August 9, 2019
Josh and Keenan finally did the breakdown of the Meregali match from Worlds. They talked about “mat justice” and how much (if ever) of a mat beating is it okay to give someone if they are bullying other people. And a brief discussion occurred regarding people who try to demote themselves when they feel their skills are inadequate. Keenan also may have suggested a new business model for FloGrappling. Huge thanks to our new sponsor Tap Cancer Out, our OG sponsor Sam The Tax Guy, and World Series of Jiu-Jitsu. Check them out and support those who support the Matburn Podcast. TapCancerOut.org www.linetax.net www.wsojj.com 
August 1, 2019
Josh and Keenan talk in depth about skin infections and proper etiquette when it comes to training while you have some funk growing on your body. Ringworm, impetigo, staph, mat herps, etc... don't train when you have shit on yourself. They talked about the legend that is Kyle Maynard, congenital quadriplegic super hero who can do anything that any other full-able-bodied person. From there, they talked about the challenge of trying to control Kyle in training and some of Kyle's unique jiu-jitsu attacks based on his body type. They talked a little bit about how to recover from injuries, as well as the ideal class structure regarding warm-ups, technique, and sparring time. Huge thanks to our sponsors Mariana's Open, the World Series of Jiu-Jitsu, and Sam the Tax Guy (Line Tax Services) www.linetax.net, 913-353-4300. Matburn listeners get 50% off their initial tax service.
July 27, 2019
Josh sits down with Professor Andre Galavo, 5x IBJJF Blackbelt World Champion, 2011 ADCC Double Gold Champion, and 3x ADCC Superfight Champion. Professor Galvao is arguably the greatest ADCC competitor of all time as he is the only athlete ever to win the ADCC superfight with a submission win, and he hold the record for longest reign as ADCC superfight champion (6 years as the champion). The previous record was 2 years. He is one of two founding members of Atos Jiu-Jitsu, (the other being Ramon Lemos), one of the most successful gi and nogi competition teams on the planet. He is currently preparing for his last ADCC superfight title defense against Felipe Pena which will take place this September (2019). Hinger and Galvao focus their conversation on training and competition mindset.
July 25, 2019
On episode 6, we talked about the good old penny-pinching travel days when we would try to get to tournaments by the cheapest and most uncomfortable means possible. Arm-rest battles on airplanes. We talked about scam artists and the most recent scam artist story which claimed adcc competitor @pichaelmerez as a victim. We briefly touched on the gi vs nogi debate and whether it’s optimal to specialize in one or the other, or to do both. We took a moment to remind everyone what a badass JT Torres is as he is preparing to face off against one of the most savage competitors on the planet, Vagnar Rocha. Lastly, we talked about the implosion of nogi jiu-jitsu and whether it is devolving into a game of wrestling with leg locks. Oh, and we talked about the failure of Mantis Guard. Big thanks to our sponsors @marianasopen, @worldseriesofjiujitsu, and Line Tax Services.
July 17, 2019
Josh and Keenan finally got their shit together and managed a semi-decent audio recording. They talked about Josh's last corporate job and education, and Keenan's 3 days of college before going into full-time jiu-jitsu. Keenan getting kicked out of a jiu-jitsu academy in Hawaii. They talked a little bit about the 10th Planet victory at the F2W/Subversive. Other topics include, the amazing Miyao-Miyaos, blackbelt degree promotions based on time vs effort, big guys who no one roots for just because they're big, Sensei Louis the weinersnitchel king of San Diego, nut stomping in training, and guys who think its cool to train 100% with girls with excessive dominance.
July 11, 2019
*Explicit Language* Josh and Keenan record this episode in Keenan's new Tesla (because today is Nikola Tesla's Birthday) while it's on its self-drive mode. They talk about sandbagging in jiu-jitsu competition and whether it's actually a thing or not. Also, they discuss competition mindset and whether its important to go into a match believing you will win versus using a more humble and conservative mindset. They breakdown the Disneyland brawl video and what is acceptable behavior when a female knocks out someone's mother. This leads to a discussion about sport bjj vs self-defense bjj. The best part about the episode is centered around the infamous "Luca Judo."
July 7, 2019
Josh and Keenan talk/argue about the very tricky topic of dating/hooking up with people at your academy, particularly the higher belt ranks pursuing the lower belt ranks, and whether jiu-jitsu rank even matters. Keenan's "Tinder trolling" days comes up briefly. They talk a little but about their long lost and very short-lived MMA aspirations. They explored some of the hateful YouTube comments from previous episodes, and Keenan goes off on a tangent about inner ear crystals and balance.
June 29, 2019
Host Josh Hinger and Sometimes Maybe Co-Host Keenan Cornelius talk about a wide variety of stuff including some jiu-jitsu stuff, such as ADCC and the failed Metamoris experiment,1 and some non-jiu-jitsu stuff, such as Teslas and the death penalty.
June 24, 2019
The Matburn Podcast: Episode 2. Topics include: climate change, jiu-jitsu insecurities, my own insecurities (according to Keenan), social media toxicity, and about a half dozen random topics. The audio should be better than episode 1. And we have a fireplace, so that’s cool.
June 24, 2019
Josh Hinger and Keenan Cornelius discuss and argue about various issues regarding the jiu-jitsu community including training room bullshit, competition strategies, why Keenan had to leave Atos, and they breakdown a few of the mat battles they've had in competition.
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