Great show. Perfect change of pace with the fast hitting content and humor. People bitchin’ about the sound effects are pompous stiffs. Everything about it is great!
I like it
Great info
Need more
pin grinder
Perhaps cals half week in review. And please forever use that “blouch” snippet from Steve I look crazy at work laughting at this pod cast
Informative and concise
Fan in Oregon
Been a long time listener of the Meat Eater podcast you have been a part of and it can be a little long for the time I have available to listen. I’m not upset about the length but it’s nice to get a quick update focused on outdoors stuff. The background effects took a little time to get used to but I’m warming up to them. Nice job and please keep it up.
Best outdoor news/entertainment podcast on the interwebs!
A quirky funny speed race thru the new and interesting happenings in wildlife and conservation and/or hunting and fishing that stays on point to broaden our horizons! Only complaint is that it only comes out once a week.
Great show !
This is my only source of information of this kind. I love everything about it. Keep up the great work !
Great format and content, keep it up!
Cals great
I love how conservation minded he is, he has made me rethink a lot of things about hunting. Cal brings a lot of good facts to the table.
Interesting and digestible news in the world of wildlife and conservation. Today I even impressed my coworker: she said she really liked ravens and I asked her if she knew the difference between ravens and crows and we talked about tail feathers. She’s probably very impressed with my corvid conversation. Thanks Cal!
I dig it!
Cal’ week-in review, review.
I love the quirky storytelling, the in depth analysis of the stories being told and the quirkiness of the stories. Full of statistics and great information. (One to many quirks) This podcast is much like Cal’s mustache, straightforward and amazing. 👍🏻🇺🇸
Awesome Show
I love the quick, packed, scripted, format. Every episode is engaging and thought provoking, just listened to the Bear episode and appreciated the discussion of the ownership of animals—not new content, but concise, clear, and thoughtful. The meat eater podcast is like a bunch of cool dudes talking around a campfire for 2 hours. This is a welcome companion, concise, entertaining, and thought provoking, just the facts and quick analysis. I enjoy both shows but for very different reasons.
Cal is hilarious and I’ve found these to be very insightful. Short and sweet, straight to the point
Short and Sweet
Cal keeps his show short and sweet with tons of great iinfo and facts. LOVE IT!!!
My weekly news report
I love this podcast. It has the feel of an old radio news bulletin. Always interesting and to the point, i could burn through 3 hours of these reports daily.
Pleasantly surprised
When I first heard that Cal was getting a podcast I was skeptical. I really like his contributions to the Meateater (podcast and TV show) but I thought that the brand was becoming too inundated with similar Podcasts. To my surprise, Cal’s format is great and a nice change to from the other podcasts that the Meateater offers.
Love this little podcast. A wealth of knowledge
Real deal Holyfield podcast right here!
Ole Cal is a meat eater OG and one bad moe fo! 5 stars!!!!
Best news on the web
This show smells just the way it should.
Good stuff Cal
Card scanner
Excellent show Cal!! Short and sweet and very informative. Thanks.
No B-S
Here is a man who understands what people want, interesting news stories with little-to-no added fluff. Although, if I had to listen to a man pontificate, Cal would be worth the time. Keep it up!
Cals podcast is great!
I’m so happy Cal has a podcast now; he’s a great outdoorsman and an essential part of the meat eater crew. I love hearing his perspective on things. Keep it up Cal! My only complaint is you should make it longer 😂
Great snack!
Lots of good wildlife and habitat stuff crammed into a short, punchy podcast. Love it!
Great Pod
Short as informative
Good Ole Cal
Colfax California Meateater
I enjoy the mustachioed musings, superior intellect and mediocre sound effects. Well done chap!
Best Morning Listen
By far the best podcast I’ve found for coffee makin and wakin up.
Is Cal still single?
He’d be a heck of a catch for some lucky lady.
I don’t leave reviews
I don’t bother leaving negative reviews. I don’t bother leaving reviews for things that are only acceptable.
Great podcast
When I initially decided to write my first podcast review (this one), I thought I would say that this is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. But then I realized, the quick show format and outdoor/conservationist nature of the facts and stories make this easily one of the most anticipated podcasts that I download each week. Being from Florida, most of the news I hear is about crazy criminals. It is nice for someone to talk about our better side. Keep it up Cal!
Well you stole my idea for a podcast but I’m so glad you did Cal. I’m in LOVE with it, short and to the point and extremely interesting. Keep em coming!
Fun facts
This is a really fun pod cast. Even thought they are short episodes you feel like you’ve listened for an hour!
Thanks Cal
Packed with learning. Fun quick format.
All the knowledge without Steve waxing philosophically for hours. Just kidding I love Steve too.
My mom’s weird uncle.
Amber Dextrous
Cal reminds me of my mom’s uncle Ted. He lived in a little shack way back behind our cabin when I was a kid. Totally off the grid, he’d bring us kids odd smelling and tasting strips and balls of meat and had the strangest stories and information about the animals, fish, and people around the area. This podcast is a serious throwback to my childhood, very entertaining and great info from good old Uncle Cal!!
Best MeatEater podcast yet
CG Seattle
All of the entertaining info, none of the chatty BS. Keep it coming, Ol Cal!
Love the science and humor
Cal keeps my son and I thoroughly engaged and laughing with his scientific details and personal insight. Keep it coming!
Straight up info!
Good clean useful info that I didn’t know I needed to know!!
Great entertaining info!
Northern grower
Love this show! Great job Cal!
Cash money
A Disappointed Yakker
Tremendous. Keep em coming! Really enjoy the show.
Thanks Cal
Humble hunting and fishing data dishing without the bs.
It’s all about the Stache!
It’s Cal who don’t want to hear Cal?
Love it!
Freakin awesome. Don’t lose the sound effects
Good Quick Show
I like the sound effects.
Short hand
It’s kinda like the meat eater pod cast but much shorter and straight to the point. Great listening if your a hunter fisher or just curious of the out doors. Love it. Keep up Cal.
Right to the point...
Gives you interesting week facts and stories without all the fluff like normal media. Keep it up
I only wish the episodes were longer! But I know yal made short and sweet on purpose keep it up!👌
So far so good, lose the sound effects.
Just help’n a brotha out
I like the personalities of the Meat Eater crew. Reminds me of my old hunting “teammates”. Thanks guys
Just Give Me tha DATA
CM Dux
Love that this is a quick data dump. Makes for interesting conversations and you learn a lot.
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