This podcast is more or less two guys talking about stuff they read on Wikipedia or saw in a documentary. I did give it a chance and learned a few things, but after listening to the ventriloquism episode, I'm done. There is little to no production value, poor pacing, and teases to info that never comes. At one point, the hosts were "wondering" if there had ever been a vantriliquist who was not the "straight man"...um, hello, if you are creating an hour long podcast on vantriliquism, how about researching the actual topic a bit more so you can tell us? There is stuff you shoud know before getting in front of a microphone.
The OG for me!
Kicked off my love of podcasts 6 years ago. Still the best out there. Chuck and Josh are A1.
Maybe pretty good, if you like dated 9 year old podcasts! Sad
Best podcast ever
Our whole family loves this podcast. We start all road trips with Chuck and Josh. If you are keen on knowing more about everything, this is the place to start.😀
You didn’t Live There
This concerns The bombing of the ‘Move’ stronghold. Frank Rizzo was a good cop/mayor. Listening to you guys besmirch the Entire Philadelphia police force back then is sickening. Officer/ Mayor Rizzo took the bull by the horns and Always put citizens first, black or white. He was a no nonsense cop/ mayor. My sister lived in the neighborhood of this Move family. You have NO idea what those neighbors put up with as you did not live there. The solution to the situation is a simple word; ‘Comply’. If you think of that word when watching Any police action on cellphone video you’ll understand how many situations could have been avoided. Comply. As most liberal reports follow the same theme; smear the first responders and make them as villians.
What a horrible voice for a podcast.
Great content but the Josh’s voice is so lethargic and off putting. I wish they had someone better. It would make the podcast worth listening to.
The Title Says It All
Hands down my favorite podcast. The subjects covered are always interesting and amazingly varied. Josh and Chuck have an amazing dynamic together, listening to an episode is like sitting around the kitchen table listening to friends. The information is always delivered in an entertaining and easy to understand way.
Love it
It’s amazing
Thank you Josh & Chuck
I’ve been an avid listener for 7 years and counting. Josh and Chuck have become family. Their banter is what makes even the most seemingly dry topics entertaining. They’re smart, humble, and genuine. They’re friends that you just haven’t met yet.
Awesome all around
I found this while looking for something to listen to at work that wouldn’t be gruesome like my usual fare and wouldn’t have offensive language, but was fun and interesting. SYSK checks all the boxes and then some. Keep up the great content, guys!
One of my absolute favorites!
fifi tiked off
I love this show so much. It's so interesting, funny, and enlightening.
The best podcast out there
Fun to listen to. Good subjects. Great fun hosts
Ruined it didn't you?
Five minutes in and they still haven’t addressed the topic at hand. Though they have interesting topics, their constant digressions and moronic banter make it intolerable
Funny, entertaining and informative.
A fun way to learn stuff
Josh and Chuck had such a comfortable friendly way in which they deep dive all kinds of interesting topics. I could listen to them all day!
Josh and Chuck are the best.
Alan n Jax
I never miss a podcast. Extremely entertaining and the chemistry between u2 is amazing. I have learned so much from this podcast. Thank You!!!!
Good times all the time
Even a the boring subjects are made fun and informative
Such a great podcast!
Perfect mix of interesting facts and entertaining banter. Love these guys!
Drug is not the past tense of Drag!
These guys are interesting, good-natured, and humbly smart. In spite of the fact their poor grammar, (conjugation of verbs) sets my teeth on edge, I thoroughly enjoy listening to their carefully researched podcasts. Nauseated vs nauseous. Look it up.
These guys are two of the best doing a podcast! They deliver great research based information in a way that feels like a group of friends hanging out. I learn so many cool stuff that I use everyday. I’ve been listening for years, and I know I’ll be listening for years to come. Do yourself a favor and listen to stuff you should know!
All good! Uh, one thing....
My least favorite podcast phrase: We’ll get back to that later on in the show. Teasers and repetition, aieeeeeeeah. Bleah!
Great info
Love learning about so many different topics!
I’ve listened for years
Enjoyed this show for it’s lack of politics, that is until the most recent show when the guys had to give a a dig to the right. There was a time when that would have slid by as a bit of ribbing but in today’s volatile political climate it’s insulting. Too bad
Catching Up: Listening to “Will Robots Get Married”
Delving back into the archives and stumbled upon this episode labeled from 2008. It’s crazy how our present (a mere 11 years later) seemed further away back then. Robots’ rights is an interesting topic in light of shows like West World and household bots like Roombas.
Unsourced amateur broadcasters
No sources, no media clips, no interviews with experts... just two untrained guys rehashing stuff they say they researched.
Can’t stop LISTENING
wOaH_mAnthats CrAzY
I found this podcast about a year ago and ever since I’ve been addicted keep up the good work!!!!!
Good stuff.
Love Josh & Chuckers
SYSK has been in my top 3 fav podcasts since I started listening to them in 2014. If you have a curious mind that tends to drift off when focusing on learning new information, I’d highly recommend! Even with seemingly dull topics, Josh & Chuck explain their research in a way that is engaging & helps you actually retain it. Always find myself saying, “There’s this pod I really love, SYSK, & they did this episode on...& they brought up...” They make an effort to do their best to understand & explain their stuff & are very self aware & stay in touch with the social climate to make sure everyone feels included in their audience. Have learned so much from these two & they always make me laugh out loud when listening. TL;DR: love this pod, highly highly recommend!!
The OGs of podcasting
Josh and Chuck are one of my favorite duos! Second only to pb&j! Anytime I press play on an episode I know I’ll not only be entertained, but I’ll be learning something interesting at the same time! I also love the new(ish) short stuff. I recommend this podcast daily and send friends episodes all the time!
Love these guys!!
Josh and Chuck are wonderful! The way they present information is so great: it’s very conversational, light, and fun. They go through so many interesting topics so there’s always something new to learn. Thanks guys!
My first podcast love
Everyone who knows me knows I love podcasts. I listen on my commute, at home on the couch, while I workout, while I cook. Stuff You Should Know was one of the very first podcasts I listened to years ago and I still keep up now. Love it just as much now as I did then. Chuck and Josh are the best!
Staple of my day!
I’m still working through the back log after a year. The show is interesting and funny - the hosts are great. I’ve learned a lot of things. It does stay high level on certain things but I don’t mind. If I’m curious or want something clarified it inspires me to do my own digging. It’s brain food and fun.
Great interaction between the hosts!
Josh and Chuck deal with tough topics in an easy, fluid way. Seems like some people find this podcast too political, but I listen to it specifically because it’s NOT divisive and hateful. It helps me relax and go to sleep (but I always catch the end of the episode the next day) 😊 Thanks guys, keep up the good work!
Love it.
I’m not surprised at how many people are complaining in the reviews about this being a “liberal leaning” podcast, but it makes me roll my eyes all the same. In today’s political climate, one cannot be too careful when it comes to sympathizing with conservatives. Let the men have their opinion and stop listening if it offends your sensibilities. This podcast has gotten me through some tough times. Amazing energy. Can’t wait to see the live show in October ❤️
You are the best
The smsrtest guys i know
I love this I really want a shout out It helps me study and sleep And how are you guys Oh and p.s I’m 11 years old thx
Chicken Soup
If you are looking for a deep dive by experts keep looking; that’s not what this show is or tries to be. This is entertainment with some interesting facts and discussions thrown in. That said I absolutely love this show and the hosts, so much so that I’m leaving my first review ever on the App Store and have listened to over 800 episodes. Keep rocking it Josh and Chuck
I don’t understand why this podcast is so popular. Attractive podcast name BUT it’s SOOOOO underwhelming. I so wanted to enjoy this podcast with interesting topics, but it’s boring and very non-intellectual.
Because the mind is insatiable ...
This show is tremendously entertaining and ideologically moderate.
Fun Podcast
Driving, showering, procrastinating, whenever else... I listen a lot. The reason for the two stars is the blatant anti-Americanism that’s been coming out more and more as the show goes on. I don’t think I’ll stop listening because I really do like these guys, but it’s starting to disgust me a little.
One sided coin...
We get it. You don't like conservatives. Signed, Centrist.
So great!
Love the show!!
5 stars but can’t listen anymore
Love the podcast and have been listening for years but the new(ish) transitions between the actual podcast and the message breaks are awful. I appreciate the creativity but they are SO annoying and jarring and louder in volume for those of us who like to wind down when listening. Best of luck guys and please don’t succumb unnecessary little production effects.
Josh and Chuck have amazing chemistry!!
Spy D
Truly, there exists no podcast more listenable than SYSK. These cats do excellent research and deliver it brilliantly. I’ve never enjoyed tangents more than on this podcast. A true gift to humanity!
The podcast is great but...
I have listened to SYSK for about 3 years now, and throughout those years there is a overwhelming theme that the hosts are somewhat disgusted with our country. Many recent podcasts show this quite well. Totally understand the US has done some “shady” things however we have also done some amazing things. This isn’t about politics, yet the hosts do show their colors throughout each podcast. I just wish we had some more topics which shed a positive light on the US and the great things we have done for the world. I can listen to some of the negativity and learn from it, but let’s put some of that aside every once in a while. Thanks!
Makes you cooler
Suddenly I have interesting things to talk about rather than college stories. It’s like finally getting to take that summer sandwich job off your resume for more impressive things
Tired of the anti-American sentiment
Maybe try a pro-American topic to discuss. But that wouldn’t be the fashionable liberal thing to do.
Always entertaining and educational
My favorite podcast of all time, Josh and Chuck always put out quality.
Binge worthy.
Chuck and Josh are laugh out loud hilarious while offering interesting facts and tidbits on a wide range of topics. They also have a tv show that you can watch on the science channel or the SciGo app which is free(if you don’t mind adds). There is only one season of the tv show which, in my opinion, is a crying shame.
Do I even need to review?
Josh & Chuck are The Godfather’s of podcasting. Seriously this show is just BEYOND good. The guys have a hilarious rapport with one another and I am constantly learning things I never even thought of. 10/10 would recommend listening to this instead of going to school.
Left leaning podcast: Episode Iran Contra
Ilias Basha
I have listened Iran Contra podcast today. I have noticed that you have come out as true leftist.
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