July 11, 2019
This week’s edition features Gülay Birand, UX Lead and Product Design Manager at Facebook, and Tim Rechin, Head of Design at Edmodo, the leading education technology company. Gülay and Tim share their experiences and explain design, UI/UX, how to build a career in these fields, and how entrepreneurs should think about them. Gülay and Tim bring experience from other great companies beyond just Facebook and Edmodo, including the likes of Google, Amazon, Mint, and SAP. Having seen and grown in their disciplines from across a variety of companies and customer types, they share both broad and deep insights from the tech industry.
June 25, 2019
This week’s edition of The Operators features Lorilyn McCue, product manager at the recently publicly listed company Slack, the fastest growing enterprise software company ever, and Jamal Eason, a senior product manager at Google, known as a training ground for great product managers. Lorilyn and Jamal explain what product management is and isn't, how to get good at it, and how entrepreneurs should think about product management as a discipline.  More at www.operators.co
June 17, 2019
This week’s edition of The Operators features Whitney Sales, a general partner at Acceleprise, the leading enterprise SaaS accelerator, and Russ Heddleston, founder and CEO of DocSend, a fast rising document management and sharing product. Whitney brings sales experience from Loopnet, Meltwater, SpringAhead/Tallie, and People Data Labs, before starting her own sales consultancy aptly named “The Sales Method.” Russ brings experience from founding and selling his first company to Facebook, before becoming the first sales person of the second company he founded, DocSend.  If you’ve ever had to convince anyone of anything, or are interested in a career in sales or starting a company where you will have to hire or manage sales people, you can’t miss this episode. More at www.operators.co
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