June 5, 2019
AI On The Job
Is AI really coming for all of our jobs? Or is fear of a robot takeover based on hype? To find out, host—and fellow human—Jessica Chobot talks with leading AI experts to uncover the source of the hype, reveal just how challenging it is to train a robot, and clearly define the role of machines in the workplace. In the “AI on the Job” episode of AI: Hype vs. Reality, you’ll hear Dave Graham from Dell Technologies explain the difference between job augmentation and replacement. Geoffrey Hinton- the “godfather of deep learning” and recipient of the 2018 Turing Award—gives insight into why humans fear robots to begin with. Andra Keay, managing director of Silicon Valley Robotics, deftly puts these fears to rest by relegating robots to tasks, not jobs. And Dylan Losey of Stanford University discusses why he thinks robots could use more of a human touch… literally. Finally, Jessica heads to Kindred in Toronto, where she talks to co-founder James Bergstra and learns to pilot the aptly-named SORT AI robot, putting it to the task of sorting online orders and answering the question: AI co-workers—hype or reality? Want to see how well Jessica can handle SORT?
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20 min
May 22, 2019
AI That Drives
Self-driving cars: the greatest automotive industry disruption since Henry Ford’s Model-T assembly line… just around the corner. Right? That’s the hype—but is it reality? Are we mere blocks away from our neighborhood streets and freeways being filled with autonomous cars? Find out in the premiere episode of AI: Hype vs. Reality, a new podcast and video series in which Jessica Chobot, veteran host of Nerdist News and Bizarre States, puts present-day artificial intelligence technology to the test in real-world situations. And separates the hype from reality. In this inaugural episode, “AI That Drives”, Jessica talks with Dell Technologies’ emerging tech lead, Dave Graham, to get some context behind the hype around self-driving cars and what’s standing in the way of autonomous cars taking over our roadways. Guest Ram Vasudevan from the University of Michigan discusses the #1 concern—safety—and the data behind predicting pedestrian behavior. And guest Tim Sylvester explains his company’s, Integrated Roadways, solution to moving mass amounts of data between cars and between the car and the road—turning the road itself into a smart wireless network. Finally, after Jessica speaks with Ragavan Thurairatnam, co-founder and chief of machine learning at Dessa about the challenges of programming self-driving cars, she heads to the University of Toronto to take an experimental autonomous car named Zeus out for a spin. Hear how her adventure ends (spoiler: not everything goes according to program) and decide for yourself: self-driving cars—hype or reality?
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22 min
May 6, 2019
Introducing AI: Hype vs. Reality
The latest show from Dell Technologies is here to separate the hype about artificial intelligence from the reality. Host Jessica Chobot talks with experts and goes out into the field to test out the latest applications of AI, from comedy writing to self-driving cars. Listen to this preview of the upcoming season and subscribe.
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