June 12, 2019
we back lets go! I break down NBA, NHL, FIFA, and MLB!
I breakdown the Durant injury, the Stanley Cup Final, The FIFA woman's World cup , and Baseball
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15 min
June 1, 2019
Champions League and The Raptors Game 2 preview + MLB Recap!
I talk about the UCL final, what each team can do to win. Also talk about what to expect from the raptors in game 2! plus MLB recap! LETS GO!
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17 min
May 23, 2019
We back! lets take a look at the week and how to dodge but not dodge high own players??
Force lines doing work to start the week, how we can work around high ownership, and how to build bank rolls using a different more patient strategic method.
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9 min
May 18, 2019
What The Heck happened yesterday? And a Few Thoughts on whats coming!
Degrom Still the Goat, Marlins Still bad, Soccer edge is huge and why InertiaForceSports.com is your DFS home , plus the Dodgers will pound the ball again.
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14 min
May 16, 2019
COLD STREAK WEEK how to handle DFS when its not FIRE!
I try to explain how to handle losing streaks in DFS and have a little fun with it why i explain what i do, and how i move forward!
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11 min
May 15, 2019
What is a Force line? New DFS way of Playing MLB!
I go through and explain what a "force" line is and how it can be very good for the new generation of DFS consumers! we all have lives! let me do the hard part!
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11 min
May 14, 2019
How to Pick Contests to play in DFS
Today we go through what is it you should be playing in DFS based on your bankroll!!
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10 min
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