July 31, 2019
In February of 2017 470lb Gormy went Keto! What brought him to that decision and how has his “Keto” evolved over these two years losing 248 pounds? Check out this solo episode of the Fat Guy Forum for all the details! Find Gormy on IG at @gormy_goes_keto, Twitter at @gormygoesketo and you can email the show at TheFatGuyForum@gmail.com! Don’t forget to give us a rating and review on iTunes or whatever platform you use!! Thank you and be sure to amaze yourself today!
July 28, 2019
Frank Campanella is a true culinary lion, the proverbial king of that jungle, and his life in the restaurant industry contributed to his growing weight problem. In this episode discover how his passion almost killed him bringing him to over 700lbs and now is a major tool in his quest to regain his health and life. He can still roar behind a stove with the best of them and now uses his powers for good! Gormy is excited to introduce you to Frank and promises you'll leave this episode with some new culinary tools in your armory! Find Frank's recipes at Culinarylion.com and his grilling secrets at Grilling24x7.com! Connect with him on Instagram at @culinarylionketo. Connect with Gormy on IG at @gormy_goes_keto or Twitter at @gormygoesketo
July 24, 2019
On this episode of the Fat Guy Forum, Gormy talks to Josh Pelant, a big guy he has known well for many years but has recently seen get focused on working on his health. Josh is just getting started on his journey to work on his relationship with food, his weight and his long time diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. What gets someone started on a journey that seems near impossible and why is Josh certain he is on the right path now? Join us and find out! Find Josh on Instagram at @pelsrenovation Find Gormy on IG at @gormy_goes-keto, on Twitter at @gormygoesketo and email the show at TheFatGuyForum@gmail.com
July 22, 2019
We're connecting with the THICCest most consistent man in the weight loss world today on the Fat Guy Forum. Alex Porro's love of Oreos and Mountain Dew brought him to 480lbs and hard work and consistency have cut over 250lbs off his body and added a ton of muscle. There ain't no shame in his game and we certainly dive deep in this great discussion Find Alex on IG at @porro92, and your host Gormy at @gormy_goes_keto on IG and @gormygoesketo on Twitter.  Got an idea for the show? Drop us a line at thefatguyforum@gmail.com!!
July 19, 2019
On this episode of the Fat Guy Forum I am introducing you to one of my heroes, Joel Reed aka @bigjreed on Instagram. Joel has lived more life in half the time I have spent on this planet dealing with family tragedies and loss at an early age, and an obsession with food that rivals my own that lead him to almost 500lbs his first year in college. What brought him there and what helped him escape those challenges? Let's find out together!  As always you can find your host Gormy on IG at @gormy_goes_keto or email the show at thefatguyforum@gmail.com!
July 17, 2019
Miles Russell knows meat, whether he's cooking it in the kitchen or packing almost 500 pounds of prime beef on his body! His perspective and story will show you how sometimes you need to stop giving in to your excuses and circumstances, and start taking action. He's also an excellent cook of meat and I might get him to spill some secrets and favorites, Carnivores won't want to miss this!! You can find Miles on Instagram at @Telechronn and as as always me at @Gormy_Goes_Keto! Email the show at TheFatGuyForum@gmail.com
July 14, 2019
At 14 years old Jonathan Shane aka The KetoRoad was almost 260 pounds and at a crossroads with his health. In this episode of the Fat Guy Forum we find out what brought him to that size, what he did about it and how the journey got more complex from there! I'm excited for you to meet the man who has become my coach and good friend as we talk the fat life, eating disorders and body dysmorphia.
July 2, 2019
As you might know, our host Gormy has last 300lbs, TWICE! How did he approach it? What does it take? And why can you do it too? Come find out this week on the Fat Guy Forum!
July 2, 2019
This week Gormy skips the diet talk and dives right into the realities of his life at 540 pounds. No punches are pulled so buckle up and get ready for quite the ride!
July 2, 2019
Welcome to the Fat Guy Forum! In this quick intro we meet our host Gormy and find out what the FGF is all about!
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