April 9, 2019
400. Pamela Adlon
Kevin, Samm, and Jaime gather at the Dynasty Typewriter Theatre for the final episode of the Chat Show. "Better Things" co-creator, show runner, director, and star Pamela Adlon is our guest. Ten glorious years of chatting... Where the hell did the time go?
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78 min
April 2, 2019
399. Jim Jefferies
Our second-to-last show, recorded live at the Dynasty Typewriter Theatre, features farewell videos from superstar past guests, plus Samm and Jaime back as sidekicks and special guest Jim Jefferies!
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69 min
March 26, 2019
398. Bonnie Hunt
A long-time pal (and adored by all longer still), Bonnie Hunt shares an origin story with Kevin that's equal parts big family working class hardships, a sense of "I'm not worthy", and shining in the company of greatness. This episode is brought to you by Dollar Sock Crew (www.dollarsockcrew.com code: CHATSHOW).
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70 min
March 19, 2019
397. James Roday
James Roday returns to the Chat Show to share his memories of meeting Kevin, as well as another "Psych" movie, and directing the "Treehouse" episode of a new scary anthology series from Hulu called "Into the Dark". This episode is brought to you by Dollar Sock Crew (www.dollarsockcrew.com code: CHATSHOW) and Billions on Showtime (www.showtime.com code: chatshow).
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72 min
March 12, 2019
396. Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Tisdale discusses life as a pre-teen actress, as well as the jump to fame hyperspace from High School Musical. She also shares everything weird and wonderful that happens in that thin, rare air of success. This episode is brought to you by Billions on Showtime.
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78 min
March 5, 2019
395. Brian Posehn
Comedian and actor Brian Posehn journeys from Sacramento to the SF Bay Area for stand-up comedy, and ultimately joins forces with alt comics in LA. Stories from the Bob & Dave show are crazy amazing as well.
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64 min
February 26, 2019
394. Gary Gulman
Gary Gulman shares his humble beginnings, and the tricky path that led to his current standing as one of the top touring stand-up comedians in the country.
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95 min
February 19, 2019
393. Jon Taffer
Host and undeniable master of his domain Jon Taffer shares his origin story, as well as bizarre details from his hit show "Bar Rescue".
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70 min
February 12, 2019
392. Matt Walsh
UCB co-founder and "Veep" co-star Matt Walsh IS a damn funny fella. He shares a more serious side, and Kevin gladly takes the trip.
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82 min
February 5, 2019
391. Katie O’Brien and Katy Colloton
Katie O'Brien and Katy Colloton share hilarious and, damn it, inspiring stories about their path to co-creating and co-starring in the hit TV Land series "Teachers".
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78 min
January 29, 2019
390. Constance Zimmer
The forever extraordinary and gainfully employed Constance Zimmer tells Kevin what kind of sweet hell she's been through along her path.
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94 min
January 22, 2019
389. Joe Manganiello
Star of the thrilling crime podcast "The Angel of Vine", Joe Manganiello shares tales from his early days in Pittsburgh, as well as the making of this new audio hit.
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99 min
January 15, 2019
388. Mike Zegen
Mike Zegen spills all he's learned and enjoyed from playing "Joel Maisel" on the multi-award-winning Amazon series, "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel".
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87 min
January 8, 2019
387. Alfred Molina
Award-winning actor Alfred Molina shares tales, from being shown the ropes by Harrison Ford for his first gig on Raiders of the Lost Ark, to improvising in Boogie Nights, "That's Cosmo. He's Chinese." And much, much more...
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76 min
January 1, 2019
386. Chris Fairbanks
Comedian Chris Fairbanks joins guest host Samm Levine for a lively chat about hip replacements, anger issues, and Canadian reggae singers.
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68 min
December 25, 2018
385. Clark Wolfe
Actress, host, podcaster and personality Clarke Wolfe stops by to chat with guest host Samm Levine about geek culture, trusting your gut, and why New York isn't for everyone. This episode is brought to you by BETDSI (www.betdsi.com code: CHATSHOW).
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62 min
December 18, 2018
384. Peter Segal
Wildly successful comedy film director Peter Segal talks about how to achieve his creative goals while directing huge comedy stars like Adam Sandler and others. This episode is brought to you by BETDSI (www.betdsi.com code: CHATSHOW).
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71 min
December 11, 2018
383. Chris Elliott
Long-time genius Chris Elliott shares more insights into his particular brand of humor than is legally allowed in most states.
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87 min
December 4, 2018
382. Jimmy Pardo
Jimmy Pardo and guest host Samm Levine talk about throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game, Wikipedia, and Jimmy's latest podcast, "Playing Games".
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74 min
November 27, 2018
Kev’s Fav - Jon Favreau
This year's generous helping of Thanksgiving leftovers includes a bona fide Chef! Venture back with us to the year 2013, when Kevin sat down with actor-turned-everything Jon Favreau!
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123 min
July 2, 1970
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Find Full Archive of Kevin Pollak's Chat Show on Stitcher Premium
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