July 30, 2019
11. How to Organize your Life & Day to Maximize your Time
How to organize your life & day to maximize your time.
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19 min
July 15, 2019
10. How I Opened a Business at 20, Pt. 2: How to Get Started
How to start your own business.
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40 min
July 8, 2019
9. A Little Bit of Everything; Food Combining, What to Believe in the Diet Industry, Weekly Goals, & More
We talk about all the goods from food combining to weekly goals to beauty community drama.
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27 min
July 1, 2019
8. Idolizing an Old Version of Ourselves: Learning to Move on & Grow
Why we need to stop idolizing our old selves.
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32 min
June 24, 2019
7. How to Create a Healthy, Habitual Lifestyle: Creating Habits to Achieve your Goals
How to create & keep goals that will work in your favor of achieving your life long goals.
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36 min
June 17, 2019
6. Is College a Scam? My Thoughts on Higher Education
Is college in today's society a scam?
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35 min
June 10, 2019
5. How to Budget your Life: Work/Life Balance, Managing Social Life, & You-Time.
How to manage and budget your time.
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35 min
May 27, 2019
4. The One That ~Almost~ Got Away: My Love Story with Matt
How I knew it was the right idea to get back together with my ex boyfriend.
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38 min
May 19, 2019
3. How I Opened a Business at 20, pt. 1: My Spin Story
Part 1 of how I opened a spin studio at 20 years old.
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42 min
May 13, 2019
2. My YouTuber Life in LA: How I Knew I Didn't Want to be a YouTuber in LA
What being a YouTuber in LA is really like, and how I knew it wasn't for me.
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43 min
May 5, 2019
1. I'm Confused
I am more confused than ever with health & nutrition.
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42 min
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