I enjoy listening to this podcast because I am a history junkie myself and I like how it is history from all over the world. It’s captivating and intriguing.
I am a fellow history lover. I enjoy the topics covered by Holly & Tracy. I listen to this in the morning. Holly & Tracy please cover more Scottish history. Bonnie Prince Charlie.(for example). Love your work and keep it up.
So addicting/I feel like Holly and Tracy are my friends
I love love love this podcast so much! I got into a little over two years ago and I never stop being entertained, entranced and it educated! I love Holly and Tracy so much! I feel like it’s just me sitting in a living room with two friends talking about interesting things and sipping coffee. It’s amazing! Highly recommend! You’ll never be bored!
Accent and pronunciation
The attempts made by the host regarding accents and pronunciation make some episodes unbearable
Such a great show!
fifi tiked off
I love this show so much. It's so interesting, funny, and enlightening.
History teacher love!
As a teacher of American History in particular and history in general, I have truly enjoyed this podcast. They do a great job of keeping it entertaining and informative!
Freya do Arabia...
This podcast is from 2012...current info, huh? Don’t waste your time.
I love this!!!
They do a great job, and most of it I’ve never heard about in history class!!!
Been listening since I can’t remember
I may not listen to EVERY single episode released (this podcast is prolific!), but I’ve definitely heard the majority. And learned so many invaluable pieces of random historical information haha Thanks Holly & Tracy (Dublina & the others over the years)!
Well done!
They love their subject and it is reflected in a great podcast! Don't listen to the naysayer trolling about the hosts under different names - they are great! Update - The current hosts have taken this podcast to new levels!
Too short, too many ads
Jeff Kurtz
This podcast is good but would be so much better if episodes were longer and had less intrusive ads.
Please change hosts
I used to listen to this podcast ALL the time because the info is great and the hosts were easy to listen to. Unfortunately, as I’ve come back to this show, I just cannot stand to listen to this woman’s voice.
Love love love
I honestly can’t believe that this podcast doesn’t have all 5 star reviews!!! I am in love with every episode and have learned so much! It really helps get me through long days at work, cleaning, car rides, etc
Formatting suggestion
Steph A W
I love this series and it makes a great companion on solo road trips. My one suggestion would be: on the feed of past episodes it’s awkward that part two is above part one and will get listened to first if one is no able to switch them, as when you’re driving. Is there a remedy for this?
Soothing and Knowledgeable
Besides the fact that the hosts unearth some serious gems about lesser-known historical figures and events, the hosts’ voices are incredibly friendly and soothing. It blew my mind to realize they recorded in different cities, but I thoroughly enjoy listening to them each week for both content and the calmness they provide (even when discussing the bleakest of things).
But you know the network is hella shady
Love Tracy and Holly
This show is great! I hope they never stop
Less well known history
Tracy and Holly research and discuss people, places and events that were probably not discussed in your history classes. They pick great topics anyone interested in history will LOVE!
Eh it’s okay
I’ve listened to a few episodes so far. The hosts give good information, but it sounds like they are just reading everything they say off a a sheet of paper or right out of a textbook. They also seem to fail to explain things sometimes. I was listening to the episode on the Achaemenid empire and out of no where they called it the Persian empire...they didn’t explain how the two were related which can be confusing. There were also a few other terms they didn’t define.
Great Show (Hosts are Awesome!)
I’ve been listening to this show since 2010 and I absolutely love it. The hosts are amazing, bringing an innocent but versed and educated vibe to otherwise unheard of (at least to me) parts of history. Keep doing what you’re doing ladies! Hope this show and you guys keep on for a long time.
One of my favorites
This podcast never disappoints. Even when I’m not interested in a topic, the hosts make it interesting to me so I listen to all of them eventually. If you want to learn more, especially about history of women, people of colors, LGBTQ+ and other countries—as well as pieces of forgotten American history, this is the podcast for you! I admire Tracy and Holly’s work so much and appreciate their uncompromising commitment to inclusion and to aspects of history which have been forgotten or underrepresented. Keep it up ladies!
Amazing podcast
Very informative and wonderful narrators.
I’m so happy I found this podcast! I love learning new things and Holly and Tracy teach me all things history on daily basis! Just the right mix of facts and humor so I’m not falling asleep like I did in history class. Thank you!!
Fantastic show!
This is a fantastic show. It is carefully written and goes deep into meaningful topics of history. Love it! Keep up the great work.
Greatest 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😃
Not for everyone, but if you like it you love it.Great work,a little silly, is very funny.
Great hosts,Great podcast
8 and loving it
For those people Who said that the hosts were bad,they might not know what great hosts are.I’ve learned so much more thanks to this podcast,and I hope you will continue it for a very long time.
Ok, but hosts’ voices distract
Interesting topics could be made better by fewer personal reactions from hosts and by being read by less grating voices.
IN listener
The Wonderful Mr. M
Keep it coming ladies! Fabulous hosts with informative but entertaining narratives. So sorry I missed the live show when it came to Indy.
I can’t with the voices.
Not EVERYONE and your mom is suited for podcasting.
Fun and fascinating!
My favorite podcast! Fun, engaging, educational, fabulous, seriously THE BEST!!
Good script annoying hosts
Nuff said
Stuff has fallen off
Had to tap out after listening to a best of episode where the current host had a disclaimer before the episode apologizing that they used the word prostitute instead of sex worker. I don’t trust Stuff you missed in History anymore. Woke SJW’s are notorious for rewriting omitting and shading history to fit their views. I don’t trust this to be history I’m more inclined to see it as indoctrination.
So fun and fascinating
I love this podcast! It’s definitely all stuff I missed in history class🤗 it’s so interesting and you learn a lot! One thing is not all the episodes are for kids, there is an occasional reference to affairs and things BUT it is still a great show!
Downhill Slide
Ashla Ti
My husband and I have been regular listeners for years but now skip half the episodes as just too boring. The current hosts push their agenda in an overbearing and obvious manner starting with their their episodes in early 2017 or so. The only thing keeping us listening is the archive shows from past hosts. Try History Chicks or a dozen other better history podcasts out there. Such wasted potential
They should just call it what it is “obscure slightly influential women of history”
Like ads?
nickname also already taken
Listen to this podcast to hear an advertisement every 3 minutes
Tip tip
Ellie Bly
Exquisitely written and professionally delivered history lessons on sometimes complicated topics. The hosts have distinct voices and personalities that are charmingly geeky. Thank you ladies for this podcast legacy.
Great History and Entertaining Hosts
This was one of the first podcasts I was able to share and interest my parents and friends with. The variety of topics across a wide catalogue provide plenty of interesting topics for about anyone, and the hosts are great!
You know that guy? The one who comes back from Spain, talking about ‘Barthelona’? Or who insists on ordering in broken Spanish at the taqueria? That’s these two. We get it, you took French class. You literally pronounce Spanish words in a French accent. The podcast used to be good, but now they just read off a script. If I want to hear history spoken to me, I can ask Siri to read Wikipedia.
I have two degrees in history and I love this podcast! I love the stories that are covered and the shared love for cats.
Too narrow
Bill Daley for Mayor
I’m disappointed about the sexist reviews on here about their voices...that being said, as a long time listener it’s seems that the scope of what they cover has become very narrow with an obvious agenda. I still listen every time an episode comes out but I find it’s becoming more and more background noise that I tune out as I’m doing chores. It’s just become boring.
chad smith in NYC
I just found this podcast and since I’m from Saskatchewan, I was immediately drawn to the Winnipeg Strike of 1919. In the beginning the hosts mention the Métis people (mix of French & Canadian Indigenous). It’s pronounced may-tee & the hosts were pronouncing it like “petty” with the “p” being replaced with an “m”. So, I’m listening to the story thinking, “what’s a metty?” Ha!! Then I had to start reverse the podcast a few minutes because I kept thinking, “I don’t think these two hosts are Canadian. Who call the Métis people Metty?” Anyway, I thought that was funny. This is my first episode, so I can’t give a 5 stars yet.
I LOVE SYMIHC. Whenever I am feeling down, I turn on Holly and Tracy in order to raise my spirits. I had the privilege of attending a live show and it was just as great as I thought it would be. If you’re looking for your next binge, this is it. Keep it up!
You can’t please everybody, BUT:
Chubby Cheeks Quilter
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few years now and I love it! I’ve learned so many interesting things about women’s history AND history in general that I didn’t know before. I love your voices and your contagious laughter during the lighter history lessons. Your handling of somber topics is respectful and sincere. You’ve buoyed my spirits while I’ve struggled with depression and stress and I look forward to future shows. Thank you for Stuff You Missed in History Class! Cookie in Oregon (my maternal Grandma gave me the nickname... I was her little Cookie, sweet enough to eat!) ❤️
Please trade out the hosts
I used to love love love this show but once Holly/Tracy got into the podcast, I just couldn’t anymore. I still check periodically to see if they’ve traded hosts out yet (which frequently happened before, which I didn’t mind). Just please please trade them out. I know Tracy is the boss so she won’t be leaving any time soon but be humble and give someone else the reins.
listened to popsicle episode ... talk about short and boring
Only 2017-2019 avail?
Why aren’t the episodes prior to 2017 available to listen to?
Laughter is not the best medicine
Had to unsubscribe. The ladies laughing at their “jokes” and the often boring topics were too much for me. Try History Chicks instead
Live this show!
Love this show!
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