June 18, 2019
How Do I Break Up With a Friend Who’s Holding Me Back? feat. Danielle Brooks, Chris Redd, and Yamaneika Saunders
Sometimes part of being an adult is unloading toxic energy in your life - let this episode be your guide. Special guest Danielle Brooks from Orange is the New Black never lets anyone steal her light, while Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Redd trashes someone’s office (deservedly). Plus, comedian Yamaneika Saunders offers up a master class in ending those friendships that just aren’t working. And Michelle shares some big news!
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49 min
June 11, 2019
Do I Have to Wash New Underpants Before I Wear Them? feat. Nore Davis, Sara Schaefer, and Ben Sinclair
Jordan has a close encounter with a mouse while Michelle tells the gospel truth to a hesitant dater. Nore Davis proposes. Sara Schaefer gets brave in the Grand Canyon. And Ben Sinclair tells Michelle and Jordan about losing his virginity.  
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44 min
June 4, 2019
Sock, Sock, Shoe, Shoe OR Sock, Shoe, Sock, Shoe? feat. Sasheer Zamata and Kate Walsh
Michelle and Jordan dig into some Adulting relationship basics. Rule number one: Don’t pay for a date’s drink entirely with quarters. Rule number two: Never fight with your partner in front of friends. They are joined by Sasheer Zamata who meets a magic witch at Afropunk and Kate Walsh explains why she was a “human mullet” in high school.
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May 28, 2019
What Should I Name the Baby? feat. Chris Distefano and Jim Gaffigan
Michelle and Jordan’s struggles with Adulting continue. Michelle shares a harrowing tale from a haunted bed and breakfast, while Jordan revisits a traumatic kickball experience. Plus, comedian Chris Distefano tries to protect a Brooklyn woman from a confrontation in an elevator and Jim Gaffigan explains how he ended up with so many kids.
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34 min
May 21, 2019
What Is an Acceptable Amount of Money to Spend on Pillows? feat. Naomi Ekperigin, Wyatt Cenac and Phoebe Robinson
Welcome to Adulting! The show where hosts Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos help us figure out how to grow the f**k up. Together. In this inaugural episode, Michelle and Jordan plan Naomi Ekperigin’s entire wedding in under a minute, Wyatt Cenac does his best muppet impression, and Phoebe Robinson shares some bathroom etiquette tips (which involve an open flame). Plus, some advice on what to do if you’re catching feelings for your dealer.
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43 min
May 10, 2019
Let’s Grow the F**k Up. Together.
Did you ever think being an adult would be this hard? Neither did hosts Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos. That’s why they’re talking it out with some of the funniest, most creative people around, including Jim Gaffigan, Wyatt Cenac, Danielle Brooks, Phoebe Robinson and so many more. Plus, they answer the questions that haunt us all, like “What is an acceptable amount of money to spend on pillows?” and “How do I stop watching Netflix?” Listen to this preview and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Episode 1 will be here before you know it! Let’s grow the f**k up. Together.
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