Ouch! How to Stop Your Child's Biting, Hitting, Kicking
October 1, 2018
12 min
When children act out, they have reasons. Let's discover them. Biting, hitting, kicking, screaming. When your child gets upset, they can let loose. It worries you, especially when they're around other children. Of all Types of children, Type 3 children tend to act out most physically, but every Type will bite for different reasons. In this episode, Carol and Anne explore the reasons behind acting out—and what you can do to stop it. This week’s Parenting Practice This week, reverse roles with your child and role play in order to teach a correct behavior—rather than just telling them to correct their misbehavior (such as biting). Listen to this episode to hear how Anne and Carol would play this out. Make sure to give a lot of praise to reward good behavior. Learn more from Carol each week! Visit thechildwhisperer.com and receive Carol and Anne's weekly Parenting Practice right to your inbox.
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