August 13, 2019
The Elephant Man Pt. 2
Around 1886, after two years on the freak show circuit, Joseph Merrick was once again in the care of the London Hospital’s top surgeon, Frederick Treves. But even Britain’s best medical minds were unsure if they could explain Joseph’s disorder before it was too late.Parcasters - Thank you so much for listening to our new podcast!
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54 min
August 6, 2019
The Elephant Man Pt. 1
In 1867 in Leicester, England, five-year-old Joseph Merrick began developing strange symptoms - overgrown limbs, massive facial tumors, and rough, loose flaps of skin. His condition baffled doctors, terrified the public, and eventually launched him to nationwide fame as “The Elephant Man.”Parcasters - Thank you so much for listening to our new show!
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60 min
July 19, 2019
Welcome to Medical Mysteries!
Parcast's Original Show, Medical Mysteries brings high-stakes story-telling and intrepid investigation to the hospital, in a medical procedural for the podcast space. Every week, we follow desperate patients battling mysterious symptoms--from the bizarre to the terrifying--as determined doctors race against the clock for a diagnosis. Medical Mysteries premieres Tuesday August 6th. New episodes available every Tuesday on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Subscribe today!
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