate that we can be supportive to a sour throat, but not be supportive for depression! It is nice to hear I am not alone!
Sounds creepy but podcast literally is a part of my life now. Paul has an amazing gift of making people feel ‘normal’ and comfortable in ones self and mind! It’s the perfect amount of deep and hilarious. I get so excited when i see a new episode and i save it for my hour drive to work hehe, might have a pod crush on paul but hey. Anyways love love love it please don’t ever stop the show!! xoxo Amy
I love this podcast
Vampire Kisses
I’m from a small town in Georgia and having a mental illness is very hush hush. I have severe depression and anxiety. Listening to Paul and the guests he has on his podcast shows me that there are other people in the world who have mental illnesses and I’m not alone ❤️
Paul is awesome
Paul thanks for helping all of us stay woke...lol but seriously minus the visceral reaction I have to some of the surveys, I love love love everything your doing. The plethora of information I get to absorb from the many experts and just other struggling humans personal stories is priceless. It’s like learning all the insights that come from therapy (I can’t currently afford therapy) so your show has been like a beacon of light in the darkness. I am curious though if your depression is treatment resistant because your are constantly submerged in all of your listeners/survey writers/ &guests trauma...just a thought 💭 especially if your empathic 🤷‍♀️ anyways keep up the good work you are truly an inspiration. 🤗
Should be mandatory to implement listening sessions at work
Could you imagine how much better our lives would be if everyone would be involved in opening up their mind before their mouth? Beautifully constructed, open conversations with no judgement, this podcast could save the world.
Thank you, Paul.
Making a very long story very short, this podcast saved my life.
Amazing Podcast
Have Review, Will Travel
I have been listening to the mental illness happy hour for over 3 years. This podcast helped me to shed the stigma of therapy and get myself the help I deserved. In 3 years I’ve gone from a massively codependent depressed anxious man to a slightly codependent rarely depressed rarely anxious man. I owe a great deal in part to the candor of Paul and his guests. While listening to the podcast I have come across major revelations through things Paul and/or his guests share. I take note of the quotes and dissect them with my therapist. We discuss and find the reason why each quote affects me. I owe a great deal of my personal recovery to this show. I generally don’t review podcasts or support them financially (I know, I’m terrible) but I have been a long time (over a year and a half) Patreon patron of the show. You are not alone.
Worth listening!
Paul has created a safe space for guests as well as listeners to share their stories of struggle and triumph with mental illness issues. He has mostly non-celebrity guests, and reads anonymous surveys from listeners. He adds his own levity and humor to the seriousness of it all, without making light of it. It's worth listening.
i love it
i have been looking for a good podcast for a while and stumbled upon this one. clicked a random episode and fell in love. he is very passionate about what he’s doing & you can hear it in the way he talks. his guests are always perfect. the right amount of humor is in there but he’s also able to get very serious. i get chills when i listen. i am so excited to listen to more!! <3 :)
Love it
G to the A to the BBI
Your podcast is a gem. It's wonderful,refreshing, inviting, heartbreaking. In one word: bittersweet. Thank you for being authentic and pure and bringing all of that in making this. <3
Best Podcast Ever
Kathleen Connell
The “Mental Illness Happy Hour” is the Best Podcast Ever! Host Paul Gilmartin is super smart and brings on the best guests who talk very openly about their life stores and topics to do with recovery and mental health concerns. He’s also really really funny. It was a life-changing podcast for me because through this one, I found out about many comedians, other podcasts (most notably Festival of Friendship with Steven Brody Stevens), and many great books Paul recommends and discusses. Truly my favorite podcast ever.
Talking about feelings
Fefita 1
Is easy to listen and to choose an episode that takes you to talk about what are you feeling I am glad I found this
The Real White Rabbit
Claiming to be an expert but also saying you believe somebody should go to hell seems quite contradictory in the vaste land of mental health. Tread carefully. Not that it matters with the quantity of your reviews and tenure, but your words within a single podcast made me sick to my stomach, and I am quite liberal in my acceptance of verbiage.
Not for me
To start this podcast is very left wing. We all have politics in some form shoved down our throats everyday, I don't want to voluntarily subscribe to a podcast that does it. I like podcasts that just cover the trials and tribulations of dealing with mental illness and leave politics out of it. This one is just not for me.
I’m glad I find this podcast
The pattern has been, so far... every Friday a new episode. It’s something I look forward to every long week. Listening to this podcast has opened my mind to the idea that I’m not alone. Thank you Paul!
It's okay to not be okay
Paul lets his listeners in on the secret that we're all flawed and many of us are broken. But healing is never hopeless. Listening to his podcast has been a learning experience for me and I'm grateful that he takes the time to discuss listener and guest struggles with great empathy. The subject matter is tough but I find it so enlightening to hear that none of us are alone in any of our experiences. Thanks, Paul!
This podcast is a lifesafer
If you're not seeing a therapist, listen to the MIHH. If you're seeing a therapist, listen to MIHH. Either way it helps in a big way. Paul's attitude is wonderfully crazy and his guests get very raw. My favorite part is that he collects and reads annonimous surveys that have helped me more than you can imagine. I recomend this podcast to everyone! Paul, you mean a lot to me <3 Thank you for doing this podcast.
Thank you
Terminally Ch1ll
Two episodes in and I’m so thankful I started.
Where have you been all my life?!?!
Real talk: I think I’m in love with you Paul... Thank you for the gift of normalcy your show continues to provide this lifelong social outlier. I’m less tortured by my mental illness and the trauma and abuse I’ve survived with each episode I’ve listened to. I’m especially grateful for the episode on grief. Thank you for the permission I desperately needed to be devastated by the loss of my best friend, even though he is a cat. I’m at a loss for words to describe how much this podcast helps me. All I can think to say is that it has been a catalyst for removing the miserable from my existence. In gratitude, Illuminadia
My #1 favorite podcast
Bricks and Feathers
My number one favorite podcast hosted by the amazing Mr. Paul Gilmartin. Or, as I think of him, the Studs Terkel of mental illness and family dysfunction. (Shut up, Mean DJ, it's a COMPLIMENT!) FYI, for the youngsters and furreigners who aren’t familiar with him, Studs Terkel was the Paul Gilmartin of just about everything else. And now that I’ve outed myself as well over 45—but still younger than you, Paul—I’ll fall back into my wheelchair. Anyhow, thank you, Paul, for making me feel less alone.
Podcast has saved my life
Doble "V"
It’s super intense though; you gotta listen in installments. Well worth it.
Paul provides such a great service by doing this podcast. He has a way of making his guests feel at ease and to open up and be vulnerable. He reads listener surveys which, for the writer of the survey, is an amazing way to safely express their dark thoughts, secrets, or shame to thousands of people and still maintain anonymity. This podcast helps me learn about people with issues different than mine, but it also helps me see I’m not alone in my own struggles.
Paul Is my Happy Place
I’ve only recently found The Mental Illness Happy Hour, but I am a huge fan. I never knew there could be a safe place to be honest and not fake a happy face/mood. Paul, your voice has become immediately soothing as I travel for work. I can feel my blood pressure and anxiety lower as soon as I tune in. Thank you! I’ve recently decided to put my money where it matters and become a monthly donor. You are changing lives! Thank you!!
The Best
Such a good podcast. Anyone interested in mental health or struggling with it needs to listen.
MIHH is a balm
I love this show. Candid discussions about “the battles in our heads” that run contrary to complaints about “PC culture,” but still offer Paul’s thoughtful and honest perspective as a man who has been on the wrong side of addiction, mental illness and toxic masculinity.
I needed this
This is my #1 mental safe space right now. There's no beating around the bush, this pod cuts right down to the emotional infection and releases the pressure. Every voice shared by the guests, the surveys, and the host is unflinchingly honest, vulnerable, and neurotic in the best possible way. Every hurt is met with tenderness, compassion, validation, and levity (or expletives) where needed. Thank you Paul for your earnest and unfiltered approach to sharing the burden of the human experience. You're doing a good thing.
I love your show.
Thank you for doing what you do. Have you done a show on constant suicidal thoughts that never go away not even when life is good?
Awfulsome the movie!
No, the movie wasn’t awful, but the mental anguish the guy had to deal with was. If you haven’t seen it, then I’d recommend “Welcome to Marwen.” He has PTSD flashbacks, and struggles with a subtle unawareness of another problem too. I don’t want to give away any surprises, but it does have a happy ending. Great example of using art to portray mental disorder and confronting issues in life.
I look forward to Fridays!
Since I started listening to this podcast, I have learned and realized so many important aspects of my mental and emotional health. Absolutely love Paul! He is so sincere and have my kind of sense of humor. Love when mean DJ voice shows up. I look forward to a new episode every Friday. Thank you Paul for putting on such good podcast consistently!!!
I happened upon the episode with Andy Richter and have already had so many insights. And it’s so easy and enjoyable to listen to. I can’t wait to listen to more.
Thank you, Paul
Josh Was Here '93
About a year ago, I was so depressed and desperate for help. I searched for “podcasts for depression” and found this one. Because of your experiences with Better Help and therapy, I felt encouraged to seek help. I am about 7 months into working with my therapist (whom is amazing), 12 step groups/meetings, and a men’s group. I trace this success back to you Paul, thank you! Josh
Space Puff
One of my favorite podcasts! I learn something new every time I listen. Paul is a great guy working for the greater good. Raw and Real!
Great Podcast
John in LC
The show has people sharing about their lives. It's evolved over time. Older shows may appeal more or less to different listeners.
Fu#k I love this podcast
I really appreciate the work you put into this podcast. More than a few episodes really resonate with me. It’s like pealing back the layers of an onion. Thanks for all you do!
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