Duncan is God.
Crystallll N
Favorite podcast of all time.
I absolutely love this podcast. I am thrilled to listen to this every time, because it never disappoints. I’m at least in tears once each show from laughter 😂
Love this podcast
Floyd's flyer
It’s so unconventional and such a breath of fresh air!
Morphieus Protocol
Ricky Sticks
Hare Krishna mother friggers, just want to say that Duncan is an amazing orator and spreader of positivity, kindness and joy and this podcast is a conduit for his loveliness...whether he appears on Skeptic Tank, The Church of What’s Happening Now or the JRE, I always finish the podcast with a smile the DTFH is no different expect for one great difference DUNCAN IS IN EVERY EPISODE!!! Tune in if you want a positive perspective
deadman flats on Myspace check it out please!
Love this show! Love ya Duncan! Definitely subscribe to this show if you enjoy great comedy and if you’ve ever been high enough to realize that Barack Obama’s first name is little more than the caw of a parrot? Well, then, you’d like this show...we guarantee it.
Love Duncan
He is a perfect combination of spiritual medicine, comedy and information.
Farting into a wormhole
His moist words chime from his face-sphincter through the digital ether into my earbuds, firmly entrenched in my ears like Twiddlebugs among marigolds as I walk each morning..... each man-breast flopping and heaving in the summer heat......I think “man I love this podcast” and then I think, “one ought never anger a girl with cauliflower ear.”
Kyle kingsbury
This was my absolute favorite. Dildo Christ!
Dtr. of Legendary Peter Demma, Hip Santa Cruz
Missy D aka Peter Weeds Dtr.
When I listen to you (ref. by Joe Rogan experience) and Joe and the Dr. Pinskey and Christopher Ryan, I feel like I am sitting around with my Dad (Peter Demma, former owner Hip Pocket Bookstore, Santa Cruz, CA) and all his chronies, Neal Cassidy, Leon Tabori, Peter Stafford author of Encyclopedia for Phsychodellics, Ralph Abraham, Quantom Physics, Mathematician, people like that are hard to come by and you guys are bringing my brain back intro my head! That is going to help the Santa Cruz History, Memoirs of a Beatnik Daughter book writing along!
I wonder around...
This make believe town in a hospital gown. (Felice, Ian) -Les Couchon- 💄🐷👠🍒
Talks too much
Repetitive and talk too much. Let your guests talk. Please!
Easily my favorite podcast of all time. Every episode makes me feel more connected and has a tendency to bring me back to the moment.
I'm Glad You are With Us (part 2)
So here we are. Part two. Qualifications aside, it is time to write the review I have been waiting years to write. Years I tell you. I have been listening to this podcast since just after its conception. To say it has changed my life would be corny and an understatement. It has morphed my DNA. Duncan Trussell brings his wholly unique personality and nestles it right up against my tympanic membranes. His calm, sometimes raspy, lesbian voice gently massages the literal miniature drums inside my head. Occasionally, when he flairs up in a heated passion, you realize that in a past life he surly must have been a cult leader. In small moments of impassioned ranting his natural southern drawl comes out in such a way it can make you feel as if you’re sitting in the second row of a baptist church in his hometown of Asheville, North Carolina. Only instead of screaming to repent and of the impending wrath of God, Trussell will exclaim that everything is okay. That love and humor are in everything. Of the multiple podcasts I listen to there is but one that I listen to the ads. The ads on the DTFH could be scripted and used as performance art. From explaining the pitfalls of typical mattresses with demons in them to why exactly you should download investing apps, the DTFH is the only podcast I know of (other than Bill Burrs) where the ads can be peak moments of entertainment. The only way I could describe the ad experience on this show is with the following thought exercise; Imagine an adult swim ad at 3 in the morning with Eric Andre doing an interpretive dance and Charles Manson ranting about why exactly web designers are evil. Original music is often intertwined with the ad experience as well. This makes it even more palatable. Quality marketing involves music and Trussell spares no expense. He has purchased thousands of dollars worth of state of the art synthesizers and mixers just so he can sell mattresses and websites more effectively. Over the past year or so there has been a noticeable shift in the quality of the songs being produced by the DTFH. The songs are not only becoming more lyrically complex, but more musically complex as well. Duncan Trussell is not only a skilled podcaster and comedian, but a talented musician. As far as quality of guest I would give 4.5 stars. From relatively unknown Buddhist teachers and artists to Dr. Drew regularly appearing there is a conversation for everyone. The reason why I only give 4.5 stars is because the show has yet to host an episode with Sean Hannity. The day that interview happens I will redact my previous statement and give a full 5 stars. All-in-all the range of guests on this show can only be rivaled by “The Joe Rogan Experience”. If one day the United States Government collapsed I would gather every guest that has appeared on this podcast and create a council to replace what once was. I think that says a lot about the type of people that appear on this show. The ever enlarging list of guests on this show are consistently balanced, scientific, compassionate, and free thinking. Like I said earlier Duncan Trussell must have been a cult leader in a past life because he truly has a talent for gathering interesting people. As my final statement I would like to just say how wonderful this podcast truly is. All jokes aside, if I had to choose one podcast to listen to for the rest of my life, there is a good chance it would be the DTFH. In times where I have felt lost in the world or down in the dumps I have turned to this podcast for comfort and it has always been there for me. Duncan Trussell has a mentality and perspective that the world around me is seriously lacking, its great that every now and then I get to tap into a completely foreign perspective. Until I found this podcast I was unaware that there was anyone else in the world that thought like me, and now I don’t feel so alone. Anyways I don’t want to get to sappy or anything, this is an iTunes review for Pete’s sake. So yeah, if you’re looking for a podcast that is funny, deep, interesting, and will make you feel better about the impending doom that is our imminent death check out the DTFH. :)
Holy bananas!!!
The joy this podcast brings to my life is unspeakable! I choose to walk to work just so I can listen to these podcasts!! So so so lovely— thank you Duncan!
Spirituality for the unreligious
Finally a likable guy who pseudo-normal people can relate to. A funny and weird guy who can help you explore humanity and spirituality without all the baggage. Thanks Duncan, keep going!
The greatest podcast of all time!
justin gilman
Duncan is the sweetest, smartest, most hilarious podcaster out there. This is a must must must subscribe!
I love you Duncan!!
A true blessing to us all
Duncan and Johnny Pemberton will change your life in the most wonderful of ways! Duncan is a gem gifted to the human race by the DMT gnomes
This Podcast Cured Me of Rickets
Petey R.
As you read in the title of my review, I used to suffer from a case of rickets most severe. My left arm was at its worst so misshapen that not only could I reach to lick the end of my elbow, but I could hardly lick anything else! The horror. They called me Petey Soft-Bones around the neighborhood, and even threw bags of spoiled potatoes at my apartment, on account of the rickets, you see. When I finally found the DTFH, my bones got so very, very, very hard. I stood as tall as a tree and shouted, “Who is a soft boy NOW, Daniel?!” When my neighbor, Daniel, came to see what the commotion was, I shoved my newly rectified left arm right in his stupid face! “Lick my weenis, Daniel!” I laughed. What a gleeful day it was when I discovered the Duncan Trussell Family Hour and at long last conquered my rickets and my shame.
god bless duncan t. (PHD, Principal, and Franchise Expert)
I ❤️ Duncan bc he is so silly and he writes great songs with his weird voice machine also this podcast brought my grandma back to life.
peckers reck
The cream of the venereable holy lord and his seed sprayeth across ye land, Cripplers Dip stand in undeniable edificial fact. What delight lay at the end of the tunnel? A reptile? A baby lamb? praise the dtfh
The Duncan trussell family hour is the best podcast in the universe and most likely the multiverse as well. This podcast never fAils to feel me up with that sweet beautiful feeling that only Duncan trussell can make me feel. This man is some kind of higher dimensional wizard brought to earth to bring enlightenment to all that will listen. But seriously the dtfh show has changed my life in so many ways. I feel that without this podcast I would be a lot worse off.
Great host and great guest
dali lammm
5 stars
Great food, great service but the parking isn’t that great.
Drunken Tussle yes please!
Love the show it always makes me laugh and I always learn something cool and spiritual.
Duncan rules
Just a thought11111
I don’t religiously listen to this—I only listen when I care about the guest. But Duncan himself is the man. He seems like a very kind soul. I would be his friend so I’m obviously down to listen to him on a podcast.
If you don’t like Duncan than F*CK you
(Noo...just stop)
Shake and bake
Duncan is cool
Also entertaining, insightful, and takes me into another realm when listening at work. Thanks man
Beautiful sounds.
The noise - the message - the intent!
Duncan’s the best
That’s all
The Fretless One
Nice having someone to listen to who discusses interesting topics and is actually a relatable human being.
The best.
I found the DTFH when I listened to the episode with Karen Kilgariff back around February, and I’ve listened to this podcast almost every day since then (sorry MFM!) Duncan is incredible and probably my favorite personality/person I don’t know IRL, period. I subscribed to his patreon because the podcast has seriously added value to my life. He often makes me cry-laugh and cry-cry in the same rant. Don’t ever stop, Duncan! 💕
WARNING!! May cause out of body experiences and contact with interdimensional entities!!
Of course I highly recommend listening and subscribing to the DTFH, but I feel I must give a warning that it is not for everyone. Much like alcohol, psychedelics, and most things in life, this show is only for people who are ready and willing to drop their ego and jump into the free flowing mind of Duncan Trussell. Much of the guests and topics covered on the show revolve around psychedelics, Buddhism, and stand-up. But the show goes so much deeper than those topics. Regular guests include his good friends (and fellow podcasters)like Joe Rogan, Daniele Bolelli, Aubrey Marcus, and Shane Mauss. Other guests who’ve appeared on the show range from anyone like Justin Roiland(creator and voice of Rick and Morty) to David Arquette.
Patrick Deignan
SO much better than Rogan. Why isn't this number one yet??
Love Trussell
Nicole Browne
I have a school girl crush on Dunca Trussell.. He makes me giggle all the time!!! I am confused though because he keeps calling himself a lesbian. Help Clarify!
Top Shelf
Goes great with weed, BCAAs, and big sisters.
Favorite podcast
I love this podcast!!!
Too long of an intro
Wanted to listen to guest, not the interviewer. Intro was longer than actual content.
Such an amazing and thoughtful podcast to listen to!
Don’t You Join That 27 Club, Duncan!
Eric Eugene
Duncan Trussell and Johnny Pemberton are the only things keeping this 37 year-old engaged with today’s culture. I just realized this. I feel relief.
Grateful for this Podcast
Duncan Trussell is an quirky, wonderfully strange individual, and I’m lit to have found his podcast. He keeps life interesting, brings good vibes to the table, and seems to keep an open mind about virtually everything. I’ve been listening for a few months now and have made forays into the archived podcasts on his website. He strikes me as a genuine human being who is just trying to sort out the majesty and misery of life like the rest of us. Definitely worth a listen.
Huge Fan
hate to be that guy, but….
Duncan... over these many years I have always found the pod entertaining.... and more importantly enlightening and motivating. Thanks!
Shipping address?
Proud of ya keepn it goin! Came back and heard your latest gem 🍄👍🏻
Could be brilliant...
But spends too much time wallowing in fantasy.
To hear the progression of a deeply introspective seeker of truth and contentment, is at its base - voyeuristic. While that charm definitely existed in wholesale amounts through The Lavender Hour, lately the podcast seems forced and a bit guarded. Would love to hear more forays into natural vulnerability and overall silliness...but these are pretty serious times, or so we are meant to believe. Grateful this podcast exists. 4 stars simply because I miss the early days...fast forward a decade and I’ll pine for this era of content.
Infinite love to this beautiful man.
Duncan changed my life and he can change yours too!!!!!!!
It’s just so darn pleasant
Duncan is the smartest most interesting man on the planet. Even on drunk history
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