Moved and Inspired
The first 6 episodes kept my attention and had me eager to listen to the next; kept me sitting in my car not wanting to pause until later. The last episode had me in tears multiple times, moved by the goodness of humanity, in a podcast that had reminded me so clearly not to forget to not look away from the darkness of humanity. Great storytelling. Just amazing.
I’m blown away by this story and the reporting that went into telling it. What an incredible man Jim Reeb was! His compassion and love for humanity needs to be celebrated and spread far. Such an incredible podcast.
Thank You
Run Timmy Run
The entire series was enthralling!! Thank you for telling the truth about our history. Till we embrace the ugly and beautiful we can’t heal!
I was blown away by this podcast. So well done!
Deep reporting
Jd 2 from Texas
The commitment of these 2 Alabamans (Alabamians?) to getting answers, and the deep reporting and research involved in finding them, is very impressive.
Tom in D.C.
Powerful and compelling. Started and couldn’t stop. Fantastic reporting and production
Mayor of Melville
I had not known about the story. So listening to this fabulous piece of journalism had me on the edge of my seat and at times nearly in tears. Kudos to the entire production team for bringing all of the pieces of the puzzle together in such a way that the listeners could see everything too. I now want to listen to more NPR podcasts.
I was intrigued by this series the minute I heard the intro. The story is extensively researched & interesting. The first hand accounts & amazing investigative journalism to find people related to this story makes this series so great. As a New Yorker it was shocking & informative to hear such a wild yet true narrative of the South. I really enjoyed every episode & loved hearing the different perspectives. I hope you make more series on such topics. Learning about the truth & painful history this country has is a step forward to making wrongs right.
White Lies
Riveting and timely reminder of the racial conflict that we are still trying to resolve in our country. And it’s told well. I highly recommend.
From Lawfare to White Lies
Thank you Benjamin Wittes for turning me on to White Lies. Thank you NPR for your True Crime series. Thank you White Lies team for a fascinating series about the importance of truth.
Very Informative
KoKo 45
Well researched, much appreciated.
Phenomenal journalism
S Isabelle
Kudos to the entire team making this series possible. The effort has paid off. Thank you!
This is an unbelievable series. So good. I’m so glad those people spoke to the team and this came together.
Derry P
Fascinating and intriguing
White Lies - Selma story
Excellent series and reporting. I binged-listened all 7episodes. Outstanding and upsetting.
So far this series has opened my eyes my heart and my mind. Thank you.
History I wasn’t taught
Racism, like capitalism and freedom, is a core element of America’s history. At best we are taught superficial aspects of our history. This podcast goes deep to uncover a small, poor city’s secrets and lies. Extremely well researched and presented it is an engaging detective story, a detailed history of a pivotal time in the voting rights movement and illustrative of the profound differences in American cultures. I now have a much better understanding of the deeper underlying cultural forces that shape our current socio-political environment. Sadly, we have learned little. Research and presentations such as White Lies combined with a willingness to honestly look at history will help us approach our national promise.
Extremely Insightful
Laney Bomberger-Schmotz
This podcast was eye opening and thought provoking. It lead to several important discussions with my husband on history, empathy, politics, violence, and more. It also stood as a reminder of just how important investigative journaling is to unveiling the truth. (Side note: The music was also extremely moving.) I highly recommend giving this a listen.
Binged in a Day
I turned on this podcast out of curiosity while painting and proceeded to listen to the entire series before the day ended. The topic was engrossing and the podcast was really well done. I really respect and appreciate the years of work both reporters put into this - their investment, emotionally and physically was obvious and it really paid in dividends.
From the start I was hooked. Really well done story uncovering the truth about the Jim Reeves murder in 1965.
So good!!
Compelling journalism. Listen
Not to be missed!
When I read the synopsis, I thought, “Really? Is this something I want to spend my time with?” Take the chance on it! Totally engrossed right from the start.
Amazing work
Thank you for this! I knew this story but not from this perspective. You very respectfully wove the threads of research and facts together. It’s amazing what has evolved over the last 55 years and what has not
Only on episode one to be honest but it’s already rocked me to the core. It’s so well put together, good job people. Bracing myself for what’s next...
Unbelievably well done
Hammer - Clt
The story is not only heartbreaking but super fascinating. The producers do a marvelous job of engaging you throughout. Great listen for sure! I’ll also say that as a white southern male it breaks my heart that this happened to Jim Reeb.
Must listen Must Empathize
Wow! An amazing in-depth account of the real life tragedy of racism in America and the lives it has affected... including mine.
Closure and truth at last
A brilliant demonstration of determined investigative journalism. Wow. This will make watching Selma again a whole new experience. Thank you for bringing so much healing to most parties at the end.
GRITS girlraisedinthesouth
I finished listening with chill bumps all over me ! Thanks for reporting this most important story ! ‘Empathy is the greatest human power. To be able to feel for others and relate to them I think is the most important thing in the world because it’s the only way we can share this world – because without it there’s chaos.’
Penelope Ella
I just finished the series. It was, at times, very difficult to listen to. However, I am glad I stuck with it till the end. Hearing from the widow and children of the victim and the relatives of the killer left me hope for a better future. Thank you for your perseverance and hard work.
Rev Reeb
I already wrote a review of this moving and excellent podcast I’d like to hear more about Rev Reeb
Mob Mentality
White Lies captured the true essence of the racism prevalent in the south during those times. The story brought both tears, anger, and fury at the sense of injustice perpetrated by those residents of Selma who simply turned the other cheek to what they knew to be the truth.
Selma story with value -
This is on the surface the story of the murder of James Reeb in Selma during the civil rights conflict. While the goal seems to be to solve the murder the value to me was how it showed the reality of the level of brutality of race relations & consequences of fighting for civil rights. It is told by a man from Selma & focused on Selma then & now. Selmians may not like being known for all the evil done at that time but they might as well embrace & own the history now. There’s a fair amount of time wasted imo on the personal problems of the researchers trying to drum up & personalize the drama. It’s kind of amazing they got a meaningful profound story from a white on white murder at the very center in time and space of the black civil rights movement. Even in the final episode the town history jumps directly from geographic formation to white settlers. Plenty of primary sources & tape from the time. Worth listening to.
White Lies Tragedy
This story was intense, sobering and sad. I was often angry, discouraged and in the end hopeful. We simply cannot let stories like this die. There is too much of our future entangled in our past and present. I hope many more stories are unearthed in this manner, so we may look in our own mirror to determine if we are a part of the problem or solution.
I just finished episode seven. I can’t recommend this podcast enough. Meticulously researched and professionally made. So informative, and equally entertaining. I basically binged it in less than a week. I am ashamed that I didn’t already know more about the life and death of Jim Reeb. Thank you NPR. Very well done, Chip and Andy.
Thank you for this
Well done! This is so significant and just great investigative journalism.
White Lies - Listen Everyone
What an amazing podcast. Eye opening. Shaming. Great journalism into the darkness of our country’s past. I hope that many more people listen and learn.
You won’t be sorry!
This is well worth your time! It is thoughtful, insightful, and seeks to understand how our history impacts the present.
Great research and reporting
I’m so glad I got to listen to this story and the resolution to the questions from 1965. I would have liked to know if the descendants of Elmer Cook would have felt the same if the man their ancestor murdered was black instead of white.
A reminder not all things are in the past
So amazing. Couldn’t stop listening.
Incredible and heart wrenching story.
So glad I came upon this podcast.
Fantastic and so important
This is the first time I’ve felt compelled to write a review, even among all the great podcasts I hear. It’s incredibly well done, very interesting, and feels like work that if they hadn’t done it it would get lost forever. I sincerely hope that this type of work continues. It flows like a thriller. Thank you, creators and NPR.
Eye-opening series, but not surprised!
I listened to this after traveling to Alabama to visit the Peace & Justice Memorial and the Legacy Museum. Y’all did a great job following up and digging through history, the lies, and the “onion layers”. This story just further reinforces that our country has a long way to go when it comes to confronting its racist, white supremacist, and painful past. We all have the responsibility to push ourselves and our fellow Americans to open their eyes and push the US to be the best country in the world.
unomounus guy
This was the most incredible Podcast I’ve ever listeners to.
Must listen to the very end ! Helps us understand our own meanings of truth and how we are shaped by those meanings and the importance of believing that seeking the truth saves us.
Incredible and heart wrecking.
I’ve always known there was racism in the world, but I’ve never been introduced to it like this before. It is terrifying to know that hatred like this exists. I highly recommend this podcast.
Love the reporting
Though this narrative is not one I have had a vested interest in as I did not even know about it until listening to the podcast, the journalists that tell the story are amazing. They cover all the bases, so I am not left with any big questions. And they’re actually entertaining and don’t take themselves too seriously allowing for pauses along the way to acknowledge what a crazy story this actually is. Even though I did not expect this to be the way the story goes, I am loving the perspective they provide.
This was an incredibly gripping tale
I couldn’t stop listening. This story was incredibly well researched, brilliantly told and spell binding. Kudos to the journalists who dug deep, unearthed the truth and told us. Investigative journalism at its very best.
It seems weird at first but then it hits you
Gray duck
Your listening to an investigative retelling of a story that is part of history. The narrative is set into history books and other research already why would we need to tell it again. Then, around episode 3 it all become clearer, history is repeating itself and the reason why will surprise you, if you’re white.
Thank you
Thank you so much for sharing this story! I had no idea because it’s not something that is often discussed in schools. It was so informative, well spoken, and produced!!! Please continue to create more!!!!!
Murder in the Deep South
Most of everyone has some knowledge of the racism and civil activism of Selma, Alabama. This podcast tells the story of a white minister who was murdered on the downtown streets of Selma in front of many of the towns people and the following coverup. Tragic and infuriating this series does an excellent job of diving into the small town’s past and shining light on the outlandish racism of the people. It’s a must listen!
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