oops sorry
Katrina Daly
this is going to sound like i am a terrible person but i swear i’m not that bad. when i was in first grade, we hatched chicks and my entire class was so excited. we were transferring eggs from one incubator to another for some reason and my friend and i were so good at it so my teacher told me and my friend to do the rest. i was transferring the second to last egg and i tripped on a chair leg and it FELL AND BROKE. i had no idea what to do so i went to the teacher and blamed it on my friend and she didn’t get in trouble so i didn’t feel as bad about passing it on to her but i felt and still feel so guilty about that chick :( in other news, i love you guys and i’m ready for MILESNATION merch
a secret secret secret
Appsforeva 🔥
hi, my secret is that one of my favorite celebrities follow me on instagram and i don’t know how to act, i asked my friend for help and she didn’t know what to say. any advice?
Juicy Secret
AshleyWalker 12345
Hey guys absolutely love love love the podcast and videos A couple years ago I went to a party on the last day of school, it was one of those were people got so drunk, they literally were throwing up on each other. The guy that I liked at the time was also there and I really wanted to hang out with him. He got kinda drunk and I started harmlessly messing with him until he sobered up and we went on a walk out in the neighborhood. He then admitted that he had wanted to kiss me. It was my first kiss and the reason I’m telling you this is because he had a girlfriend at the time. We promised each other that we wouldn’t tell anyone and I don’t even think his girlfriend at the time knows. I still to this day regret it, but I still smile at the thought of it. Am I a horrible person??? - Ashley W.
Advice from TryPod
Hey TryGuys, Love your guys videos also Miles! Keep up the good work! But I need some advice I hope you read this. If you don’t I understand. But love you guys and here is the tea. So I am in high school right now and it’s my junior year. I am dating this guy let’s called him Robert. Robert attend my high my freshman but left and didn’t come back his sophomore year. At the end of sophomore about to become a junior I was complaining how single I was and such. Because all my friends at the time were dating someone. Also I told them that I wouldn’t have dated anyone by the time school year starts. I was wrong she went looking online for people for me. At some point she texted me about him. Then she exchanged our numbers then we started talking. We had a lot in common and was very awkward and shy when we met. But lucky when we met for the first time we had some friends with us. So fast forward the school year has started. Robert doesn’t go to my high school but tried to. Robert met me at my school for a dance. But was very awkward and shy with me there. He was really talking with me one on one. He talked to some old friends at the dance. And honestly I felt like I was friend and not dating. Robert is an introvert and very shy person. But he saw old friends he opened up. When his old pals left and we were one on one he closed up. I was trying to do some small talk. But honestly it ended up us standing awkwardly together. When I messaged Robert he talks so much but in person not much. I am a ambivert so I can understand sometimes. But then later the next day after the dance he messaged saying he was sorry about being so closed up with me I don’t know. How can I get close with him? How do I make him feel comfortable around? What should I do TryPod? Please help me…
Secret kissing
Hi everyone (if you read this on the podcast) so a while ago my best friend Chloe stayed at my house. We were in my room watching YouTube on her phone and we were laying together (I have a twin size bed) well later that night around 10PM we were looking at each other and then she kissed me (my first kiss. But we both had a boyfriend at the time) so we are kissing for a while (basically making out) and then we go to sleep.... pass a few weeks she comes over again to spend the night and we end up kissing again. I had to tell someone so I told my friend Headlock and she ALWAYYS wanted us to be a gay couple so she was SOOO happy for it. To this day only 3 people know about the kiss. And that is also how I found out I was pan. Ps. I love you all, you are doing an amazing job ❤️ and you said if you wanted to get it read to just keep sending it in so that’s what I’m doing
Runaway bride??
I’m in school to become a minister and the church has a rule against living with someone before marriage. I was secretly living with my fiancé for 8 months, but the guilt finally drove me to beg him to elope. The day before we were supposed to get married my best friend called me to see how I was feeling. She then proceeded to try to talk me out of getting married and I actually considered it. I looked at plane tickets to Europe, but I didn’t have the guts to uproot my life. I have never told my husband this. Shortly after our wedding, I got very sick and have been in and out of hospitals. He has never left my side and has actually saved my life with CPR. I have never been so loved by anyone in my life and I can’t imagine my life without him. Today is our 1 year anniversary. Somehow, I’m still friends with the girl who tried to break us up, but I don’t know that I will ever trust her judgement again.
I love you guys but now that you live in California please learn how to pronouce Nevada correctly! My secret is in college I volunteered at a therapy office. There was a guy there that was very attractive and we had a lot in common. Signing on to volunteer, ethics say you cannot having personal relationships with clients. Well I had a relationship with the guy that lasted for a couple months. No one knew.
My sercet
Alexandra Rene
When I was in second grade, my step sister and I were best friends. We would always play in the basement of my mothers house after school. One day I thought it would be fun to slide down the banister. I aced it. I then went to convince my step sister to follow suit and try as well. She was scared so she slide like a sloth holding onto a tree. She lost her grip and proceeded to roll over the banister and fall onto our concrete floor and break her arm in three places. I ever told anyone and she never tattled on me. Love the pod. I listen on my way home from school every Thursday. ❤️
I watch the try guys
Hi guys, it’s (insert name here). So about a year ago my sister told me to not watch a few channels. One of them was the Try Guys. She might have thought that you guys were too mature for me, or she might have not wanted me to watch what she is. Well guess what (insert sisters name here) I watch them! One time at the dinner table she was watching Keith’s Pizza Hut eat the menu. She found one of the jokes hysterical and told us. ( it was the breadstick joke) When I was watching it after dinner, I heard the joke, and realized she was watching you guys too.
Killing my babysitter
Hi I’m Casey what fake name is Keith gonna make up now. When I was ten I watched the purge where everything is legal for 24 hours. The next night my mom had work and my dad had band practice and they got me a babysitter named Ashley, I HATED Ashley. Then that night I had a dream where it was the purge and I started sleepwalking to the kitchen and I grabbed a knife and continued to sleep walk to the guest room where Ashley was asleep but in my dream I got shot in the head so I woke up. I then checked the baby monitor camera and I watched all the footage back and could not believe myself! Ashley never woke up and I haven’t told anyone since.
Microwaving Food
I microwave food at random numbers. One day I will feel like a 2:13 day or a 3:28 day.
My secret is that I had a crush on this girl in my grade last year but now I’ve realized how annoying she is. So this summer I was in a play with one of her friends and some of the cast was going out for ice cream. Somehow the subject of the girl I used to like came up. I had basically forgotten that her friend was even there because she wasn’t talking all, so I said “I hate her.” Then my friend who knew about my crush said “How can you go from liking her to hating her so quickly?” And since I forgot that her friend was there I never said not to tell my former crush that I used to like her, so now she probably told her that I used to like her. Me and the girl I used to like are also going to be in a lot of the same classes next year, so if she knows that I used to like her it’s going to be super awkward.
You're so great
I'm a relatively recent listener and a new emerald triceratops. Thank you for taking the time to make the TryPod; it helps the day go by and always improves my mood. A secret: When I was in middle school I used to sleep over at a friends and we would sneak out at night. I would secretly pack black clothing and we'd change out of our pajamas and just walk around, blending into the night. One night we ended up at a construction site and we played around on the excavators and stuff. For like a month afterward I was terrified we'd be found out because my friend told me later that she'd broken the window on one of the machines.
Never ever do a podcast without miles. Ever.
Conspiracy Theories
Love listening to you guys while I drive!! Have any of you ever seen the YouTube video about how Back to the Future predicted 9/11? Check it out 😂
A secret that I’m very hesitant to leave
I lost my virginity 5 years ago to an older gentleman on my 21st birthday. We had some drinks that lead to a one night stand. I didn’t know anything about him besides his name and what he did for work. After my birthday, I didn’t really hear from him until 5 years later when my girlfriend of 7 months asked me to have dinner with her parents. I show up to Sunday dinner with my beloved girlfriend’s parents and the guy I lost my virginity to is my girlfriend’s father. Her parents have been divorced since she was little and have been amicable ever since so there was no home wrecking done on my part but my girlfriend’s dad and I have an unspoken agreement to never speak of it and to take it to the grave. It’s been 2 years and it’s never come up but I’m always tense during thanksgiving and Christmas that my secret will come out over dinner.
Not My Juicy little secret but...
My Fiancé’s. He used to use dating sites to meet and date women. He has used site like Zooks and Christian Mingle and Apps like Tinder. I think my favorite site he told me he used only a few times was one to pick up Cougars I unfortunately don’t remember the name. And if you’re wondering yes he did go out on a date with a few on them. But who drove you may ask? Well he would walk to the Taco Bell around the corner from his parents house and they would pick him up there. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. I hope you guys enjoy his secret.
Prank War goes terribly wrong
Hey Try Guys, love your podcast and overall work. My Junior year of high school we went on a choir tour to LA. Me and three of my best friends were sharing a hotel room and one of us started a prank war. It was then our friends turn to be pranked, let’s call him Jared. While he was in the shower, we picked the lock. Then one of us ripped the curtain open, another punched him in the gut, and I took a picture with my disposable camera. Hours later we went to knottsberry farm. I went on a rollercoaster and left the camera on the shelf outside the ride. I came back and the camera was GONE. We joked around for years that some pedo took the camera or that someone from our class developed it and cherished the photo. It’s been 13 years and we have never figured out what actually happened to it. We didn’t tell the teachers or parent guides that were on tour with us. And it is honestly the only crazy story I’ve never told my wife.
Friend laughed at me while crying
mytical pegion
So I just found out recently that my “friend” put my on speaker while I was crying in front of her other friends. I’ve suffered a lot of my weight since I was a child and now being a young adult in college. Either way she put me on speaker phone while I was crying and muted herself while I was crying and said “I don’t know why she can’t work out and just fix it” in front of her other friends laughing. She doesn’t know what I know that it happened . I feel violated and humiliated in a way that I trusted that person with my personal life and to be exploited in that way. However the call happened around may when we were all going to prom and I was having a mental breakdown trying to find a prom dress and couldn’t find a suitable dress. I just found out in about this this August. So try guys what should I do ? Confront her or just let it be.
Great pod!
I wish I had some kind of secret to share, but I can’t think of anything! Regardless, I love the pod. You guys are funny and real and just downright cool cats, ya know? But I gotta say: Ned’s closing line makes me cringe. It’s the literal worst. If he chose to do something less deep and breathy it would make the pod so much better!
Love the Live Show, not the ER Visit afterwards
I went to the Philly Live Show and loved it. On my way home, I walked down the subway steps, rolled my ankle & caused a sprain. Now your final stop of the tour will forever be linked in my mind to a trip to the ER. But hey, at least the Popeye’s chicken you threw at us wasn’t bad.
please read or i will be sad
I got into a fight at school with a girl who started it by saying that I was flirting with her boyfriend. I was not. She threw a punch at me, which I dodged then punched her square in the nose. Long story short I ended up breaking her nose but I didn’t get into that much trouble because I said it was “self defense”. The school ended up calling my parents but they didn’t answer so it went to voice mail. I got home before they did and I ended up deleting it. And that was the story of the time I broke a girls nose and got away with it. Oh and her and her boyfriend broke up shortly after that and I still talk to him on the regular!!!! Also what up miles nation
A thank you and a secret.
Patrick Feltner
First off I love you guys and all your content. I’m getting married in October and I’ve been super stressed. This podcast is a great way for me to relax so thank you so much. My secret: Around 2007 I was staying the night with one of my friends at his place. There was a group of about 7 or 8 of us, all around 17 years old. It was a great time and the night went pretty smoothly. Later the next day, after most people had went home, my friends mother started going on and on about a missing ear ring. She was known to be a bit crazy and over dramatic. After an hour of searching she begins to accuse two friends who had been there for the first time the night before. They were already gone so they weren’t there to defend themselves. We mostly ignore her claims, because who would steal just one ear ring and not the pair? Plus it wasn't valuable. She eventually tells my friend that those two are not allowed to ever come back. Cut to several hours later. I’m with my girlfriend at the time and we are walking into Walmart. I reach into my pocket and what do I feel? The ear ring. It then hits me that the night before I found it laying on the floor and picked it up. I have a bad habit of fidgeting with small objects in my hands. Apparently I had been using it that night and must have place it in my pocket without thinking. Instead of calling my friend telling him that I found his mothers missing ear ring, I fear that I will be called a thief despite my innocence. So I took the ring and disposed of the evidence in a trash can. I’ve never told another living soul of my mistake. My friend will still bring that story up from time to time and just blame it on his mother being crazy.
My secret
So one time when I was in middle school my friends were telling scary stories; because that’s what us middle school girls did way back when. So my friend (Audrey) tells us a story about a ghost in her house. At first I was like I ain’t scared of no ghost, but when she was telling the story I could feel chills all over my body. The story goes like this: she(Audrey) was in her kitchen one night getting some milk to drink. As she opened the fridge to get the milk she saw this white figure standing by the island. At Friday she thought it was her sister because the ghost was a girl. So she ignored it. Then it started to stared at my friend and started come close and closer to her. It got close enough to see the ghosts face. She looked like she was in her 20s and in a wedding dress. My friend said she just ran to her room, locked the door, and hid under her blankets until she woke up the next morning. But she never saw the ghost again. Ever since that story I’ve been afraid of the dark and afraid of going to her house while it’s dark out. But my secret is I’m afraid of the ghosts and the dark. Anyway you guys are awesome and really make my day even when I’m really mad you guys seem to find a way to make people laugh and be happy. Best of luck👏🏽👉🏽❤️
Senior week secret
The week after the semester ends during senior year of college we had senior week where my university has all kinds of trips. One night was a local bar crawl. Needless to say, my friends and I had way too much to drink and had to leave early. On the cab ride home, the driver had to pull over once and I decided to open the door and roll out. Luckily my friends got me back in. When we finally got to the house, I did the same thing. I ended up with bruises and scrapes all over my arms. Two days later at graduation, my family asked what happened and I told them I had it was from packing. They still don’t know how incredibly drunk I got that night and what really happened.
I have a secret disclaimer it’s not that bad: In 3rd grad I had a teacher and she said that we were going to go to lunch late and I got upset and I rolled my eyes. And you guessed it, she saw me, of course. And I got in trouble and she marked my paper and so I decided to mark it off with an eraser off my pencil. My teacher the next day saw my paper and she said what happen to the paper? I said, “I don’t know” she said you do. I go no.I.didnt. So to this day she still thinks that it just disappeared 😂😂😂😂😂 Love the pod.❤️
Dude this changed my life
Blank canvas podcasts are neat.
Don’t tell mom
When I was 16 my best friend had been teaching me how to drive for a while, in parking lots and in low speed neighborhoods. I did NOT have my permit yet. I told my older sister about the lessons, and she wanted to take me driving. First time driving on the highway, then took some backroads into town. A car pulled out in front of the car in front of me, they stopped, I didn’t. We rear-ended them going about 35 miles per hour, causing $30,000 worth of damage to the car. We had just enough time to look at each other, she hopped out and ran around the car, I jumped over the gear shift, and a cop pulled up seconds later. No one knows I was driving, I sprained my ankle from trying to break, otherwise no other injuries. I love you guys so much. I have watched you since the beginning on buzzfeed. I just started listening to the podcast, I’ve blown through the first 11 in three days. I’m definitely going to have to join the patrion to get more content for my addiction.
The juiciest of secrets!
I just wanna say, I love all of yall so so much and I was super bummed that I couldn’t go to the live show in my area. For the juicy secret, Miles can also give advice! A two in one. So here goes: My fiancé and I have been together now for 3 years. He told me a few days ago that he wants to end our relationship, but we have to keep living together until we’re both financially stable enough to live on our own. We have a sort of symbiotic relationship going on financially. This is a secret though because we haven’t told anyone. He wants to wait to start telling our friends and family. Our breakup has left me emotionally crushed and I don’t know if I can stand to live with him in this situation. What should I do? Thank you guys for everything. I look forward to watching your goofy videos every week because they make me laugh, and considering everything going on right now, I need every bit of happiness I can get. Much love, A fan
Secret alert beep beep
I was secretly in a relationship (sorta) with a guy I was in a musical ensemble with. He said he kept our relationship secret because you’re not supposed to date people in musical ensembles like we were in, and he feared we’d get kicked out; I think he kept our relationship a secret because he didn’t really like me. I could tell that our secret relationship was about to end, and another guy in our music group was interested in me, thinking I was single. When the secret guy dumped me, I started dating the other guy. We were very open about our relationship, and didn’t get in any trouble ! The thing is that the secret ex is friends with my current not secret bf. My bf and I are still together, but I don’t ever think I’ll tell him that I was secretly dating that other guy. I hope that my secret ex won’t tell him either. It will remain... A SECRET FOREVER! I love you guys and the podcast :)
New Merch Idea
Japers Wit
"Oh no, we're masterbating!" New quote shirt... I want it! 🤣🤣
hi guys. My secret is that one time my girlfriend and I went to the movies and since she was on crutches we had to go in the elevator and to get through this door into the upstairs theaters from the elevator. To get through the door you have to knock on the door for the staff to open it. But I had to bang on it REALLY loudly and I was really kind of embarrassed while doing it. The staff opens the door and we come out right next to the snack bar and we were laughing hysterically because the staff didnt come to the door until we were knocking REALLY loud. Btw Im non-binary and I love your podcast and YouTube channel.
My secret is still happening
Hey guys! Love you 5 (obviously by now Miles is an honorary Try Guy member) So my secret is that I am kinda in love with my roommate. We’re going on two years of living together. I had a pretty minor crush on him when we first moved in, but since then it’s gotten infinity worse. This has led to all kinds of rash decision making, BUT I haven’t actually just come out and said it to him. I’m not sure if he does or doesn’t know, because I feel like I’m pretty obvious but honestly he seems kinda clueless. I don’t have any plans to tell him since we live together and he just started dating again. Let tell you, it’s been ROUGH.
The New Girl!
It is only a matter of time before Eugene leaves the tryguys for bigger and better things and is replaced by Miles as the 4th tryguy.
My secret from a BLACKPINK FANATIC
SUPER SALACIOUS I had a crush on a guy in my science and social studies classes. He had a girlfriend so I did back off but still liked him. My then childhood friend/neighbor was a person I would do anything with. I realized that I did not like the first guy at all after I loved spending time with my neighbor. I forgot completely about the first guy and may actually kinda sorta like my neighbor now. He is super sweet and he truly knows me but does not know that I like him. Fake Name Idea! - BananaFanana You guys are amazing, keep being you! I screamed when Eugene did BlackPink
My fav go to podcast. (Secret veggie cooking disaster)
victoria's secret?
My secret is that when I was in college I decided to make potato soup. My best friend’s little sister was a sophomore and I was a senior at the same university, as someone who she looked to for guidance and about the only person she knew who can cook well, I decided that she would help me make my grandma’s cheesy potato soup. There was a time crunch on making this soup because when we were buying the ingredients it was about 4pm and we were having several people over at 6 or 7 for the meal. 3 of these people were vegetarians, one because of ethical reasons, one because she didn’t like the taste of meat, and the other just went vegetarian to prove something to herself. So we got to the store and started grabbing ingredients as I read through the ingredient list on the recipe. We got to the part of the store to get the broth for the soup and I realized that the recipe I’d been hyping up to my vegetarian friends actually called for chicken broth. I quickly looked for substitutes but couldn’t find anything that would work in the cheesy potato soup in this midwestern store. So I swore my bestie’s sister to secrecy about the fact that we were feeding chicken to our vegetarian friends. We made the soup and it turned out perfectly. And we even got a ton of complements from the vegetarian friends on the soup. I still feel slightly guilty almost 3 years later. Also- This is my favorite podcast (along with hidden brain) and I treasure whenever these come out! Lots of love!
Help please good secret
Hi I am 13 years old. I have been out as gay for 3 years. I am very feminine and I feel like I am letting down my dad. Because I am not a sport type. What do I do to have look at like I am good enough?
I’ve been a fan since day 1 and excited to have this podcast as my daily drive routine
This isn’t my juiciest secret, I have plenty more maybe for another day. But this is something I’ve been dealing with recently. I went to college and racked up a ton of debt. I thought I paid it all off, but of course there was one more loan I didn’t pay off. This ruined my credit score and currently my long term boyfriend and I are trying to move into a new place. I have horrible credit and I haven’t told him yet and it may make our chances of getting a place even harder or impossible.
ned agreed to adopt me
hello, i have something very important to get off of my chest. it involves ned, me 4 years ago, and snapchat. back in the day some of y’all had snapchat accounts and used them regularly, posting videos and updates much like one would post on an instagram story. well here is where the twist comes in. everyday my freshman year of highschool i sent ned a snapchat along the lines of “please adopt me” or “im sending the adoption papers your way.” i never really thought ned would see these, until one day i get a notification from snapchat. “ned is typing...” ned had opened and replied to my snapchats. his response? “haha (:” my only explanation for this response is that ned wholeheartedly agreed to adopting me and i looked forward to becoming his child. i am now 18 and a legal adult so ned cannot adopt me, and i guess he has a kid of his own anyways now so he wouldn’t really need to adopt me, but it was a memorable experience.
I freaking love y’all
My review girl girl 1234578
I was laughing so hard at y’all second episode
A secret that isn’t that bad
So I use to sneak my phone upstairs to watch try guys all night but my mom caught me also Ned is the best try guy in my opinion . Also another secret I almost clicked A BTS ticket and almost bought it but thankfully it didn’t go through because it’s 300-1,000$!!!
It was a New Years party at my house, I was probably around 11 or 12 at the time. It was at like 11:20 and there were drinks out(non alcoholic and alcoholic) there were Jell-O shots out along with almost finished beers so when all of the adults were doing things in a room over there were about 12 tween and teens getting drunk in the room over. No one noticed the hang overs because everyone thought we were just sleep deprived
Amazing podcast!!
Dear Try Guys and Miles, I am currently in high school and me and my friends are big activists in my school. We are also known for speaking out against sexual assault etc. But, in 4th grade I made the biggest mistake of my life. Ok, it was gym class and I really liked one of the boys in my class. We were playing some sort of tagging game and on purpose I ran up to him and... I slapped his butt. In front of my entire class and teacher. I was then sent to the principals. I will forever be haunted by that. I just really hope that the kid I hit doesn’t remember it (I still go to school with him)and I hope no one else remembers. Maybe one day I will be able to laugh about it, but to this day it scares me to think someone knows what I did because I just feel so bad and whenever I see him I relive all of the embarrassment! Thanks for reading this! I love you guys so much! What up Miles Nation!
Always the best!
Lynn Sunflower
You guys are so funny, and my favorite podcast!! Don't forget to stay hydrated and get some rest!!
Absolutely amazing
you guys are absolutely amazing and this is just as amazing as y’all. because it’s a single take, it feels like I see some of your off-camera personalities come out at times and it’s so nice to know (or at least having the illusion of knowing) more about you than other content creators. thank y’all so much for what you do, this podcast makes my day. keep doing what you do, please.
Secret and awesomeness
It was 7th grade and everyone had adidas back in the dark ages that was early 90s. I didn’t. I hatched my plan that a pair would be mine. I would wait til all the girls went and did their gym classes and would see who didn’t lock their locker. Scored a nice pair of adidas (Bonus this was a girl who was a rotten bully to me) I wore them til at least 10th grade when they finally died a good death.
The ony Podcast I have ever wanted to download!
Janith Wright
Heres my secret: I was home alone one time as a teenager, and thought it would be a good idea to prank my neighbors who are really uptight. We had this huge jar of mayonnaise in the fridge that was a couple days expired, so i decided to smear the entire jar all over all of their windows since they were out. When the got back home, they were really mad and reported it to the cops, and to this day they still dont know it was me the whole time. Wow this podcast is awesome. So entertaining! I love their YouTube channel and the podcast is even better.
Tea Party (am I a bad friend?😂)
I have two best friends that are both boys who both have a crush on me. I’m a female btw😂 But anyways they have both started hating each other and talk to me about the other and I’ve been containing everything they tell me and not telling anyone. But I take screen shots of everything because I want to keep up with who’s insulting who and I laugh at them occasionally because they’re great insults😂
Josh Hondema
Joshua Hondema
Hi I respect all of you all of you and my secret is that you have helped me feel better about my aspebergers and help me feel better about my adhd and dyslexia.
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