July 10, 2019
Interview with Tashia Stuart
On this episode Chris and Andrew interview Tashia Stuart. In 2011 Stuart was convicted of shooting her mother Judy Hebert 3 times and cleaving her head with an axe in Franklin County Washington. The murder was displayed by the state as a greedy ploy to financially profit off of Hebert's death, however Tashia claims it was self defense. On this episode Tashia Stuart answers questions about her life and the circumstances surrounding her crime.To hear additional weekly episodes subscribe to our Patreon for exclusive weekly 'Classified' episodes here www.patreon.com/criminalperspective
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46 min
July 2, 2019
The Transformation of John Miller
Chris and Andrew address a letter written to Chris by California multiple murderer and former death row inmate John Laurence Miller. Miller, who was convicted of 3 murders shares the story of his life, how he came to be in prison, and how he transformed himself in prison from psychopathic murderer to a respectable human being. Andrew and Chris analyze Miller's claims and methods of transforming himself into an emotionally stable and caring individual. Lastly they delve into the general science behind what blocks a psychopath from feeling empathy. Don't forget to check out our premium "Classified' episodes exclusively at www.patreon.com/criminalperspective
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35 min
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