The Cloudcast #300 - The Good, the Bad and the Boring
June 9, 2017
38 min
Aaron and Brian talk about the evolution of Cloud Computing over that past 6+ years - The pace of change, the impact of open source and foundations, the critical elements of public cloud, and what has been a surprise. Show Links: Get a free eBook from O'Reilly media or use promo code PC20CLOUD for a discount - 40% off Print Books and 50% off eBooks and videos [DISCOUNT] Start Serverless Skills Bundle (4 courses) - (only $49 instead of $79) [FREE] Alexa Development for Absolute Beginners Show Notes: Topic 1 - We’re done nearly 7 days of shows (~160hrs), had 30 companies acquired, and over 3M+ listens. Thank you to everyone that listens and tells a friend. Rate the show on iTunes! Topic 2 - Looking back at the last 6+ years, what has surprised you the most or been the most expected? Pace of change? Rise of public cloud? 2011 - AWS at ~$250M/qtr; 2017 - AWS at $3.66B/qtr
 The Clouderati crowd
 OpenStack / Foundations
 Lack of Mega Mergers (“EMC Federation” model?)
 No one really talks IaaS, Paas, SaaS anymore
 All the $1 Billion investments in cloud…
 AWS grew to support Amazon, Google Cloud is spin off and not core to growth
 Kubernetes as the “final architecture” / or is it serverless... Topic 3 - Follow the money - How has VC funding been tracking? What about exits? VC investments in infrastructure have become rare, markets have moved on Lots of money went into big data; now going into AI. Is it paying off? Topic 4 - We’ve both now worked in open source. What impact have you seen this have on the tech industry? Interesting chart from Joseph Jacks about OSS-centric startups  Big customers get invested and are vocal about it
  Small customers just want stuff to work and don’t want to hire experts
  Is public cloud the monetization model for OSS? Topic 5 - The divide between those on the cloud bandwagon (e.g. meetups, AWS/Serverless/CNCF events) and those not (e.g. Interop) seems to be growing. The revenues don’t exactly track this, but how do you see the next 3-5 years of the industry playing out for people in the industry? Infrastructure vendors will be squeezed and consolidated
 Public Cloud will give way to the next “Big 3-4”. It was IBM, Cisco, HP, Dell, etc. Now it is AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and SaaS based offerings
 Topic 6- Where are we thinking about going with the show? AI, Business-Centric SaaS Apps, Multi-Cloud realities (or horrors) Topic 7- Let’s end on something boring. There has been some talk about the need to make some element of technology boring (e.g. infrastructure). Do you think that’s possible in the competitive technology markets? We’ve seen on smartphones, virtualization, etc. Simon Wardley - Everything goes to Commodity over time Feedback? Email: show at thecloudcast dot net Twitter: @thecloudcastn
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