The Child Whisperer Podcast with Carol Tuttle & Anne Brown

Play Dates: How to Help Your Child Play Well With Others

August 6, 2018
12 min

With a little support, every child can get along with their play mates.

Play time with friends. Every child needs it, but not every child does it the same. Without the right support or guidance, some children can be seen as "bossy" and others "shy."     

In this episode, Carol and Anne share helpful ways to support all 4 Types of children so play dates can be successful and pleasant for everyone.

This week’s Parenting Practice

This week, pay attention to play time. What can you do this week to set up more successful playdates? As you hear the tips for your child's Energy Types in this episode, note what comes to mind. Choose one small thing you can alter this week to set your child up for successful play experiences.?

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