Dramatization overload
I like Rachael and listen often however there is too much speculation and dramatization. We could get 30-% more information or this could be a 45 minute show . The folks that fill in on her days off are trying too hard to act like her which makes this even more dramatic. Good info good analysis !
Clear & Direct
I never miss an episode of this show. I feel better informed every day. Rachel is clear, direct and explains everything in an interesting and factual way with a bit of history and perspective thrown in.
Hailey Goodwin
Rachel Maddow is so funny and I love listening to her podcasts when I workout she is so confident with every thing she says and it is so interesting I have been listening to her a little over a year now and I am now in love.
Katie Tur
Please stop the Katie Tur interruption!!
My favorite podcast
Part canine
Rachel keeps me sane in a crazy world. She is great at connecting information to follow a story and make it come alive. Please offer hope that the craziness will finally end.
Rely On
I have been listening to this podcast almost every night for 8+ years. I rely upon getting the most up to date information each night, courtesy of TRMS.
broad pod
Thankful for Rachel’s fantastic coverage of the Mueller probe. Unmatched in her work ethic.
There Is No Substitute
Rachel Maddow is seldomly not at the top of her game. She is educated, lives and breathes all things Political Science. Maddows' opinion I respect most during these ludicrous times. I either watch her @9 M-F, but if I miss that, I'll simply listen to her podcast to stay updated, horrified and motivated to move overseas. P.S. She's pretty hot too, so that doesn't hurt.😉
Hey “Enough Already”
You have no idea how much Russia could affect you life. Her conversations follow the current topic and they are always in line with govt goings on. Dont change a thing!!!! Jim Self
No one does it better!
This show is insightful and well researched! There’s information that is based on facts not opinions. Rachel provides a platform for those that want to help not repeat talking points. The truth hurts that don’t practice telling it!
Rachel helps me stay sane
Woke Votee
Rachel helps me keep up with what is real. I spend way too much time keeping sure that my opinions make sense in this crazy time. Rachel helps me coordinate the bits into a sort of coherence.
I could be .......
Rachel Maddow for President!
Morgan Fry, Lexington, KY
Just kidding! You’re way more valuable where you are. Thank you for speaking truth to power - and by power I mean the American public. Your courage, insight, and fair and honest coverage of current events in this nation is invaluable and a privilege to hear. Godspeed.
Intelligent analysis
I appreciate that she reads court documents and provides historical backdrop for many news stories. I have learned the background of many people involved, which provides intelligent context for the news that has impact on our lives. I know many people deem her liberal, but she hasn’t been wrong in the short year I’ve been following her.
Please keep up The. Good. Work! You are an absolute truth-teller and a national treasure. Sincerely thankful for what you do day after day (even if occasionally you have to take a Friday off)
Deep thinking, great analysis
Rachel Maddow has a way of intelligently breaking important topics down so that things that don’t necessarily make the headlines are easily accessible to We the People. This is real journalism. Keep up the great work!
Enough already
We get it you dislike Trump, but after three years five days a week gets a little tiresome. Please talk about something that actually affects my life Russia doesn’t really affect me much.
Thank you...my abdominal muscles had a good workout. 😂❤️-🍑👊🏽
Amazing and thoughtful
Rachel and Joy are the best MSNBC has to offer. Rachel is the professor in college whose class you come early and stay late to talk to...she is personable and interesting and great at her job. I hate seeing all these one star losers tripping over themselves to show their sycophantic love of 45 by besmirching Rachel’s show. Why can’t they find something better to do? I don’t sit down and write reviews of ghouls like Carlson or Hanity... I just do other stuff.
Just great!!!!
RMS is food for my soul. It keeps me grounded in what is real. It makes me laugh and laugh at myself. Don’t step back keep pressing the edge. Ask those hard questions. We are all Americans fighting for a better democracy. Lead the way.
Love her!
Who cares about who doesn’t like your view! Keep up the good reporting. Never be afraid of speaking the truth!
Love the Show
I listen to the podcast of the show every morning. Really look forward to it and find it very informative. Nice to hear detailed information rather than quick sound bites of Pres Trump’s tweets. Keep it up!
You are the best
Your approach, explanations, and interviews, are the very best on TV and on podcast. Thank you
How are you the only person left in the media still pushing the collusion narrative. You have zero credibility and your ratings absolutely tanked the second the mueller report came out. You are the epitome and beneficiary of divisive elitist identity politics. Congrats on being the new privileged white male.
Great reporter
Thanks for always presenting the FACTS. Keep up the the great work. Thanks
Great as Always
I love the way she explains the story! Thank you we (USA) need great communicators that can get people to understand the craziness going on in politics.
Nightly ritual
I never miss my Rachel Maddow’s well researched and insightful reports. They are superior. I do have a protest for MSNBC for taking Roundout’s advertising dollars and then leading Rachel’s show with a spot. When the Bernie progressives attack Rachel as just another shill for the corporate media you have to think they have a point. Pull the ad!
Vxvf soooo good
I love listening to a newscaster with some personality!! That’s right “vxvf”.
The Best Factual News Source Out There
In depth journalism right here. You want the nitty- gritty, Rachel has it. A 5 stars plus!
C. Pancoast
Rachel doesn’t just go over what was said for ten hours earlier. She gives me new information and has great questioning of all guests. I would not miss her show. Disappointed when she is off!!!
Excellent work, much appreciated!
Rachel’s impressive dedication and energy has helped me survive this disaster. She gets a good share of the credit for doing essential and quality service to the democracy.
Pretentious Troll. 🤢
El Mub
I was hoping for smarter.
Thank you for keeping us informed, Great journalism
News personalities have a job.
Maddox never mentioned Epstein during the 2016 campaign. Therefore , Rachel is a shill of the worst type.
My morning
My morning is never complete without some Rachel in my life!
Rachel is the best!!!
Rachel I love your show and you honesty! POTUS May call the press “the enemy of the public” but I believe he says that is because the press tends to call him out when he does something wrong or when he lies, which he does constantly! If more of Congress is reading the Mueller report, why aren’t more people calling for impeachment? I find this impossible to understand! While I haven’t read ALL of the Mueller report, I find it hard, if not impossible, to ignore all of the obstruction of justice! I also loved hearing you being interviewed on Angy Americans! You are so awesome and down to earth! Please, please keep up the great work!!!
Always sets the context
Maui 1st Timers
Rachel tells a wicked story so that the craziness of the political world connects to a past to flesh out the characters and make them relatable. I love her wit and appreciate her thoroughness.
Superb Investigative Reporting
Captain Fava
While Rachel does express her opinions, and they are unsurprisingly on the liberal side, they are always preceded by clear, accurate, in depth analysis. This is not simply someone giving her opinion, this is something worthwhile for anyone who wants the facts regardless of their political persuasion. And let’s be clear about her “liberal tendencies”... she doesn’t expound communism, she expounds freedom and basic human decency. Thank you Rachel.
She is the Chief Explainer
houston reiki
I wouldn’t be able to understand the complexities of American politics without my Rachel! David Lewis, Houston
Can’t do without
I long for this show to come on everyday I have learned so much from the Wonderful Lady She is just 1 in a Million Thank you for educating us with your easy to understand Commonsensical News You’re a Treasure
Cannot watch it
Bob Smith again
I have tried to watch this show before, but was too painful to watch.
Excellent journalism
Rachel provides the best investigative journalism on the air. As we march toward fascism and the dismantling of our democracy it is imperative to hear her analysis, facts, and perspectives. Thank you!
Hyper Left Partisan
LongCommuter PodcastListener
Rachel’s show is too left - a socialist dipole to Rush Limbaugh. She is clever, but she advocates radical views. Rachel hasn’t graduated from the theoretical liberalism taught by nihilistic university professors.
Love, but it cuts off
a person, not a bot
Love the podcast and how I can listen during my commute. Unfortunately, ever since they added ads the last segment cuts off. Please fix!
Literally just a rant
This chick really doesn't like the president... if that fills your soul this podcast is for you, but I've had my fill of it.
RACHEL BREAKS IT DOWN.. piece by piece
Richard in RVA
I LOVE ME SOME RACHEL. I’ve never been more involved in politics, and I’m 59 gay years young, since finding her about 1.5 years ago, although I’ve known ‘all’ about DJcrooedT for nearly 40 years, she tells it like it is. Thank you Rachel, HUGS.
Another talking head passing editorials as news
I suppose the soft minded will appreciate the show but anyone with a modicum of intelligence will sniff out the editorializing in the first two minutes of any episode. Spend your time getting spin-free information elsewhere.
A breath of fresh air, but stop the ads!
It takes courage to listen to the news these days. Grateful for the show, with Rachel often taking us into the weeds, but always coming back to a hard hitting or thought provoking point. 🙏🏼 Please stop the ads though! They break continuity & we fast forward anyway— really detracts from the essence of her show.
One perfectly enlightening news story after another! Each night something new is revealed in detail that others just brushed against. I don't see how that is even humanly possible every weeknight — once a week maybe. Her and her research team need to be commended.
Ari called Maddow’s listeners idiots
Karoops cutmeoff
“....viewers might get bored because it’s complicated...” Really Ari? If you don’t know Maddow’s audience, perhaps you shouldn’t be speaking to us lest you insult and drive us dummies away to a more entertaining podcast.
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