The Cloudcast #310 - The Mid-Year 2017 Update
September 1, 2017
37 min
Aaron and Brian talk about the new partnership with A Cloud Guru, as well as a 2017 Mid-Year update around all things cloud - VMworld ecosystem, Serverless Ecosystem, Kubernetes for All, etc.. Show Links: [Podcast] @PodCTL - Containers | Kubernetes -  RSS Feed, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn and all your favorite podcast players [Serverless] ServerlessConf in NYC (Oct. 8-11). 20% Discount on all passes [A CLOUD GURU] Get The Cloudcast Alexa Skill [A CLOUD GURU] DISCOUNT: Serverless for Beginners (only $15 instead of $29) [A CLOUD GURU] FREE: Alexa Development for Absolute Beginners [FREE] eBook from O'Reilly Show Notes Topic 1 - Something looks and sounds different from normal. Why don’t you tell our listeners what’s going on? Topic 2 - Impressions from the VMworld 2017 Keynotes and show floors? Topic 3 - In talking to the A Cloud Guru team, we’re starting to see a big trend of people getting cloud training and certifications. Should we be doubling back on fundamental technologies to supplement more complex shows? Topic 4 - Are we in a technology lull right now? We had containers a couple years ago, and serverless like 12-18 months ago, but right now it feels like an expansion phase. Thoughts? Topic 5 - Let’s talk about some of the trends we’re seeing at this point in 2017:  All vendors supporting Kubernetes (AWS, Oracle, Microsoft)
  Is it strange that we’re heard almost nothing from Docker since DockerCon and their announcements of a new CEO and the “Moby” project? We’re beginning to see some funding in the serverless space (IOpipe, Skippbox acquired by Bitnami, Iron.io at Oracle) and that crazy $140M for Databricks and calling themselves “serverless data science and AI” Topic 6 - We saw Amazon acquire Whole Foods recently, as well as getting back into the retail markets (people-less stores). Do you think we’ll start to see their movement into all these adjacent markets impact customers adopting AWS? Apparently Target is now moving off AWS. Topic 7 - AUDIENCE QUESTION: We’ve never really focused on SaaS applications, outside of SaaS-based tool that help IT. Does our audience think we should focus on SaaS applications, and if so, which verticals should we target? Feedback? Email: show at thecloudcast dot net Twitter: @thecloudcastnet and @ServerlessCast
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