May 27, 2017
Goodwin the Goat
Hello, we are pleased to announce that our Gayelord the Goat story has just been published in print as Goodwin the Goat! We decided to remake the audio story to reflect his new name to accompany the printed book, which is now available to purchase online through Amazon and Thrift books. What has Goodwin the Goat done! He’s made a colorful mess of everything and now his life has been turned upside down. Let’s hear what happens as we listen to this delightful and spirited story of a goat who suddenly becomes a work of art in this brand new version by Don Freeman, children’s author of “Corduroy” and many other fine stories. Note: When you purchase & download Goodwin the Goat, you will receive the entire story which is 7:39 long. And if you are a fan of Don Freeman, you can hear more of Dons stories here at thestoryhome.com webite. We also created a special Album entitled, “The Story Home Presents Don Freeman Children’s stories!!  This album is NOW available on CDbaby, iTunes and Amazon.
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7 min
January 18, 2016
The Golden Spoon
In this story about a little village, where neighbors have forgotten how to be friendly, and kindness is no longer the rule, a dark shadow appears and all the flowers in the village begin to disappear. Everyone begins to fear the unknown except for one little girl, who has  faith that her wish sent the evening star will come true. Listen to what happens to the little girl and the village she lives in, when she finds a golden spoon in her garden. And, if ever we forget the lesson of “The Golden Rule”, then let this story remind us to “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”. Click here to see “The Golden Spoon” movie on youtube.
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5 min
June 23, 2015
The Little Folks’ Presents
Travelers hear a mysterious music and come upon a ring of dancing little folk. Magical things occur and they return with bags full of gold. Yet all is not well, when later, one of the travelers cannot resist returning to get more of the riches. Enjoy this curious tale of magic granted and prices paid by those who greedily ask for too much.
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8 min
April 26, 2015
The Bremen Town Musicians
Such an adventure! In this Brothers Grimm story, a donkey, a hound, a cat and a rooster set off to become musicians in the town of Bremen and come across an unexpected surprise along the way. Acting together they find the perfect place to set down roots and start a new life.  A perfect bedtime story for all to enjoy!! Make sure you subscribe to our podcast and join our mailing list for updates, special events and news!
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March 23, 2015
How the Finch Got Her Colors
Why is the little grey finch so sad? Did she not see the miracle in the sky and take from it the beauty offered to all the other birds? The King of the birds found out what happened to the little finch and decided to make everything right. It’s a story to warm your heart about politeness and generosity you’re sure to enjoy. Now make yourself comfortable and listen to this charming and meaningful Belgian Folktale. Special Thanks to Radhika Miller for her beautiful music from her “Here and Faraway” album.
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8 min
February 13, 2015
The Spindle, the Shuttle, and the Needle
A Brothers Grimm story about the power of love that brought together two people from opposite worlds, one royal and one poor, until in the end all was made right. Listen to this magical story about the fate of a young maiden and a young prince. Note: We give grateful thanks to Radhika Miller for her lovely music from her “Here and Faraway” album.
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9 min
December 7, 2014
Papa Panov’s Special Christmas
Papa Panov looked everywhere for the important visitor on Christmas day! The night before, he had had a dream that he would meet the divine child, but that he should look carefully, for he may not recognize him. Who would it be? Would Papa Panov be able to tell who the Holy child was or was this just a dream? Listen to this wonderful holiday tale about the kindly shoemaker in his little Russian village to learn the real meaning of Christmas.
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12 min
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