Well done
Really enjoying this format.
Another get listen
Keep up the great work Clay
So far not good
Contrived, biased and somewhat boring. Travis never pushes his guests and leaves the listener wanting more. Hopefully it gets better.
Just what I needed
This is a great podcast thus far and I can only expect it to get better (no pressure)! It’s a cross between “How I Built This” and “The Tim Ferriss Show” in that it takes leaders and all around interesting people in sports and they discuss how they got to where they are in a long form conversational format. It’s really just fantastic and I look forward to it each week! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Great Pod!
I listen over and over
Clay often comes off strong and people love to hate on him, but he’s a solid interviewer and he makes riveting conversations. I’ve listened to these over an dover.
Best interviews I’ve heard
frustrated with twitter
Clay at his best. Well done
Should be called “Story time with Clay Travis”
If you’re expecting to hear a guest talk about personal or professional “Losses”, you’re mistaken. Episodes feature top guests in sports, but Clay has generated softball, meandering interviews so far. Disappointing
My New Favorite Podcast
I’ve been a fan of Clay’s podcast and writing for a few years now, but this may be his best work yet. I love these long form interviews. Very informative and interesting. Clay does a great job asking pertinent questions and allowing the guests to answer in great detail. Well done Clay.
Clay is Great!
Though often misunderstood and mislabeled- Clay Travis is a fantastic facilitator of conversations. He’s as real as it gets.
The interview with Shannon Terry was great!! Good job Clay!
Willing to change rating
This initial episode with Jason Whitlock is dreadfully boring. I’m sure Clay will find his groove in time.
Great interview
Andyman E
The pace and transitioning were perfect and this format take out too or the hour breaks, advertisements, and having to ask a guest to stay through the break to get another 10-15 minutes with them. I felt like I was listening to a couple of friends chat on my kitchen. Great!
Great interview
Tris Duncan
What a fantastic interview. I can't say that I'm too familiar with Clay Travis, but I've heard him a little on Fox Sports, and although this is the first time I have heard him interview someone, I thought he did a remarkable job. The insight into his guest's life and journey was great to hear. I am writing this review after his first episode, where Travis had Jason Whitlock on the podcast. Let me start off in saying that I am quite a fan of Jason Whitlock, and really enjoy his show Speak for Yourself. I did not know him from his newspaper days, but I first saw him when he would guest host on PTI. I don't always agree with Whitlock, but I always find his views, which are usually thoughtful, very interesting. This interview gave me a look into Whitlock's life and journey. Travis asked some questions that Whitlock wasn't ready for, which let me know that these guys have some relationship, if not friends, and the interview felt real and honest. Please give this episode a listen, whether or not you like these guys, because they are both quite intelligent and it's great to get a look into people's upbringing, especially if you disagree with them. I have never written a review, and probably won't again, but I thought this was such a valuable listen. As I stated, I don't know much about Travis, but I will continue to listen, especially since he is smart enough to start this podcast with a great guest like Whitlock, and I will check out his other shows. As a young self-employed man in his early 30's from a working class family, maybe that's why I find a lot of value in Whitlock's story, but at the same time, we still have had quite different upbringings. Whatever the case, this first episode was one of the best things I have listened to in a long time. Thank you gentlemen. -Tristram Duncan
Not a chance.
Clay Travis and Jason Whitlock? I’d rather gouge my ear drums out with a spoon than listen to that dreck.
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