Dan the man
Dan delivers a great podcast
The Emotions of the Past
I like “traditional” history and its focus on names and dates and events, but “traditional” history almost always falls short when reporting the emotions of history. This is likely because knowing the emotions of history, specifically ancient history, is extremely difficult and requires speculation. And so proper historians consider it frivolous and unprofessional to go in-depth on the emotions of the past. But Dan “Not a historian” Carlin is not restricted by professionalism in the field of history, and he dares to inject a host of emotions into his recountings of history. These emotions are based on primary sources if possible, but more often based on secondary sources and speculation when the period is too ancient or lacking in English sources. And this emotional element gives Dan Carlin’s history something a lot of other history podcasts lack, a depth, an edge—color. It can be hard to connect with a person or peoples of the past when only told about their cultures and customs and actions, but when told about their feelings and emotions suddenly this person who lived hundreds or thousands of years ago becomes real in the imagination. And Dan Carlin’s nack for realizing the characters of history into real people is what makes his podcasts so riveting. It provides a unique, albeit potentially inaccurate, perspective on history that inspires listeners to think more carefully about people of the past and the present.
An absolute must listen
This is the best podcast available period.
Heads Above Any Other History Podcast
I mean it’s really just too good. I guess it had better be with only like two episodes coming out a year 😂😂! But seriously, you’re guaranteed a great story every time you listen.
Don’t change ANYTHING!
You’re naysayers are just that, please do not change anything, just please keep coming out with them. Sir, maybe something on ancient sumerians? Thank you again!
Great pod.
Just the best
There’s a reason why it has five stars
Most Beloved Podcast
Allen P.Coffin
Summary: Great show with only 1 downside. !!!NOT ENOUGH CONTENT!!! I absolutely love this podcast and despite the length of each episode of the podcast I have listened to every episode 29 times over. I only can complain against the length of time between podcasts episodes as it takes 4-6 months next episode. I’m waiting for Supernova in the East III and the inevitable of The Battle of the Philippians, Siege of Batan and the Death March, Coral Sea and Midway. I love the Pacific War and Japan’s rise. Dan If possible please do a addendum of either the Journey of the Russian Second Pacific Fleet for a extreme of the Human Experience or on the Battle of Samar. Your Narration and take on those events would enlighten many unaware of this event and the events should be amazingly interesting for you. That said back on the lack of content available on iTunes currently, maybe having hardcore history’s archives opened up when their is a large lull of content maybe having 1 more series unlocked for a month possibly. Something possibly related to the current or last podcast. I love your stuff and just want more, yet I can’t really afford to actively pay for the podcast archive but the lulls between episodes is maddening for me. I can’t be the only one. Yet working with curators and vets makes me pleased with your work on Supernova. The show would just need some more content though I don't know if I would ever be satisfied with just a few more episodes. Still an amazing podcast that is my go to source for tutoring my peers. Thank you Dan for all that you do.
guy fargo
He has turned me into a context-junkie....
Thorough and Easily Understood
A player of head soccer
In depth and thorough walkthrough of important historical events. Still easily understandable for people who know absolutely nothing (me).
Love him
Wow these stories are by the best man. Thank you sir for the hard work you do. I love your passion and perspective in what I believe to be a crucial place in history. Sir you’re the master of history.
I could do without the dramatic inflection
I really enjoy Dan Carlin’s narration, as well as his views of the bigger picture. I could do without the dramatic inflection, though, considering it sounds like the voice of Solid Snake.
Absolutely above and beyond in all the ways!!!
Dan is the absolute man, there are few things I enjoy more than listening to him unfold history that otherwise hides in the creases of our past. I recommend him to anyone any everyone... even if history isn’t your thing, Dan paints the picture of human nature and humanity in such a fashion that anyone who enjoys a good story will be wildly entertained and fascinated by the depth of his accounts, and likely by their own lack of understanding of where and how we come to be. Thank you Dan I will indeed donate or buy your episodes as they have been of immense value to me!
5 stars
Claude von Stroke
put simply- the best. and it’s not close.
The best Podcast out here
Absolutely love it. Worth purchasing is older episodes
History Teacher Approved!
I love it! Blueprint is great and I’m also reading a great book that is paired perfectly! Easy to understand and extremely informative. I will be using some clips in my high school classes to prepare my students for WW1. Can’t wait to listen to the Supernova series next.
Better late than never, huh? I’ve listened to all of your podcast and you’ve never disappointed. Thank you for not bowing to the left or the right and trying to shape history like the horde seem to do these days. You’re the needle in the hay stack. I’m grateful that I came across your podcast. Thank you!
Where is wrath of the khans?
Can’t find it?
Best podcast on the web
Dr. Dongus
I was never a great lover of history, but I plan to listen to every single episode of this show. Dan Carlin makes history everything it should be - informative, entertaining, and educational. He is so great about calling out when he is beyond his element as a ‘non-historian’, and yet the personal opinions he provides are incredibly insightful. Wrath of Khans is pretty much the coolest podcast series you will ever hear. Thank you Dan for being such an amazing human! Would kill to have a beer with this guy.
Well done.
Started listening last week, absolutely hooked. Top notch.
The Best Podcast, period.
Tar Heel Virginian
I’ve been binging on podcasts for about a year now. There are many bad ones and a few good ones. I came across Hardcore History with Dan Carlin about a week ago and was blown away. This is the absolute cream of the crop where podcasts are concerned. This is the the audio equivalent to the book that you become obsessed with and can’t put down. I understand some historians say he oversimplifies history. Mr. Carlin says, quite frequently, that he isn’t a historian. I beg to differ. He makes history so real you can almost hear, smell, touch and see it. That’s mostly not a pleasant thing, Lol! This is a gift that many so-called historians lack, making history boring and mundane for many people. Bravo Mr. Carlin, please keep it up, I can’t get enough! Thanks!
History to and with a point
Worship Drummer 432
Dan does a great job of bringing history in a way you can tell he loves! His passion and overall simple kindness, give him a neutral non biased empathetic approach to all people. Dan Carlin is a great man in my opinion and I feel blessed to have him spreading wisdom. Not opinions, in a world where there are 100000000 opinion based or feelings based casts Dan is a breath of stability. Thank you Dan. Travis from Texas
Hate the format
I want to love this show so badly but just can’t! I’m a huge history buff and usually devour anything similar to this show. However, I can’t stand the format of this show; it’s simply him talking and jumping from subject matter to subject matter. He rambles and there is no clear direction or development of the subject matter. I tried a few episodes but going to unfollow.
One of the best podcast I’ve listened to
This is definitely a must listen podcast. He bring history to live, and the best way to described it is this: if your ears had eyes then this is what it would avidly listen too. Absolutely 5 stars
WOW. Greatness.
Holy Heck. Dan Carlin conveys such a love for history and story telling. Did you ever have a great teacher who you didn't agree with about a lot of stuff and still her/his passion for the subject taught you legions?
Carlin is the Top of the Class
el Boominator
That Dan Carlin has a passion for the subject material and that he is incredibly well read contribute greatly to the quality of Hardcore History but it is his experience as a journalist which sets him apart. Carlin is unsurpassed by McNamee, Harvey or any other luminary of the airwaves in the craft of great radio. Listening to a stream in your car you can almost hear the hooves of Hannibal’s cavalry thundering across the ground as they race to envelop a Roman legion at Cannae. Podcasts, even some of the most popular examples, are often poorly executed. This is never the case with Hardcore History. I’ve yet to listen to a single episode that was not riveting. I’d give far more than five stars were they available.
Last one In January
Wondering when your next podcast is coming out. Last one I have is January. I wish I had the money to contribute to your podcast. But am disabled because of cancer. Your podcast really help me relax during some hard times. Don’t always agree with you but like the way present your understanding of history.
Only problems are A: it takes 6 months to get a new episode, and B: nothing on the Boer War yet. That said, still captivating enough for 5 stars.
Accurate and exciting!
So much fun to listen to! Dan is so passionate about the stories he shares its impossible not to get excited about them too.
Now purchasing old shows
I love his ability to weave the human experience into history thus creating a living dynamic experience. I have always enjoyed history outside a classroom setting, I could care less about memorizing the date and am more interested in the content of history with the date and being able to extrapolate it to current events and times. Having been in the military it was amusing to see the same mistakes in military leadership, similar faulty assumptions and poor focus on the human element, logistics and medicine have created the same outcomes for years. I have to laugh out loud. Whatever your perspective this is an enjoyable and educational way to spend miles in a car.
Social Studies on Steroids
What I really appreciate is the deep dive on things that are brushed over so quickly in World History courses. My favorite is still Blueprint for Armageddon (WWI). Brings to life the often forgotten wonton wholesale destruction as civilization struggles to understand what modern warfare is. As a listener, I appreciate his research and passion. A must listen for history buffs. Dan sets the bar high.
#1 and it’s not even close
Whether you’re listening at home, in your car, or at work, the narration makes you feel as though you’re living in the exact moment he is portraying. It’s absolutely breathtaking, and wildly informative in a way you’ve probably never been presented history before. I couldn’t recommend this podcast enough.
Just listen
The best history pod available and possibly one of the best podcast series period. Highly recommend!
Love this Podcast, but when is the next episode??
This is the best history podcast in the game, I just wish there was more. Does anyone have an idea when the next one is coming out??
The Celtic Holocaust is six hours long. It’s so good I listened to ALL of it. In one sitting.
I’m speechles
Wow just wow I speechless..... this guy can tell a story I wish school history was lol this
By far my favorite podcast!
Legendary podcast
I've relistened to every podcast so often I've lost track
Can’t wait for the next episode!
Over the top
I really wanted to be able to listen to this podcast. The content was good however there’s no consistency in tone and I kept having to turn the volume down and up. On top of that he though I appreciate him adding some life to the show he’s trying a little to hard and is a bit extra on the dramatics. The combination just made it too annoying to listen to.
Excellent Information
Very informative and entertaining without being over the top. Speculative information is always shared with a disclaimer and I enjoy the host’s interpretations of events.
It’s really good
Cthulhu fhtagn!
Just listen already
Great Series!
As a huge fan of history I really appreciated such an in-depth and captivating series. I feel that the First World War is overshadowed and not discussed as often as it deserves, so I found this podcast to be extremely interesting. I binged the whole series once I discovered it!
This is my favorite history podcast, and one of my overall favorites. It's informative, interesting, and thought provoking. Clearly, an enormous amount of research and other preparation time goes into it, so it seems churlish to wish it updated more often. Instead, thank you, Dan!
Thanks Dan
For all the work you and your staff put in sir thank you very much. These podcasts are so compelling that I listen to them more than once. I can totally unplug from the stress of today’s world to immerse myself into yesterday’s world it’s very enjoyable, this is literally the best podcast in the world imho . I have learned so much from these audio dissertations and have really enjoyed listening to them all.
Absolutely the best!
Jake in Texas
This is by far, the most extensive, intricate and engaging history podcast available. If able, I recommend you go to Dan’s website and buy the older podcasts not available anywhere else.
Dan Carlin History podcasts
New to podcasts but love military history. Easy to listen to and feel like I’m there. They way he speaks and tells the history is easy to hear and keeps you listening. The detail he goes through and the way he does it using info from all sides is extraordinary. When one is finished I Loo forward to the next. The 5 part Armageddon series has given me a much deeper understanding of WW1, a different perspective and a much greater appreciation of the impact of humanity of the conflict.
The best!
Simply, THE BEST!
Amazing, absolutely amazing.
I listened to every episode of “Blueprints for Armageddon” and it was incredible. I can’t imagine all the research he had to do to produce that! I loved the way Dan approached the topic with a relatively unbiased point of view. I’ve never heard it that way, and I think it’s important to remember that each life that’s lost is a tragedy, not just the ones on your side of the conflict. I had no idea there was so much that happened during WWI and I loved learning every bit of it. I really appreciate the amount of hard work that went into making this incredible podcast.
Amazing podcast
Dan makes history vivid, and doesn’t gloss over the dark or gory details. It isn’t macabre, it is informative. Not dry or dusty, he breathes life into stories you are familiar with, but don’t know details about.
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